When Mo Yan’s heavy riding gradually turned the tide of war into an advantage, a dark purple light rain appeared and instantly melted into their bodies. Almost without any interval, hundreds of Mo Yan returned to face upwards and sprayed blood at the same time, and the blood spit out clearly turned into a strange purple-black.

God poison!
It doesn’t exist in the three realms, just like summoning an extraterrestrial monty. The poison from the unknown world can’t find any antidote at all.
Of course, if you practice far beyond each other, you can avoid it completely, and if you have enough time, you can drive it away with your own witchcraft. Unfortunately, being entangled in soldiers, ghosts and Qingqi, Mo Yan and Wu Wu on their backs have no time to drive away toxins.
The poison spread rapidly and strengthened, weakening their strength. A sneer was sketched on Chen Han’s mouth: "All the 300 sorcerers were cast into three batches to cast the heavenly spells, attacking the other fighters, riding again and cursing sorcerers!"
The enemy’s spell witch side was evenly matched, and the enemy soldiers were equally offensive and defensive. Only Mo Yan regained his position and gradually turned to a disadvantage.
However, with the release of the curse of heaven, all three small wars are at a disadvantage, and Mo Yan’s heavy riding has gradually changed from an advantage to a lack of strength to fight back under the superposition of the poison of heaven and the curse of heaven.
At this point in the battle, even the presence of the Twelve Witches can’t change anything.
After half a column of incense, Mo Yan rode back all the time!
After a wick of incense, the other thousand people were wiped out!
Although more than 200 people died and more than 400 people were injured in Chenhan, the opponent who was completely annihilated obviously won the game.
The rest of the hundreds of people, together with the bodies of the enemy and the enemy, and the boundless starry sky around them completely disappeared, and Chen Han once again appeared on the tinker.
At this time, he found that the commander of the other side was still there. What is even more outrageous is that he was talking: "According to the boundary of spirit, I will take the same boundary as you. The talent has increased by three orders, because if you don’t have this talent, even the descendants of the Wu nationality are not qualified to inherit the national unity. I will use the same level of mind and fighting skills as you, as long as you can persist under my hand for half an hour. "
"Wait, my yuan god …"
When Chen was in a hurry, he almost let it slip. There is no such thing as a Yuan God, but a spirit similar to the power of the Yuan God divides the realm. He quickly changed his mind and said, "My spiritual realm is wrong, which is two grades higher than the real one. In fact, it is only cultivated in the later period of the local witch!"
Witch clan is also divided into eight realms corresponding to the fairy rank, namely, Lingwu, Liwu, Mingwu, Sacrifice Witch, Diwu, Lingwu, Youwu and Witch God, which just correspond to the fairy, Taiyi Jin Xian, Daluo Jinxian, Luotian Fairy, Ziwei Xuanxian, Xianjun, Xiandi and Xianzun.
In addition to the ruins of the ancient gods named by the uninformed wild beasts, more than 30 years of latent cultivation promoted him to the late stage of Ziwei Xuanxian, which is actually equivalent to the late stage of Diwu.
However, his Yuan God’s power, that is, the so-called spirit of the Wu clan, is clearly the mid-term realm of Xianjun.
It is no problem for the other party to fight him with the same level of cultivation. The key is to ensure the Excellence of the successor. The other party uses the strongest third-order physique that also exists in the witch family. Under the third-order constitution, the quality of fighting skill and mental method is the same. He is sure to fight against the mid-term Xianjun, but not necessarily against the Shang Wu clan, because the other side also has strong physical strength and defense.
Because of his Yuan God realm as a reference, the realm is two grades higher than him. Even under the same order, the body of the Wu clan can’t compare with him who cultivated the emperor and shook the sky, but it’s another story to improve the two grades.
He is not sure!
Just like the witch clan is in the same vein as the immortal, both sides have their own advantages, and there is almost no difference in actual combat effectiveness in all aspects. On the other hand, compared with the immortals of the same rank, Chen Han has an insurmountable absolute advantage, but it is different to play against the witches of the same rank.
Just as an elephant eats a tiger, a tiger eats a mouse, and a mouse can eat an elephant, which is similar to the truth that the five elements are mutually reinforcing.
Compared with the immortal, his greatest advantage is that the attack speed launched by strength is extremely fast, and he avoids the opponent’s attack with the help of the broken void posture. Once the other party’s attack was avoided, Sony was not born to face his sneak attack, and it was almost doomed to failure before it could mobilize the immortal power in its heyday.
What about the witches?
Although Wuli also has attack power, its more function is to launch a powerful witch spell, which is as powerful as Chen Han’s unparalleled physical strength in close combat.
