After a few days of pommel horse fatigue, they finally stopped camping and living in the city, which is the gateway to the capital and is more prosperous than all the cities they lived in before. When Xuan Baobei entered the city in a carriage, Xiao Lan got restless and quickly ran out of the […]

When Mo Yan’s heavy riding gradually turned the tide of war into an advantage, a dark purple light rain appeared and instantly melted into their bodies. Almost without any interval, hundreds of Mo Yan returned to face upwards and sprayed blood at the same time, and the blood spit out clearly turned into a strange purple-black.

God poison! It doesn’t exist in the three realms, just like summoning an extraterrestrial monty. The poison from the unknown world can’t find any antidote at all. Of course, if you practice far beyond each other, you can avoid it completely, and if you have enough time, you can drive it away with your own […]

"You chose to be interviewed by Football, but refused to be interviewed by Sports Weekly. Does this mean …"

Before the reporter finished, Chang Sheng nodded: "Yes, I know the relationship between their two newspapers. I just want to disgust Sports Weekly. In addition, my original statement is still valid now, and I will refuse any interview with Sports Weekly in the future. If I see any interview about me in Sports Weekly, even […]

Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t mean that Jin Yazhong’s reaction is normal in his opinion. If she is very happy and enthusiastic, he is afraid that she will be surprised and can’t accept it. Maybe he prefers her indifference and reserve. These other sisters make him feel very different, which is one of the most attractive places in Jin Yazhong.

When Zhang Chengyuan took a shower, he came out directly wrapped in a bath towel, and then went into Jin Yazhong’s bedroom and lay in bed, waiting for Jin Yazhong to chat and see a few sheets on the bedside, so he picked them up and took a look. This is a psychological category called […]

"Run away, run away," Qin Shaojie said lazily, leaning against the sofa. "He can’t afford to turn over any storms when he runs away. Please run again and inform the three shareholders who hold ten percent of the shares to come to the meeting early in the morning."

Jianghai ran away and Qin Shaojie didn’t bother to take care of him, but Qin Shaojie didn’t expect it to look like a 250-dollar Jianghai, and then he really made some minor trouble for him. Wondering how to get the ten percent shares without spending money, Qin Shaojie was suddenly interrupted by the bell. "What’s […]

"Dead air must be caused by dead air here!" Uncle Xiangu repeatedly shook his head and sighed, "Sin! Even born to die, a monk, is really sinful. We should have killed her earlier if we had known that there was a witch in the poisonous insect valley."

Qing Mo Yan’s eyes moved. "I heard that there is a woman and kindness in the valley of poisonous insects. You said she was a witch girl." Uncle Xiangu whispered, "That’s the villagers who know this but can’t fool my Xiangu. She has yin and yang eyes. She said that there is a witch in […]