In fact, it’s not that he’s not bad, but that Song Chang-geng’s mana is too strong, and the spell he used just restrained him, so no matter how he changed, he was restrained, and he was broken twice. He also knew that the other party was bad, and he turned away in shouting, but Song Chang-geng didn’t want to let him go. With a wave of his hand, he believed that the innate five-element sword that had just been confiscated immediately came together and stopped him.

The man was just about to stop him from turning, looking for an opportunity to escape. He saw that those flying swords had been instantly assembled into five mouths, and then they were worn in the blink of an eye. His body was actually passed through like tofu, and he didn’t stop it at all. He followed his body and released countless colorful lights, and then split apart. A three-inch earth baby then flew out and looked around blankly.
Out of a weak scream, fled to the distance, Song Changgeng wanted to chase, but on second thought, the people in the magic religion are most particular about the law of the jungle. If this man is in the orthodox religion, then his fellow practitioners can protect him and give him a hand, but in the magic religion? If it weren’t for the help of his loved ones, it is estimated that he would have been tempered by others sooner or later, and he wouldn’t have to start work himself.
Seeing that the other party had gone, he took the flying sword and said to Ling Yunfeng: "See, because the master had a narrow escape in the bright world, he eventually turned this innate sword into a great success, but he turned it into countless flying swords, and the handles all had the power of ordinary innate swords, which were separable and combined, and the end was wonderful. I also refined this Buddhism into a great success, and I probably found a way to merge the three religions.
I’ll sort it out and pass it on to you when I get back. You can also use the three spells of Buddhism, Taoism and magic in the future. Learn from each other’s strengths. So when they are to the enemy can also be more than a few minutes. More than a self-preservation power. "
Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying couldn’t help smiling. They know. If the master really teaches himself well. With him as a fairy. It is a matter of time before you and others get ahead. Dai Xiangying asked curiously, "Master. Listen to the legend outside that you have turned that already blessed land into a cave in the bright land. And became the owner there. I don’t know if it’s true? "
Song Changgeng’s face changed slightly. He didn’t expect that he hadn’t come out for two years. It’s already spread like this outside. If so. Then I’m afraid I’m going to have a little trouble. After all, it’s a cave. Something in legend. It hasn’t appeared for thousands of years. It is inevitable that no one will peep. I’m not afraid to go by myself. But what about disciples and wives? If someone starts from them, they will be in trouble.
After thinking about it, he looked at Dai Xiangying and asked, "Who did you hear about this? Rumors outside? Do you know who is coming? Has anyone approached you recently? "
The two men shook their heads. Ling Yunfeng said, "We heard from Sister Ye when she came back. She said that A Tong, a disciple of Master Bai Mei at that time, recognized that the power to restore the light was the legendary Buddha treasure’ Bayeux’. It was originally hidden in the Kongtong Mountain. There to guard the forbidden law is not broken. And here I am. I think it’s you.
Sister Ye said that your fate is too thick, and you can know the future, so you can skillfully get any magic weapon. However, although the legendary Buddha treasure’ Beye Lingfu’ can rob the ashes, it needs endless power to instill it. Everyone can’t understand why. No one can have the power to restore the light, but where did your power come from?
So although we listened to A Tong’s story, we all believed it with a grain of salt. At that time, Sister Ye said that you were lucky and occupied so many benefits. She believed that you should have got the bright spot, and told us that you might have a chance to practice there in the future, but there is no more aura than the outside, and the aura there is endless. Is it true? "
Looking at their expectant eyes, Song Changgeng nodded and said, "Yes, it’s a long story, but as a teacher, you have really become the master of a brighter future. You can all practice there in the future. I came out this time just to see the situation of all of you, and choose some disciples to practice there, and maintain management by the way. You can practice well and see the opportunities later."
