The masked man was surprised and said, "White eyes are impossible. If white eyes are so powerful, I have never seen a ninja at home, but most of them are body skills."

The skunk returned faintly, "That’s because there is no real power to develop white eyes at home, and I feel that it takes a huge chakra to display the real power of white eyes, just like sharingan, our Uchihiro, without strong chakra’s backing, it takes much more chakra to display the power of white eyes than sharingan."
The masked man said, "I didn’t expect you to know so much about white eyes. I’m curious how you know."
The ferret replied, "There’s nothing to see. It’s recorded in the ancestral hall of Uchihiro’s family. No one wants to see it. I think it’s the same for the Japanese family. Few people note these things except the patriarch."
The skunk paused and said, "In our Uchihiro family, Uchihiro and Riojia are related by blood. Ootutuki Hagoromo Indra, the ancestor of Uchihiro, and Indra, the ancestor of Riojia, is Ootutuki Hagoromo’s younger brother. I seldom know that Ootutuki Hagoromo’s younger brother has supercilious eyes, but since he is Ootutuki Hagoromo’s younger brother, he is definitely not a simple person."
The masked man said carelessly, "I see, but why does that child have a dirty look?" He is a vortex family. "
The ferret replied, "I don’t know this, but I know that the child is dangerous. I don’t know his ability, but I feel that he is not in my place. I don’t want to provoke him. He should be sent by the Tibetan regiment."
The masked man didn’t ask them again after listening to the skunk’s words, and they silently walked to the rain country.
At this time, in Konoha, the child with a ghost mask appeared behind Tuanzang as if he knew he would come.
Is it faintly asked, "Is it solved?"
The child replied, "Well, all the rebels are dead, and Uchiha Itachi has left with Xiao Ren. This is what you want."
The child took out a bottle from the scroll and put it on the table. He saw that the bottle was full of unknown liquid and a three-hook jade sharingan.
After reading a bottle, Tuanzang also took out a scroll and threw it at the child and said, "This is the spiritualization you want."
After the child took the scroll and looked at it, he said, "Thank you. It’s nothing. I will leave. I hope I can meet you again next time." Then the child disappeared.
Tuanzang doesn’t mind staring at the bottle for a while and then calling a secret department to say, "Give this to orochimaru."
The dark part replied "Yes" and left with the bottle.
And the child appeared in the dead forest of Konoha, saw him open the scroll, read it, and then burned it after reading it.
Muttered, "I still can’t. Let’s go back first. Maybe that guy will find a way." Then I saw the child disappear into a black smoke.
The next morning, the whole konoha shook the Uchibo family, and the whole police station was sentenced.
Endure Uchiha Itachi one person to put out.
Three generations of Huo Ying issued an S-class arrest warrant against Uchiha Itachi, which was the biggest event of Konoha after four generations of sacrifice, and the whole Konoha was in a panic.
The whole konoha is holding a funeral, and Naruto and Sasuke also came to the konoha comfort monument to pay homage to the dead.
At the funeral, Naruto saw the sadness and pain of those family members, which was a great blow to him. He had made a lot of efforts to prevent this tragedy from happening, but he greatly underestimated the world, and the dark weasel still carried out the order.
Konoha is still rebellious to all the Uchihiro families, and he has joined Xiaoming for the first time. For the first time, he has doubts about whether he can change this sad world. The only thing that makes Naruto feel gratified is that the Uchihiro family has not been wiped out.
At noon, everyone left Naruto and Sasuke, and saw Uchihiro, who was still weeping silently in front of the consolation monument.
Sasuke tried to comfort her, but Naruto stopped her and said, "Let Sister Jing stay a little longer. After all, all this is done by his favorite person. I think Sister Jing must be very sad, so it is better to let her stay a little longer. Besides, you are not much better."
Sasuke looked at Naruto firmly and said, "Tell me what this is all about, why my brother would do such a thing, and why my father and mother don’t seem to care about what my brother does. You must know that my father is the head of the Uchibo family, but now he doesn’t seem to care much about what to tell me. I know you must know."
Naruto looked at Sasuke with firm eyes and knew that terrible things might happen if he didn’t tell him the truth.
Besides, Naruto doesn’t want to hide it from Sasuke because Sasuke is also a very wise and persistent person. It’s not a bad thing to tell him something, and maybe there will be other choices.
So Naruto looked at Sasuke and said, "Do you really want to know? You know, if you know the truth, it may make you accept it. "
Sasuke insisted, "I want to know whether I can accept it or not. I want to know all the truth. I want to know why my brother did it. I want to know why my parents are so indifferent in the face of family changes."
