Gu Yi’s cheek rubbed against Mojun’s arm at night. "You also sleep quickly."

Say that finish soon fell into a sweet dream.
Breathing and spitting in Mo Jun’s arms at night made his heart softer than his mouth, and he smiled and closed his eyes slowly.
This is his dream life, and he will do everything he can to keep it, he swear!
Some people in a corner of the city are drinking glasses of wine.
There are some photos on the desktop, and there are some people with Mohism.
Mo Lin Xu Meiling Mo Laoye
Next to some photos, there is a photo frame, which looks more expensive and shows its special status.
A clever girl in the photo frame is smiling. She is not looking at the camera, but it doesn’t prevent her from being beautiful and gentle.
Touching the photo frame lovingly with one hand, "If you wait, I will send the people who killed you one by one to make amends to you."
The sound was full of tenderness, and the hand moved to the photo of Xu Meiling, and the photo was slightly crumpled and thrown into the garbage.
"Pushing you to the murderer, I personally avenged you, and her son will linger in the dark for life."
Hand slowly came to master mo’s photo "and this"
A sneer becomes colder than "the so-called reputation of Mohism made your death covered up for so long and the murderer who killed you lived in this world for so long!"
A dagger was inserted straight into Master Mo’s photo. "Then it’s your turn now. Hahahahahahahaha."
Even the servants in the Mohist old house can feel that the atmosphere has become very strange and subtle.
Miss Mei was pushed up the stairs by Miss Tsing Yi, and everyone knows that Miss Tsing Yi will be driven out of Mohism.
However, she still seems to have no influence in Mohism.
Mei Yan ran bit her lip. She was really unwilling!
What spell did that woman cast on An Yan? She’s already done this, and Mo Anyan trusts her directly?
So what is yourself? Is she as ridiculous as a buffoon in the eyes of Mo Anyan and Tsing Yi?
Mei Yan ran followed Mo Anyan everywhere. She had no other way. She just didn’t want to export her lover!
However, Mei Yan ran’s doing this in Tsing Yi’s eyes became Mo Anyan’s fear that she would take revenge on Mei Yan ran and put people beside her all the time.
Something in my heart is slowly cracking.
Tsing Yi looked at it coldly and still went its own way.
"Anyan, come here."
Section 44
Master Mo woke up to find that the woman was still frowning slightly.
Mo Anyan took a look at the two women and walked into the room with his hands in his pockets. Before he could stand firm, the master had asked him over.
"What’s the situation? Who hasn’t left yet?"
Mo Anyan stuffed hot tea into his father’s hand. "Dad, she didn’t do this."
"If she didn’t do it, then who did?"
Mo Anyan’s heart was full of difficulties and he wanted to think, or truthfully said, "It’s because he accidentally fell off."
Master Mo listened to the words written lightly and sneered, "Are you bullying your father for getting old?"
This kind of rhetoric is also taken out?
If you accidentally fall, you’ll get a red face and cling to Tsing Yi.
Either of the two women must be lying.
Mo Anyan gently sighed, "Dad, don’t worry about this. You can’t worry about it anymore."
Master Mo looked a little dark. "My father doesn’t want to care, but hey!"
That scene is too similar to that of more than 20 years ago to see his heart pounding after vicissitudes.
Mo Anyan knows very well that the death of eldest sister-in-law is the biggest pain in dad’s heart and where his bottom line is.
He looked at his father’s guilt in this romantic year and went to him and whispered, "Dad, let me accompany you to the garden for a walk."
Master Mo got up and nodded.
Spring is beautiful in the garden.
The father and the son walked side by side, and neither of them spoke again, enjoying the rare affection of his father.
After a long time, Master Mo whispered, "An Yan, you are old enough to find a partner."
Mo Anyan froze and stared slightly. His father always turned a blind eye to him. Why today?
"How do you talk about this?"
"I dreamed of your mother yesterday. She asked me if Anyan was married. I actually said that I was going to see her early and late. She would still ask this sentence and always give her a hand over to treat." Master Mo sighed heavily.
Mo Anyan couldn’t say how sad she was when she heard this.
My mother died a few years after my eldest brother’s car accident. Since then, no other woman has lived alone with my father in my old house.
Over the years, he has been blaming himself for the death of his eldest sister-in-law, which made Mohist school a good home like this.
But what does that have to do with him?
It’s just fate
"Dad, I’ll think about it."
"really?" Master Mo was obviously surprised.
This son has never been close to women and is independent. He hates people asking about his private affairs.
Now that he says that, it really means that he wants to have a home.
"It’s a real dad!" Mo Anyan looked up at the sunshine every day.
It’s really time to become a family. The villa is too big and cold. He is now envious of Tsukiyomi ikuto’s smallness.
Master Mo listened to the son’s words and frowned tightly. He was silent for a long time before saying, "The most taboo for an Yan to be a man is to tread two boats. You should learn from your brother and give up one earlier."
"Dad, don’t worry, I know." Mo Anyan took a sip of his lips.
Father and son are in harmony in the garden.
The atmosphere outside the garden is not so harmonious.