When Dai Xiangying heard Song Chang-geng’s meaning, he didn’t want to take himself immediately, but he also looked at the opportunity in the future. He couldn’t help flying to him, picked up one of Song Chang-geng’s arms and said coquetry, "Master! How can you not let others go? We are very good. Since you want to bring people in, why can’t we? Are you eccentric? "
Song Chang-geng saw her silly look and said with a smile, "Since I’m going to take you back, I’m going to stay with other disciples. When I choose, I’ll follow the rules. I can’t open a back door for you two alone. After all, thousands of children are my disciples. Can’t I favor one over the other? So whether you can go or not depends on the opportunity, not that I am partial. "
Ling Yunfeng is a bit narcissistic, but in the face of Song Chang-geng’s strength, she is only impressed. Seeing him say this, she can’t help but complain a little: "Master, you threw us in Baiyangdian to practice, and we are unfamiliar with other students. Now we have to choose fairly. We will not be stronger than them regardless of our skills and opportunities. How can we compare?" Also said that it is not eccentric? "
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help but smile. The so-called "not suffering from widowhood but suffering from inequality" is the reason. Obviously, Ling Yunfeng’s disciples who are released outside are a little dissatisfied with Changping’s disciples, but these are all of their own making. With his original personality, he will simply ignore his face with a straight face, but now he has been honed several times in the chaotic fetus and his mentality has become increasingly mature.
Therefore, it is natural to explain the complaints about Ling Yunfeng and them. Harmony is the real way to manage the family, and so is a sect. Don’t let that resentment accumulate, or it will cause trouble. So he smiled and said, "At the beginning, I entered the Qingcheng Sect as Situ Ping for other reasons, and I used that identity when I accepted you, so you are all disciples of Qingcheng Sect.
However, my identity was exposed later, so I had to leave, and I didn’t have a good arrangement for you. After all, your practice was different from my disciples’ repair, so I didn’t let you go back, and I asked you to practice and study here in Jiang, just to let you go another way. In fact, there is really nothing to show partiality. Anyway, since you recognize me as a master and give up the Qingcheng Sect, how can I treat you poorly? "
Hearing this, the two men knew that the master had other plans, not that he didn’t value himself, but that everything was just a fate mistake, and they couldn’t help clearing up a lot. Song Chang-geng was also anxious to go to Admiralty Island, so the three of them found a reef nearby. Song Chang-geng asked about what they had learned, and then began to explain what they didn’t understand and teach them carefully to make up for their debt.
When it comes to real teaching, except for the first few disciples of Song Chang-geng, other disciples were all taught by Princess Changping, so Ling Yunfeng was lucky. When the three of them spoke, they forgot the passage of time. Before you know it, Song Chang-geng was preparing to teach here for one night, and then he went to Admiralty Island tomorrow, when he heard the sound of escaping light and surprises in the distance.
As soon as he realized that he was an acquaintance, he grew up and took out the’ Lingjiao Wuyunye’ that Ruan gave him when he was in Lingjiao Fairy House on Tianpeng Mountain. It was a jade brand, with five-color clouds with red, black and yellow on one side and five elements on the other.
This card is a self-made treasure of Lingjiao Palace. It can release five-color clouds, and its size changes as desired. It can be used to fly swords with no less pace, and it can be used for defense. Five colors represent five elements, and each has a special function. There is one disciple in the palace above the then period, which is also the entry and exit certificate of Lingjiao Palace, and it is also the basis for going there again in the future. Now, take it out, and with a wave of his hand, it will be a five.
Song Chang Gung stood up and smiled at Ling Yunfeng: "Come on up, let’s meet them. I didn’t expect to meet so many friends just after I came out. It seems to be lively here."

The forty-ninth volume The new light Lord Chapter four hundred and eighty-nine Crazy Yao Se
Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying listened to a blank face, but they also knew that the master had passed by the existing people, so they all cleverly set foot on the seemingly soft, actually solid five-color clouds, and then Song Chang-geng put the tactic, and’ Lingjiao Wuyun Mi’ seemed to fly away slowly, and the three of them stood on the clouds, so there was no wind blowing in because of the cloud’s own protective cover. /
Not far from the flight, I saw the same five-color cloud flashing in the distance. Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying are both one. I don’t know who they are. Actually, like the master’s magic weapon, the other party obviously showed them, and the degrees of both sides were obviously slow, and they were all close to each other. When Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiang’s talents were near, the number of people who saw each other on the cloud would be much higher, with more than a dozen.
When the two sides approached, Song Changgeng smiled and said, "What a coincidence! I met all of you soon after I arrived, Ye Daoyou, Master Banbian, Cui Daoyou, Ruan Daoyou, Gan Daoyou and Ding Daoyou. Hope you are well!" While speaking, the clouds on both sides have been pasted in, and the clouds on the other side are people from Ye Bin, Lao Ni on the Wudang side, Cui Wugu, a white dragon girl, Lingjiao Fairy House, and some people that Song Changgeng didn’t know.
