The younger brothers were very happy to see him coming, but Princess Changping and Jade Butterfly were the most happy to see him coming. Princess Changping looked at him like she didn’t know what to say.

For princess Changping’s affection for him, this kind of mentoring involves the problem of men and women, and Song Changgeng doesn’t know how to deal with it. After all, he hasn’t experienced it
In fact, he doesn’t care about accepting Princess Changping, but he doesn’t want Princess Changping involved in his own affairs. It is what he wants to see most in this black knife practice.
Therefore, he has always avoided two personal matters, and Xiaoyu Butterfly has not seen him for a long time, and he is bored with him. He also said that he will go with him this time.
Seeing Song Chang Gung’s inquiry, Princess Changping explained in a low voice, "Younger is playing very well here and misses the master very much, but she knows that she can’t help anything or she will go to you herself."
Recently, however, she has developed a method that has been perfected with the help of all of us. Now she can control some huge creatures by depicting the array through her own blood media and make them her own puppets.
Then, in their bodies, they coagulate their vitality to make a Dan, so that Dan can be controlled by her. Those creatures not only listen to its command, but also have strong strength.
Younger thinks she can help you because of her strength, so she will haunt you so much this time. I’m afraid if you don’t take her away this time, she will make you. "
Speaking of this, Princess Changping can’t help but look dim. Although she is willing to manage this place, she also hopes to stay by his side often, but it is fruitless, but it is good to stay together.
But this is an extravagant hope. She is a princess of a country, and her childhood education has made her afraid to cross the ethical barrier. This feeling can be hidden in my heart silently and can’t be told to people.
Song Chang Gung looked at her for a while and turned to Xiaoyu Butterfly and said, "Butterfly, tell me what’s going on? Can you really control other creatures? How much can you control? "
Jade butterfly put his arm around his neck and said, "I don’t know. I accidentally wanted to learn from Master and enlighten me. My blood has been enlightened in chinemys reevesii for one thousand years, but it has not been enlightened."
But I don’t know why it was connected with me. After listening to my command, the sisters helped me to control them. It’s so interesting. I can also help you take me away. "
When I heard this, Song Changgeng knew that his blood was rising, but his heart was moving. What if this method tried to make me busy again? How powerful is it to make it into a sword?
Thought of here, he couldn’t help but feel blood pouring into his heart. If this sword becomes more powerful than those innate swords, then he can really be vertical and horizontal, and he can deal with himself, which is special.
The fourteenth volume Hunting in the North Sea Chapter one hundred and forty The sea of clouds fleet
He thought about all kinds of needs before and after, and felt that it was over, but if it was refined, it would be the most Qiang Jian, and perhaps the purple and blue walls could be confronted.
You know, the black dragon has a path of three thousand years. How many people in the world have a path of three thousand years? Maybe Blissful Reality can fight against its innate sword by virtue of its thousand-year cultivation.
However, there are only a handful of people like Blissful Reality in the spiritual world. The more Song Chang Gung thinks about it, the more feasible it is. He even forgets that he is on the ground.
After seeing a few words from myself, the master meditated. Jade Butterfly cleverly didn’t disturb him, but lay quietly in his arms as if she were asleep.
In fact, the root of her eternal love is not sleeping, but she was born with Song Chang-geng symbiosis after being enlightened. It is as difficult for Song Chang-geng to lie in his arms as her parents, which is her favorite thing.
Princess Changping saw that the master was lost in thought and didn’t want to disturb him. She waved all her female brothers to look at the master so quietly after they left. She really hoped that this time would last forever.
But time is like running water, and there is no eternal thing in the world. When Song Changgeng woke up from meditation after thinking about everything, he saw that there were no other female brothers around.
With Princess Changping and Jade Butterfly in his arms around him, he couldn’t help but shake his head. He also thought about things and didn’t pay attention to the environment. After cleaning up his thoughts, he decided to refine this sword.
Princess Changping was disappointed to see him awake. Princess Changping felt a sharp heartbeat when the master looked at her. She blushed and said in a low voice, "Master, I let my school sisters go back."
Do you have anything else to say? If not, please go to the room with your brother and rest. Uncle Long Xuan and his wife are closed. I’m afraid they can’t come out for a short time. How long can the master stay? Should we wait for them? "
Song Chang Gung shook his head and said, "I’ll leave in a few days. By the way, Zi Xuanfeng told you about the three magic boats in Taiyi, right? How are you perfect? "
Princess Changping bowed her head and said, "I already know and initially set out to improve the details, but it will take time to deduce them carefully. In fact, the ship has already completed the changes, and the place is not big."
In addition to adding some magic weapons like artillery weapons of earthly warships, the idea of having a school sister is very reasonable.
She believes that the low-level corpse with poor intelligence should be specially refined and then put in a warship Taiyi Shark Boat as a sailor, so that one or three or so brothers can control a ship.
At the same time, with a little intelligence, intermediate runes can do some precise things such as manipulating long-range weapons or doing close combat, while high-level runes with good intelligence can be single attack fighters.
Of course, this idea is good, but there are many aspects related to the land. It is very troublesome to add a refined resin. Do you know if the master agrees? "
"Oh, interesting and interesting idea. If other ships can be ordinary operators as sailors according to her idea, I think in fact, we can’t put more operators.
But not all runes can advance, and some low-level runes are not qualified to be cannon fodder, but it’s interesting to let them do some ordinary water crafts.
It suddenly occurred to me that we are all ordinary and strong people. What would happen if we refined some people who were craftsmen before their death? You give our ideas to the valley of sorrow and let them see how to deal with it. "
The idea of this female brother broadens Song Changgeng’s thinking a lot. He said to Princess Changping as he walked with Xiaoyu Butterfly. None of these things belong to low-level ordinary things.
