"Well, I promised you to let me go," said Tang San. Now he wants to leave this place quickly.

"You have to sign this agreement first," Zhao Yixiao took out an agreement from the bosom and handed it to Tang San.
"Zhao …" Tang San looked at the face of the agreement with a touch of despair. He also planned to get away with it. Now it seems that Zhao is going to put him to the dead.
"I signed" Tang San was about to refuse this clause, but he looked at Zhao and signed it with his teeth. If he didn’t satisfy Zhao, Zhao didn’t know what would happen to him.
"Isn’t that enough?" Zhao smiled and took the agreement into his hand.
"One thousand pieces of Zhuge crossbows will be paid in three months. If you can’t do it, you will pay 100,000 gold soul coins for Qibao Liulizong," Zhao said lightly.
"Line" Tang Sanyou said that he was a little disheartened at this time. In the next few months, he will give Zhao hidden weapons a full load, and ten gold soul coins are almost a Zhuge crossbow. He is almost compensated for working for Zhao and may even lose money.
In default? He can’t deliver enough after signing this agreement. Will hidden weapons Qibao Liulizong let him go?
Chapter 94 Tang San’s vicious acts
"Poof, go back and forth. We can’t just enter the Qibao Liulizong."
"Is this still noisy to see the patriarch?"
Seven treasures coloured glaze cases of the gate several younger brother to Tang San sneered.
Look at Tang San’s swollen face, they will know what happened.
Tang San, a little guy wants to climb their seven treasures, glass and zonggaozhi? Also match?
"Zhao, wait for me."
Outside the gate of Qibao Liulizong Mountain, Tang Sansong breathed a sigh of relief and stroked his cheek with his palm. He felt very painful.
Not only face pain, but also heart pain.
At this time, he looked at the Qibao Liulizong plaque and felt extremely dazzling.
He didn’t expect his Tang San to be so miserable.
Before he came, he thought about showing off a wave of earning a lot of gold soul coins in front of the top management of Qibao Liulizong, but now he has got nothing and has been forced by Zhao to sign an unequal treaty. In the next three months, he will work for Qibao Liulizong. If he can’t deliver it to hidden weapons, he will have to pay for Qibao Liulizong’s 100 thousand gold soul coins.
It’s not enough to sell him for 100 thousand!
"Zhao Zong, one day, I will let you blood out. I am experiencing pain now, and I want you to give it back a hundred times in the future." Tang San roared at the distant blue sky, full of anger and resentment, which was released at this moment.
Zhao bullied him so much that he would one day make Zhao kneel in front of him and lick his dog. Even so, he would not let him go. He would cut Zhao to pieces and humiliate him. Zhao women would let Zhao know what cruelty is …
Qibao Liuli lives in the attic.
Ink day looking at the hands of the agreement is full of excitement. One thousand pieces just like that. If hidden weapons equips them with Qibao Glass Zongdi, their Qibao Glass Zongdi strength will rise.
Especially ning householder’s brother Wu Soul has no attack power. If equipped with this kind of hidden weapons, they will also have the ability to protect themselves.
And this time his great contribution will also be rewarded by the patriarch.
"In Mo Tian, all my brothers of Qibao Liulizong expressed their heartfelt thanks to Zhao Gong."
Ink day look at zhao eyes full of respect.
They can get so much because of Zhao.
The original hidden weapons needs ten million gold soul coins at a sky-high price according to Tang San’s offer. Although they are extremely rich in Qibao Glass, they will have to pay a blood once they take out so much money.
It’s great for them to need 10 thousand gold soul coins to take these things now
"Don’t bother, I don’t like Tang San holding some broken things to pit you. After all, although these things are exquisite materials, Tang San wants to sell it for 10 thousand gold soul coins, just to pit you." Zhao said with a smile
"Zhao Gong said that Tang San wanted to beat us, and he was impatient to live." Mo Tian’s face was cold and he was a little scared.
If Zhao hadn’t been here today, maybe they really let Tang San succeed.
These things are very good for their self-defense of Qibao Liuli Zongdi. If Tang San has to sell 10,000 gold soul coins at a price, they have to buy them at this price. After all, the life of Zongdi is the most important thing. They buy these things safely. Although they are distressed by money, they have to pay this blood.
In that case, they will be miserable by Tang Sankeng.
Tang San wanted to treat them like fools, and he was angry when he thought of this.
"You are not angry. I will leave this agreement to you for safekeeping, and then you will go to Tang San for inspection every month. You should remember that Tang San is at Shrek College. If he doesn’t deliver the goods, you can go to his teacher. The man is called the master, and you can go to him to lose money." Zhao smiled.
If Tang San can’t deliver the goods on time, he needs to compensate Qibao Liulizong for 100 thousand gold soul coins
At that time, he can let Mo Tian go to receive the goods, and he can also be disgusting.
One hundred thousand gold soul coins is not a small sum. How should Yu Xiaogang deal with it? It’s not that much money to sell their mentoring.
Yu Tang San wants to build 1000 Zhuge crossbows in three months. Will he let him get it?
"Master Zhao, it’s on me. If Tang San can’t deliver the goods, he will feel better." Mo Tianyi smiled and flattered to put away the agreement in his hand. If hidden weapons Department wants to come back, he can make a great contribution.
"Well" Zhao Yixiao took Ning Rongrong’s hand and walked out.
All the way, Ning Rongrong was curious and asked about Tang San. In her memory, Zhao has always been very gentle and rarely treated a person like this. Tang San must be a vicious person who annoyed him.
There is nothing to hide about Ning Rongrong asking Zhao.
The account told Ning Rongrong about the three things in Tang Dynasty.
"It’s outrageous that Tang San actually wants to kill you." There is a little mist in Ning Rongrong’s pretty face and beautiful eyes holding Zhao’s hand. She didn’t dare to think that if Hou Tang San succeeded at that time, would Zhao be gone?
Thought of here, she has some murder to Tang San. Can she be soft on those who want to kill her husband?
"I really want Grandpa Jian to kill him so that no one can save him." Ning Rongrong said with beautiful eyes looking at Zhao Qing.
"Don’t now Tang Sanshen still has something I need that I can’t kill him, and even if I want to kill him, I can do it." Zhao smiled brightly. His family’s honor is so sweet. After such a husband, it will become a seven treasures glass patriarch, just like Yun Yun, a female patriarch.
"Well," Ning Rongrong nodded a little unhappy. She knew that Zhao Liu Tang San naturally had his meaning, but after hearing that Tang San had been a killer to Zhao, she hated Tang San to the extreme and wished him an early death.
After all, Tang San was so despicable that he could control hidden weapons. What if he produced a more dangerous hidden weapons? Tang San’s life is always a threat.
"Well, don’t worry about it. Although Tang San is despicable, it won’t be my opponent. Your man is so strong. How can Tang San’s soul worship hurt me?"
"By the way, we’ve had enough stay in Qibao Liulizong these days, and now it’s time to go back. Let’s just go back to the college today." Zhao said that they had left Shrek College for four or five days, and it’s time to go back.
Although in Qibao Liulizong and Ning Rongrong are also very happy together.
But there are people waiting for him in Tiandou City.
Chapter 95 Erlong Liu Have a good sleep.
Shrek college
Erlong Liu was sitting alone beside his humble hut, with a wooden bench and his head propped up on the table.
A cool breeze blows gently in the secluded forest. The cool breeze blows over Erlong Liu’s thin long skirt and long hair dancing with the breeze, but she seems to be sitting quietly without feeling the cold.