My forehead language

"I was the first in his heart before." She pouted and looked at me with a little resentment
I rolled my eyes and sneered, "Isn’t your brother the first in your heart now?"
"Hum ignore you." She stamped her foot and shouted angrily and turned to leave.
I watched her chuckle.
She suddenly turned back and made a face at me, and then smiled and waved, "I added you to WeChat. Talk to you later."
I waved at her.
When Zou ruoxi disappeared, I hurried back to the appointment shop and bought a pregnancy test, then I took a taxi back to my residence.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Fear of heaven and chaos
When Zou ruoxi disappeared, I hurried back to the appointment shop and bought a pregnancy test, then I took a taxi back to my residence.
I was flustered all the way back to my residence, and I washed my hands without changing my shoes.
My feet felt weak when I saw that the pregnancy stick showed two bright purple lines.
How did this happen? All the measures have been taken … er, it suddenly occurred to me that the day after we made up … the night was particularly fierce, and I forgot to buy medicine afterwards.
I slapped myself on the forehead. I really want to give up.
What should we do now?
I don’t know what to do when I collapse in the toilet.
The cell phone in my pocket suddenly rang and gave me a big jump. It seems that my hands are shaking. This man doesn’t accompany his master to type something.
"Hello" I have the strength to pick up the words.
"Where is it?" Zou Chen sounded a little shaky as if he were walking.
"At home … I want to come back and change clothes and go to the hospital." I feel a little guilty.
"Oh," he replied again and again, "What happened when Ruoxi said you threw up again?"
Uh … This dead girl is really scared to report a fight.
"Nothing, just a little stomach acid."
"You wait for me, I’ll go back and pick you up now and then go to the hospital together." A man simply finished and hung up.
My face is wrinkled with my mobile phone. Did Zou Rexi talk nonsense? Why am I so upset?
I don’t want him to decide in this way. If he knew I was pregnant, there would be a lot of trouble.
The SMS rang. I glanced at it. It was Zou Ruoxi who sent WeChat. I told my brother that you might be pregnant, hehe! Have a play?
Uh ….. This girl is really afraid of chaos. Hehe, I really want to beat her to death.
This made me even more fidgety. I threw that dazzling pregnancy test stick into the trash can, got up, washed my hands and went back to the bedroom. I was lying in bed and my heart was in a mess
Soon the door came outside. As soon as I got up from bed, I ran to get my clothes and hid in the bathroom. As soon as I entered the bathroom, I heard footsteps entering the bedroom.
"Where are people?" Zou Chen shouted a outside
I quickly changed clothes and answered, "I’m in the bathroom." I walked out again.
I don’t even know why I’m so guilty. I think … it’s mainly because it’s not the right time. Now I’m telling Zou Chen that my name is two of a kind at best, but to put it bluntly, it’s just not right.
I lingered in the bathroom for a while before I went out, but I didn’t see Zou Chen. I glanced out of the bedroom and didn’t see his figure. Then I turned to wash my hands and slammed my heart. I thought of the pregnancy test stick and threw it inside.
He won’t find out, will he?
"Are you washing your hands?" I knocked on the door to wash my hands.
There is no sound inside.
"Chen" I shouted again. I just wanted to turn the door and suddenly hit the door from the inside.
Zou Chen came out from the inside, and Qing Jun’s face couldn’t see anything strange.
"Why don’t you answer me in there?" I glanced at him and was about to turn to the kitchen.
"What is this?" He asked behind him.