They have the pure power of conan the destroyer, they have indestructible physical defense, and the advantage of Chen Han is not an advantage at all for the Wu clan.
Is it useful to break the void?
The other side is good at melee combat at the same time. Even if the ranged attack is avoided by him, it will be a surprise attack with broken vanity posture. For the witch family with strong physical strength, it can still fight back in its heyday in the same short time. In this respect, their advantages are exactly the same as Chen Han.
The man didn’t seem to hear what he said. He roared with a loud voice, and his whole body stirred up a blue-black witchcraft, which descended like lightning.
"Damn …"
Chen Han doesn’t have time to waste your breath with him, and these guys who are similar to illusions or puppets directly judge each other’s realm with the power of Yuan God, and won’t give you a chance to refute.
Open the dragon blade in the realm of Chinese Xuanxian, showing the power comparable to that of HarmonyOS magic. However, when he held the combating Dao in his hand, the man who originally came empty-handed had a knife in his hand, which was more than Zhan Ji. The most ridiculous thing is that Zhan Ji is clearly the quality of HarmonyOS magic.
Obviously, the essence of this battle is fairness!
For the same realm, the center method and lighter quality are the same, even the magic weapon level is the same. What Chen Han has to do is to hold on to each other’s hands for half an hour. However, he was recognized as the mid-term realm of Xianjun, but in fact he was only in the late stage of Xuanxian. What is fair about this?
A big increase?
The other party’s use of third-order physique is also a big increase.
Rapid continuous attack of physical strength?
The other party belongs to the power of the witch family as the most direct combat power, and can also achieve several types of hair.
If he has any advantage, it is that the other side can complement each other with strength and witchcraft to achieve a large-scale growth effect. And he, the pure strength has reached the doctrine, in addition to the immortal strength of the wind source Eucharist, but most of the daily rely on it, and it has lost its role here.
Booming …
Accompanied by a loud noise, Chen Han was whooshed out, and his arms were aching and the meridians were obviously damaged.
The gap between the two grades and the increase are quite equal, and the other party is also a brother and a number, which has reached the limit of his physical defense.
What else can I rely on?
While each other flies backwards in the anti-epicenter, the golden and silver brilliance flows at the fingertips, which is also the only advantage that Chen Han has for the witch family-Xuanyin!
Xuan Yin, the increase in his own body, finished blessing before the previous game. What he has to do now is to weaken the opponent’s attack as much as possible.
Ban yuan yin!
Thick earth seal!
Broken gold seal!
Four consecutive Xuanyin all fell on the opponent, but Chen Han was surprised to find that the ban on Yuan Yin could not weaken the opponent’s combat power at all.
Chapter 654 Life and death game 4
It is not because the other side’s main fighting power comes from the physical strength, but because the forbidden yuan seal can weaken the immortal power and cannot weaken the witchcraft of the witch family.
Obviously, this is probably the defect of the emperor’s extremely shocking record, or it may be that Junlong deliberately did it. After all, he has deep feelings with the witch family and deliberately does not let his mind restrain the witch family from understanding it.
In short, this is not good news for Chen Han!
Can’t get hurt!
No vomiting blood!
You can’t give the other party any chance to hurt yourself, otherwise, with the extremely vicious spell of the witch family, as long as you are caught by the other party, it will bring irreversible death.
He himself has cast curse witchcraft many times, reversing the situation in various battles, and a drop of blood from the other side directly leads to serious injuries and even the amusement. Therefore, he is very aware of the horror of the witch clan, knows which aspects need to be careful, and knows what will happen if he creates opportunities for the other party.
After all, he doesn’t have witchcraft, and the spells he can cast are extremely limited in kind and power, but the other party is a witch who is truly proficient in all witchcraft.
Witch flesh is only relative, stronger than ordinary immortals, stronger than the best of the beasts, but worse than the cold of uniting the emperor. Plus Chen Han, on the basis of the original, combined with the innate elite of Wutu, whose physical strength is absolutely comparable to the same third-order physique, and he is two grades stronger than himself.
In other words, although his attack power is not as good as that of his opponent, his physical strength is not slightly weaker than that of his opponent.
Bang …
The forbidden yuan seal is invalid, but several other Xuan seals are effective. The broken gold seal directly leads to the weakening of the other party’s physical defense. The second wave of attacks collided head-on, and the two men turned pale and retreated.
Obviously, Chen Han’s attack power is not as strong as the other party’s, but his physical defense is stronger, which directly leads to a little shock for both of them.
For the first time-Wan Chuan returns to the sea!
Leg shadow mountain head-on nullify the past, the other foot impressively also more than a pair of boots comparable to the best fairy, powerful than the emperor extremely shake day record lighter also not weak a few minutes of leg shadow.