Suddenly the phalanx fractured.

Chea Chang, 50-year-old, is in pain, but he can’t send or move. I really hate and anger in my heart. I wish I could cut Ling Tian to pieces. "son!" Zhang saw a distressed exclaimed. Eyes like a knife at ling day gnashing way "Little cub, you are so cruel!" Ling day eyes cold feet […]

Jiang Xingwei never said in the previous conversation that Ningyun would be sent to the witch temple, but he always said that he would bring it back to Chiyou.

Huichiyou and Huiwu Temple seem to have the same goal, but they are far apart. So he concealed Ningyun’s identity, not a witch temple fight, but a human-god country fight. This Jiang Xingwei is not an idle generation. W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club. Chapter 27 Assassin means 11 "I […]


After a few days, I came to the ethereal Sect and found Meng Qi. "Brother Meng, these are eight high-order lingshi and two hundred medium-order lingshi, but it took a lot of effort to raise them." Free walked out a storage bag and handed it to Meng Qi. Meng Qi took the storage bag and […]

Gu elegant is still determined to know that looking at Gu elegant is quite gentle. A woman is actually quite strong and overbearing. If she must know, she will try her best to solve the secret.

Just like when he first fell in love with pity, he also hid it from her, but she finally found out. In that case, there is no need to hide it. Chixin Chong Chi Mu Han shook her head. She didn’t want the secret to be punctured. Chi Muhan’s eyes motioned for her to rest […]

Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t mind saying that "it’s ok to say so" is actually said to be sex/transaction, and he doesn’t care because it is really so in quality, slightly different from the usual sex/transaction, and there is no oppression or coercion, so it can be said that it is fair and both parties voluntarily trade.

Son Ye Jin breathed a sigh of relief and said, "President Zhang, do you want to commit a crime with me?" "Crime?" "Crime of adultery!" "Crime of adultery?" Zhang Chengyuan thought for a moment. "Well, it seems that South Korea still has this legal crime. A few years ago, an artist named Yu Suli was […]


After a few days of pommel horse fatigue, they finally stopped camping and living in the city, which is the gateway to the capital and is more prosperous than all the cities they lived in before. When Xuan Baobei entered the city in a carriage, Xiao Lan got restless and quickly ran out of the […]

When Mo Yan’s heavy riding gradually turned the tide of war into an advantage, a dark purple light rain appeared and instantly melted into their bodies. Almost without any interval, hundreds of Mo Yan returned to face upwards and sprayed blood at the same time, and the blood spit out clearly turned into a strange purple-black.

God poison! It doesn’t exist in the three realms, just like summoning an extraterrestrial monty. The poison from the unknown world can’t find any antidote at all. Of course, if you practice far beyond each other, you can avoid it completely, and if you have enough time, you can drive it away with your own […]

The masked man was surprised and said, "White eyes are impossible. If white eyes are so powerful, I have never seen a ninja at home, but most of them are body skills."

The skunk returned faintly, "That’s because there is no real power to develop white eyes at home, and I feel that it takes a huge chakra to display the real power of white eyes, just like sharingan, our Uchihiro, without strong chakra’s backing, it takes much more chakra to display the power of white eyes […]