He just thinks about it casually, but the problem of his black dragon turning into a sword is very complicated, which requires a lot of things and involves a lot of things at the same time
Princess Changping followed him one step behind and looked at his back. After hearing his command, she quickly replied, "It’s Master Brother who will inform them immediately."
There is also the experimental manufacturing after the improvement of the Ministry. If there is no problem, it can be manufactured in large quantities. Because it is a magic weapon for wood, it is simple to manufacture. What is the name of the fleet after it is formed? How many ships a fleet? "
"The name is the Sea of Clouds Fleet. It is up to you to calculate the number that is most suitable for attack and defense. It is best to make a flying ship like my Taiyi Jinlin boat."
Song Chang Gung casually said that he hoped to make such a spaceship, so that his brothers’ mobility and overall offensive and defensive ability would be upgraded to a higher level and their own strength would be stronger.
"As a result, it will rise sharply because the flying magic weapon needs power, the overall attack and defense and other aspects consume too much power, and the material requirements of the magic weapon are also very demanding
Then we won’t be able to make a mid-range magic weapon. Do you want to do it, master? "Princess Changping hesitated to speak out all kinds of advantages and disadvantages.
"Do it for you and XuanFeng can also ah why not do it? By the way, you call a few people who are proficient in law to help Fluttershy study the control of animal law and let them go with me. I’m going to do some experiments. "
When he got to his resting place, Song Changgeng ordered him to take some younger brothers to the North Pole. According to Xu Feiniang, there are many ancient creatures in the wild, all of which are fierce and fierce.
In addition to refining the black dragon into a sword, I need a lot of materials and vitality to supplement Jingxue. At the same time, I have to add some creatures to strengthen my treasure ability, which is the best choice.
Although I know that the North Pole is dangerous and the creatures there are strong, I only know that the creatures here are too fierce and in droves when I am really there.
Horror. This is the idea of a female brother in Taiyi Golden Scale Boat. They are all proficient in array tactics. My brother is very prepared to come to the Arctic to refine treasures and experiment with his master.
However, I didn’t know this hunting was very easy until I was here. If it weren’t for a master who had never seen any big scenes here, the girls would have to turn around and face such an ugly creature. Few girls would like Xiaoyu Butterfly.
The fifteenth volume Go against the two men Chapter one hundred and forty-one Baoding great power
It’s bad luck to finally come. My system is poisoned. It’s a penetrating system file. I’m sorry that I didn’t spend money to make a system. But the monthly ticket won’t go up for a few days, and the subscription has been greatly reduced. What’s wrong with everyone?
Jade butterfly is not afraid because for her, it is not important whether these creatures are strong or weak, beautiful or ugly, but whether they can be taken by themselves is her most important problem.
Taiyi Golden Scale Boat has its own defense array. These monsters attack and hit the surface, making the defense array form a spherical light and shadow, and in the center of this light ball is Taiyi Golden Scale Boat.
Seeing these powerful creatures here or in the periphery, Song Chang-geng couldn’t help but be overjoyed. He made Xiaoyu Butterfly be responsible for manipulating Taiyi Jinlin boat and took it out from the waist jade belt.
After flying out of Taiyi Jinlin boat, he directly started nine suspected statues of the monster, and a flash of black smoke flew out from the monster’s mouth to form a monster head of more than ten meters.
The beast’s huge mouth is a vortex composed of several Venus and red lines. As soon as the beast’s head appears, it sucks all the monsters nearby, as if it were eaten by the beast’s head composed of black smoke.
After cleaning up the monster near here, Song Chang-geng cast his magic formula to collect the monster’s head. The black smoke disappeared from big to small in the mouth of the monster covered by the tripod like it was absorbed by the nine suspected tripod. After cleaning up this neighborhood, Song Chang-geng did not immediately return to Taiyi Jinlin boat, but Ling Yu-qi held the nine suspected tripod in his hand and felt the situation inside it.
Because this treasure has been given to the refining master by him, of course he can perceive all the changes inside. Although this nine-doubt tripod is not big, it is very poor inside.
In the center of the tripod, there is an egg big crystal ball with a diameter of about five centimeters. The blue-white two-color halo flows in a blink of an eye, and then it becomes crystal clear as if it were transparent.
This crystal ball is the chaotic embryo, which is the core of the whole Nine Doubts tripod. It is a former treasure that has no attack and defense ability, but has many wonderful functions.
One of the three main functions is to hide information. All the information that can be received by this chaotic embryo from heaven and earth is in it. If the crystal ball is turned upside down, the chaotic state can be lifted.
In that crystal ball, there will be blue and white phosgene flowing, and then it will be like heaven and earth, and then there will be sun, moon and stars, and then everything will appear on the earth, which is wonderful.
Turn the crystal ball upside down again, and everything will turn like a reflection for the second time. Everything will die, and the stars will disappear into blue and white, and then the two will be combined into chaos and finally become transparent.
In this crystal ball, the green and white gas is the yin and yang vitality, the original form is true, and the crystal ball can rely on this yin and yang gas to control all the forces of the tripod.
This yin and yang control all forces, which is the second major function of the crystal ball, and its third major function is the virtual world. Don’t look at the crystal ball with a diameter of five centimeters.
But there is poverty in it. Although it can’t be said that it can evolve into a world, it is vast and vast. I don’t know the boundary, but nothing can get in and nothing can get out.
Even the owner of this tripod doesn’t know how vast the chaotic embryo is, and what can make it have several functions.
A vortex composed of Venus and red line in the center of this chaotic tire is filled in the whole tripod except for some.