When I saw Song Changgeng, there were different expressions, such as happiness, surprise and indifference. At this time, the first action was Gan Biwu. Before she first saw Song Changgeng, she looked sad, but immediately after seeing him, she was surprised. From the colorful clouds, she came to Song Changgeng’s cloud and grabbed his arm, and her eyes were reddish.
In a trembling voice, he said, "Song Daoyou, is it really you? Are you okay? They all say that you had an accident in Guangming. " With that, tears could not stop flowing down. Song Changgeng smiled modestly and quickly comforted a few words softly. He knew that when he opened the house in Emei, the two had already decided to get married, but after separation, many things happened. I don’t want to come for two years. I think she is also scared!
Because there was no public relationship between the two sides, Gan Biwu had to call him a Taoist friend, a Taoist friend. Song Changgeng could clearly feel the bitter helplessness. After comforting a few words, he turned to smile at everyone and was about to speak when he heard a slightly hoarse magnetic male voice: "Are you Song Changgeng? The carefree door owner? Fifth sister, is he the one who captivated your heart? "
Song Changgeng one leng, suddenly looked, and saw that the speaker was a tall, thin man, who was handsome, standing in a group of people in Lingjiao Fairy House, but Song Changgeng’s eyes were full of anger and hatred, which made Song Changgeng feel very puzzled. He didn’t seem to know each other. Seeing his fire-breathing eyes made Song Changgeng depressed.
At this time, Ruan Jiu gestured to Ding. Ding said helplessly, "Song Daoyou, I’m really sorry. Let me introduce you. This is my fourth brother Yao Se, who often retreats in Lingjiao Fairy House. He wasn’t there when you went last time, so everyone didn’t know him. This, that, fourth brother, that, let’s go to Admiralty Island first."
Seeing Ding’s slightly wriggling expression, Song Changgeng knew that things might change a little. He was about to speak when he heard the four senior brothers Yao Se’s slightly hoarse magnetic voice: "No need to go, just say it here. What’s the shame? I like the fifth pool and have been chasing her for hundreds of years. Why should this guy join him when he comes to the fifth pool?
He must have used some evil magic to confuse the fifth pool, Song Changgeng. If you are a man, you can fight with me openly and pursue the fifth pool with the truth itself. If you dare not, go away. You are not qualified to pursue the fifth pool! "
The clay figurine is still a bit earthy. Although Song Chang-geng tried his heart through chaos. The mind has calmed down a lot. But being abused so mercilessly. As the fire in my heart. He looked at Yao’s eyes and said nothing. Instead, he asked Ruan, "Ruan Daoyou. It seems that there is something wrong with your mind. What does your teacher mean? Didn’t you explain our affairs to him? "
Ruan Jiu grabbed it and tried to rush up to Yao Se. With a helpless tunnel: "Song Daoyou. This. Four teacher younger brother to mind no problem. Just … It’s just that he has deep roots. This is also can’t. You know. Before you appeared, the fourth younger brother had been chasing the fifth younger sister. His feelings for his fifth sister are very real. It’s also deep. After going through customs, I suddenly knew that my fifth sister was going to marry you. Do you know how big this blow is?
So his words may be a little rude. So please include Song Daoyou. As for the tutor. His old man said. This is a love robbery between you and four younger brothers and five younger sisters. Others can’t step in. Can you get over there? How to get there. It all depends on your own land. Five teacher younger brother so to speak because he is in a bad mood. This. I think we should go to Admiralty Island in Ye Daoyou first. "
Song Changgeng listened to one leng. Love robbery!’ Song Chang-geng knew that cultivation can only be truly accomplished after three robberies of heaven, earth and man. But there’s a saying,’ It’s better than doom. The land robbery is hard. People rob ethereal’. It is said that the land is the three robberies of heaven and earth. The skill is here. Thunder, fire and magic come. This is the apocalypse. You can basically get through it. The past is the fairy.
But you live on this land. Took it from the earth
West, from natural resources to reiki, so if you don’t soar and rob again and again after the natural disaster, it usually takes a long time, once every 500 years, and each time it gets worse, which is the most famous fairy robbery, while human robbery is different. You have experienced many people and things in the middle from reincarnation to final cultivation.
