On the other side, the monk led by Yuanjue Cave is a feminine and handsome young man. Although he has been shaved, it does not reduce his charm.

Flying in front of him, a golden mord shines brightly, and you can tell it’s not all.
But now, this Fachan Tower is suppressed by a skinny old monk with a white eyebrow and a purple-gold alms bowl. Every time the mord is hit by the other alms bowl, the young monk turns pale and the golden light of Zen becomes weaker.
Green and monk are unwilling, but look at his side. Many other monks are not as good as him. The situation is very urgent.
Therefore, even if he cruelly used life-saving means to win the old bridled monk, it still didn’t help the whole war, but it was easy for him to be in a desperate situation.
"We just throw in the towel! I know that this time you are jealous that this hall belongs to you and we are leaving! "
Really can’t support to Yuanjue Cave youth finally soft-spoken, but the facial expression is as ugly as it is ugly.
The young monks, one by one, are unwilling to be colored by microstrip.
Looking at the golden hall at the end of the whirling forest, which stands on the hill full of whirling trees, I feel sorry.
But they didn’t say anything to stop it. It was the default for the young monk to discuss and take back their magic weapons and look at each other with alert.
After all, it’s not that they can’t see the form clearly. Even if they fight again, it’s thankless, so it’s better to give up on their own initiative.
"Or round sense teacher younger brother white reason to you willing to give up, even though walking is old na will never be difficult! Moreover, it is not difficult for everyone to ensure the ivory tower and the friends of the Thousand Buddhist temples. "
The skinny old monk opposite the young monk saw that the young monk had taken the magic weapon and took the initiative to soften, and immediately stopped the attack, then looked calm and said to the young monk and others
"Hum that I will be leaving now! I hope you have a smooth journey and don’t have any accidents. "
The young monk of Yuanjue Cave didn’t lower his posture because he was active and soft, and he felt that he was dissatisfied with the monks such as Albizia Zong.
After this, I took a look at the swaying mountain hall and suddenly I wouldn’t leave.
The rest of the people were reluctant to leave when they saw the young monk. They cast a glance at the hall and their hearts ached. They left here and disappeared in the whirling Woods.
"This Yuanjue monk can still afford it. If they are ignorant and insist on not leaving, we really have to kill them, and the loss will not be small!"
The ivory tower Ouyang Bowen said to the clear light after watching the young monk and others leave.
Know a wry smile: "This time, it was also Yuanjue Cave who didn’t come, otherwise his hot temper would have Yuanjue who knew how to calculate gains and losses, otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy to solve today."
"But this time, we were too careless. I didn’t expect them to realize that they were wrong and secretly followed here. If it weren’t for the belief that Jackson had been followed to the palace early now, it would be in big trouble." Wu Sunlin, an ivory tower, chopsticks and charming way.
The middle-aged monk in the Thousand-Buddha Temple, who was called Master Juexin, made a modest name and said, "Poor monks are lucky!"
"This place can’t fly. I think we’d better go first. There must be something unexpected." I glanced at the golden hall and then my face vibrated and suggested to everyone.
"Well, let’s hurry, but be careful whether the other party will come again!"
"Don’t worry, when we enter the hall, we won’t be afraid if the other party doesn’t have a map."
Yang Xiu kept injecting spiritual force into the bow and arrow and headed for the stone statue to lie in the direction of "heart" to find out.
Just now, "fortunately, it’s a little weird. I didn’t expect that almost all of them would pick up the interpretation of the bow and arrow warehouse and force the old one." But it still didn’t cause any trace damage to the stone statue. Why didn’t it make him feel horrified
After all, this is the most powerful magic weapon for his hand. If the bow and arrow can’t solve each other, he really can’t think of any other way, so he can take the risk to find out for himself.
He thought that this stone statue should be similar to a puppet beast, but it is much more advanced than the existing Lei beast.
Lei beast wants to run, but it generally needs spiritual support.
Therefore, he guessed that since the stone statue was intact, it could not move. Was it because there was no spiritual support?
If that’s the case, Yang Xiu couldn’t help but his heart beat a little faster, so he didn’t choose to leave when the stone statue couldn’t move.
When he came to the stone statue lying on the ground, he held a bow and arrow and carefully touched one side with his foot to test his reaction.
Although he also knows that the bow and arrow can’t even break the most basic defense, he still can’t help but hold the bow and arrow in his hand. It seems that only in this way can he find a little security against this unknown fear.
The toe of the shoe has lightly touched the stone statue to react.
Yang Xiu looked at the tight nerves and couldn’t help but loosen slightly, so the intensity of the toe increased again
Seeing the stone statue still motionless, my heart suddenly loosened nearly half, so I changed Dan’s hand contact.
The statue is still motionless!
Yang Xiu suddenly became bold.
Because the stone statue was shot with a bow and arrow, he not only turned it over.
"Hey" didn’t expect this stone statue to look two centimeters taller than ordinary people, but he didn’t turn it with one hand.
Anyway, the bow and arrow didn’t respond to it, and he had adapted to the stone statue, so he put the bow and arrow in Gan Kun’s hand and turned it over with his hands.
Hold the stone arm hand yellow light suddenly flash "one more use six layers of reiki that turned the stone over.
Yang Xiu couldn’t help secretly basking in his tongue. His six-story "Been Earth Tactics" has not a million spiritual powers. I didn’t expect to be able to give each other a body. I really don’t know what this stone statue is and how much spiritual power it takes to command it.
The stone statue was carved almost like a real person. Except for the stiff face, the external appearance is still vivid. The eyes are closed and the eyes are closed. To be honest, it is much more beautiful than Yang Xiu.
If he doesn’t look at it carefully, it’s urgent to find the location where the other party holds the Lingshi and pull it out. He doesn’t want any more accidents.
When you want to have the target stone statue and it is a little too big but not half a column of incense, he is in the Adam’s apple of the stone statue and there is something strange now
There is a split line here.