Millimeter signs to shaw asked side was suddenly rang a so.

Then the whole sea seems to feel a special vitality that it loves very much.
There is no life in the sea, but at this moment, it seems that they are welcoming a certain guy, which highlights that the change actually does not only happen at the fighting place, but spreads to the whole ocean!
Then I saw a blue Se shadow with a length of more than twenty feet, swinging its tail fiercely and rushing straight towards Meng Muyu six miles away!
Meng Muyu didn’t see what it just appeared, but he saw flowers at the moment. The blue Se shadow was swinging its tail and drew an arc in the water and rushed at him!
The distance of more than six miles was instantly crossed by the blue Se shadow, and the creature that just appeared seemed to like to attack from the side. At this time, the height has passed Meng Muyu.
Meng Muyu looked up when he saw a naked j and ng with a handsome face, which was faster than that of an alien man in his field of vision. !
The man’s arms are not at his side, but his cold eyes have told him what he came for! It was not until then that Meng Muyu saw the tail behind that guy really spread all over the black Se scales than thick!
Being afraid of unknown creatures made Meng Muyu’s heart get up. He suddenly called out the black Se shield and took the lead in blocking the fish man’s way forward.
That black shield is Meng Muyu’s proud defense fairy, which is about to be sacrificed and refined to the seventh floor. After flying out, it becomes ten feet in size as if it were powerful!
At this time, Meng Muyu has been able to see the situation behind the shield with the naked eye, but he has other ways to observe it.
Then he watched the man who rushed into the fish suddenly put out his arms, and a huge navy trident appeared in his hands when the blue light suddenly lit up! The ocean storm is raging in the navy trident, and the most important thing is to face his great sword, which seems to react!
Then the fisherman has rushed to the front of the black shield and slammed his hands into the side of the black shield!
"When! ! ! !”
After the impact, Meng Muyu’s face was given high hopes by him. Xuan Ming Shield flew directly behind the fisherman to let him out!
The fishman still kept a fast momentum, and by smashing the shield against the earthquake, he rushed forward to rotate the direction axis. After a week of rotation, the navy trident in his hand was directly drawn by the greater power of rotation!
Blink your eyes!
At this time, Meng Muyu, who dares to ask Xiao again, suddenly closed the sword, and the huge sword became ten feet in size. The hilt stood upside down at the tip of the sword and blocked the navy trident!
"When! ! ! ! !”
There was another loud noise. Although Meng Muyu’s heavenly sword was thirteen swords, it was a hasty defense after all, but even the sword was smashed and flew out! Although it is not injured, it is also awkward!
However, even more amazing is yet to come!
Meng Muyu was hit by Julius, and then he flew backwards for miles. Then he flew out less than a mile and saw the fisherman in the distance suddenly stretch out his left hand to his side, and the surrounding sea water changed immediately!
Fiona Fang miles of sea water actually seemed to be alive, wrapped in Meng Muyu directly, and flew back to the fisherman’s side!
At the same time, the fisherman rushed again!
After all, it is clear to the onlookers that Zhuang Jiuling has realized that it will be greatly unfavorable for them to fight in the water again!
"Go to the noodles!" Zhuang nine-year-old nasty shouted
Words didn’t say that finish nine-year-old avatar zhuang was like rain tapping out all hello to xiao asked side attack while rushing.
However, at this time, Xiao Wen and Hainong will let them get what they want!
Zhuang Jiuling still hasn’t been able to prepare any big moves. His attacks were blocked by Xiao Wen Ding Hai Zhu calling out a water shield.
Xiao asked while defending Zhuang Jiuling’s attack on his right hand, and with a wave of his hand, the exquisite fire sword was turned into a red awn and flew towards Meng Muyu in the distance!
Meng Muyu doesn’t want to be entangled in the water any more. Twelve red awns of the heavenly sword suddenly broke out and turned around end to end. Finally, they broke the grip of the seawater!
It’s even faster to see Meng Muyu flying at the age of nine at Haimianzhuang.
However, at this moment, Xiao Wen suddenly interrupted the water barrier and Fa Jinlun to defend his right hand and suddenly grasped the direction of Meng Muyu seven miles away!
Meng Muyu was just a little magical power of Hainong before the rain, but now Xiao Wen is a force of fixing the sea and beads!
Xiao Wen directly controlled Meng Muyu’s side, and the seawater in Fiona Fang was mixed with wild ancient sea interest and squeezed in at a high speed!
In a flash, Meng Muyu felt the pressure of poverty. Although the sea water is not ice, it is more difficult to break than Xuan Bing in ten thousand!