When you reach the level of the fairy, if you don’t leave the world, then the previous fate will be settled, and it will be an explosion after countless years of circulation. People rob the land in different ways, and the most difficult one is emotional robbery, and there is basically no sign of people robbing the earth, and there is no fixed method of robbery, so it is elusive.
After listening to Ruan’s words, Song Changgeng understood that things were a little troublesome. He was just about to go to Admiralty Island, but Yao Se didn’t give him face at all. When Ruan finished, he continued, "No need to go, my mind is fine. Just stay here, Song Changgeng. If you are a man, you can fight with me by your ability, or you can’t touch the fifth martial sister."
What with what? It’s ridiculous.’ Song Chang Gung felt annoyed when he heard it. At this time, Gan Biwu took Song Chang Gung’s hand and said to Yao Se with tears in his eyes: "Fourth brother, I know your friendship for me. I have told you countless times for hundreds of years. I don’t like you. It is impossible to double-study with you. Why don’t you listen?
I told you long ago, I don’t like you, I don’t like you, you don’t understand. I said this before he appeared, and I still say it now. Please don’t pester me for the sake of my classmates. I don’t like you, I can’t be with you, and he didn’t use any magic to confuse me. It’s your brain that is out of order. Everything is in your head. "
"No, he used magic to confuse you. You used to be indifferent to me because of the girl’s reserve. You never said you didn’t like me, never said it, never said it, really." When it comes to Yao Se, he is already muttering to himself, and his handsome face has begun to distort. As we all know, this person is a little possessed, but he can’t persuade him, because it is a heart disease.
If he can’t let go of himself, it’s useless for others to say anything. Song Changgeng can’t help but feel pity for him. He knows that this is an infatuated person. He has been chasing for hundreds of years and never gives up, which shows that he has deep affection for Gan Biwu. However, he can’t let go, because this is a doom. Even if he gives in, he will have other things to entangle and rob him.
Yao Se talked to himself for a while, then suddenly his eyes glared, and his breath was wild. He urged several people around him to retreat a lot. He flew into the air and called to Song Changgeng, "Come if you are a man, or you will get into a woman’s skirt."
Song Changgeng, who had some pity for him, couldn’t help but burst into flames. With a sneer, he shook off Gan Biwu, threw’ Lingjiao Wuyunyi’ to her and said, "Take care of my two apprentices." After that, he flew up and volleyed to the vicinity of Yaose, sneering at him: "As you wish, I am coming. Don’t bark like a mad dog. How do you want to fight?"
Yaose just shouted, "Never die!" With a jerk of his hand, he saw three acres of sapphire lotus flowers flying around his head, each of which shot thousands of blue milli-rays from its petals, and suddenly appeared in the air. The lotus root rushed at Song Changgeng and surrounded on three sides obliquely. The people under it all looked helpless, and the self-driving clouds left far away. The battle between the two fairies was troublesome at all.
As soon as Song Chang-geng saw these three lotus flowers, he knew that they were difficult to deal with. As soon as he offered the "Mirror of Heaven for Science", he saw countless blue rays in the flower canopy of three sapphire lotus flowers, but when he touched Song Chang-geng, he felt a shock all over. Although all these green gases were reflected back by him with the "Mirror of Heaven for Science", it was extremely difficult to reflect them, because it was nine days of emptiness before there was a "three talents to clear and calm the spirit".
Seeing each other’s’ Sancai Qingning Qi’ coming in endlessly, Song Chang-geng knew that it would never stop. He shouted at me, and five-color light was emitted from his body, which turned into countless five-color flying swords. Those five-color flying swords were divided into three strands, as if they were like a river pouring down, and they rushed at the three strands of’ Sancai Qingning Qi’, and the two sides began to have a violent collision in the air.
The two forces collided in order to make the people who saw it stunned. The low-level disciple like Ling Yunfeng was devastated by the earthquake. Where did he dare to watch it again? He instinctively raised his defense. Although he did not do anything properly, there was always a psychological comfort. Although Gambi Wutong took over the’ Five Clouds’, he had something in his heart and didn’t care about Ling Yunfeng.
I just took them a little far from the ground. When Ding Chang saw this, she flew out of an avatar in panic, cast spells for a while, and then used a magic weapon to protect Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying. She said with a wry smile to Gan Biwu, "Sister Wu, it’s something that no one wants at this point, but the master has said that this is your love robbery, and others can’t intervene, otherwise the robbery will be even worse."