Naruto looked Sasuke in the eye and said, "Okay, I’ll tell you what all this is, but you have to tell me what you choose after you know the truth."
Sasuke happily returned to "good"
"Let’s go to Huoyingyan," Naruto said, and then he went to Huoyingyan. Sasuke followed Naruto.
After coming to Huoyingyan, Naruto slaughtered the mongoose and joined Xiaoshi and Fuqiu and Meiqin in telling Sasuke something so indifferent.
Naruto looked at Sasuke and said, "Brother Skunk, Uncle Fuqiu and Aunt Meiqin are afraid that telling you these things will make you unbearable, so they won’t tell you. After all, you are the most precious brother and son to them. They don’t want you to accept this dark fact. They want you to live happily."
Sasuke said excitedly, "Do they make me happy and alive? Do I take everything personally?"
Naruto said, "I can’t blame them. After all, they don’t want you to get hurt. I know you can accept such a thing for a while. I will wait for you here and tell me your choice."
Naruto left and left Sasuke alone. After all, not everyone can bear this kind of thing worse. Sasuke is only 7 years old and even an adult can’t accept it.
Naruto calmed Sasuke down, but Naruto believed that Sasuke would not let him down.
The next morning, Naruto came to Huoyingyan and saw Sasuke waiting for him. Naruto came to Sasuke and said, "I didn’t expect you to speak so early. Tell me what you think and what to do next."
Sasuke looked at the whole village of Muye and said, "I hope the world will be peaceful, and there will be no darkness or sadness. I have been thinking for a long time, and I suddenly thought of you. You said you wanted to be a fire shadow, and you wanted me to help you change the world. Now this is also my dream. I think you and I can change the world."
Naruto also looked at the whole village of Konoha and was filled with joy. Sasuke didn’t live up to his expectations and didn’t let him down. "Well, we will change the world."
Naruto thought at this moment that the history of the column and the spot was strikingly similar at this moment, but Naruto believed that he and Sasuke would not be like the column and the spot, because Sasuke was different from the spot and he was different from the column. Naruto believed that he and Sasuke could bring real peace to the world.
Chapter 24 Firm goals
Looking at the eyes of Konoha Naruto suddenly asked, "Sasuke, although I know you won’t let me down, I’m still surprised why you made such a decision."
Sasuke also looked at Konoha in front of him and said, "Yesterday you just told me all this. I really accepted that my village brother had made such a big sacrifice and it was worth taking the lives of so many people. But although I still don’t know what the village really means, I believe you also believe in my brother. I believe that you must have your reasons for making such a choice."
Later, I thought that you wanted to eliminate the sadness and darkness in this world. I thought that if there were no sadness and darkness in this world, my brother might return to the place where I loved my brother. I decided to realize your dream with you, because this is also my dream. "
Naruto was slightly stunned when he heard Sasuke’s answer. He didn’t expect Sasuke’s thinking to be so simple, but it was because of simplicity that he grasped the root of the problem and wanted the world to be peaceful without sadness and darkness, so that the ferret could come back.
Naruto laughed. "Sasuke, I have to admit that you are a genius. Although your idea is simple, many people can’t think of it."
Sasuke disdained to glance at Naruto and said, "You and I are such a fool. I won’t feel honored if such a simple question can be difficult to get my sasuke joke and praised by you."
Naruto was so angry when he heard Sasuke’s words that he wanted to teach this proud kid a lesson, but he forgot what happened to Sasuke.
I thought to myself, "Well, I don’t care about you as a kid when you have just suffered a big change. Adults don’t remember that villains have let you go for a while and are cleaning up your kid."
In fact, Naruto is afraid that he may be punished by teacher Iruka if he fights Sasuke here. Every time he sees Iruka’s nagging, Naruto finally thinks about it.
Naruto calmed down and said, "Sasuke, you want to know why the skunk made such a big sacrifice in the village. What is the village? In fact, I can tell you."
Sasuke stared back at Naruto and said, "Can you tell me? You know. "
Naruto nodded and said, "Well, I know what a village is. What a skunk goes back to the village to sacrifice because my father also sacrificed in the village."
Sasuke remembered at this moment that this stupid father is four generations of Huo Ying.
Sasuke calmed down and said, "Then will you tell me?"
Naruto nodded. "But Sasuke, you know this Muye village was established in the early generation with your Uchibo family."
Sasuke went back to "Well, I know this. I heard my father say that Muye Village was founded by the early generation and uchiha madara, but what does this have to do with me?"
Naruto returned to "Of course, this is also the reason why there are so many people in the village."