Jiang Xingwei never said in the previous conversation that Ningyun would be sent to the witch temple, but he always said that he would bring it back to Chiyou.

Huichiyou and Huiwu Temple seem to have the same goal, but they are far apart. So he concealed Ningyun’s identity, not a witch temple fight, but a human-god country fight. This Jiang Xingwei is not an idle generation. W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club. Chapter 27 Assassin means 11 "I […]

Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t mind saying that "it’s ok to say so" is actually said to be sex/transaction, and he doesn’t care because it is really so in quality, slightly different from the usual sex/transaction, and there is no oppression or coercion, so it can be said that it is fair and both parties voluntarily trade.

Son Ye Jin breathed a sigh of relief and said, "President Zhang, do you want to commit a crime with me?" "Crime?" "Crime of adultery!" "Crime of adultery?" Zhang Chengyuan thought for a moment. "Well, it seems that South Korea still has this legal crime. A few years ago, an artist named Yu Suli was […]

When Mo Yan’s heavy riding gradually turned the tide of war into an advantage, a dark purple light rain appeared and instantly melted into their bodies. Almost without any interval, hundreds of Mo Yan returned to face upwards and sprayed blood at the same time, and the blood spit out clearly turned into a strange purple-black.

God poison! It doesn’t exist in the three realms, just like summoning an extraterrestrial monty. The poison from the unknown world can’t find any antidote at all. Of course, if you practice far beyond each other, you can avoid it completely, and if you have enough time, you can drive it away with your own […]


When Breno Pacheco of Shi Ang saw this scene, he was so angry that he stamped his feet in his seat, gnashing his teeth! When Lazio hit the doorframe with two shots in a row, he laughed like those English journalists in the media stand. This is what he wants to see-this game, even luck […]

Dimatteo is an important member of the winning team!

This shows that Paris Saint-Germain’s winning team may have some experience? In short, UEFA has pinned its hopes on Paris Saint-Germain, hoping that they can stop Lazio in the final and break the dream of winning the treble. Manuel showed such confidence before the game, which also pleased UEFA. They believe that Manuel has this […]

It also seems to be the most promising.

Although Lazio beat them in the Champions League final this summer and became the new king of Europe, how does Lazio compare with Manchester United in terms of historical background, club reputation and the popularity of the team in the world? If Manchester United go to Gotze, I believe Gotze can’t refuse the invitation from […]

"It’s really weird that the old MD Dao is a magic knife, but its moves are aboveboard, but your small sword is also strange that it represents the righteous sword. It’s really weird that the moves are malodorous."

"Now tell the result? It’s boring for us to fight like this. I don’t have much to do. "People don’t know that I know very well. Now the broken sword root is not the opponent of the dark magic sword. If I really go to work, it must be me, but I haven’t played that […]

Wen Jiuyi finally knew what the tunnel and Sullivan number were.

They share a huge dark sphere, which is an anti-sphere that reminds people to wear clothes inside and outside. Their rough surface surges like prominence, and they gradually reveal their true identity in repeated tumbling. Black holes. They are black holes. Therefore, parasites from all over the world can be brought here depending on restrictions. […]