In fact, it’s a big deal, but you’re always honest. What do you say? You have such a beautiful mother with you. Do you dare to ensure that others don’t think too much about her? I think some bad guys may have raped her directly in spirit when they saw this Xiao Ni. If you really want to haggle over every ounce, I think you should lock your mother at home and Reagan won’t let them see anyone.

Looking at SiTuHao has said some language The Hunger then said such words is to let SiTuHao stood on the spot.
A man SiTuHao white The Hunger speak very way, of course.
Because of this kind of thing, he will often do it, but he can’t think about those beautiful women, and he can also violate them mentally
Dead old man, you are fucking crooked. It took a long time for Situhao to suppress such a sentence.
Can you tell me that I’m wrong?
Situhao slightly paused. He knew that he had been caught by The Hunger at this time, but he didn’t want to tangle with The Hunger on this issue. I won’t talk to you about these things. Did you see Xiao Ni’s identity?
Isn’t it just an ordinary person?
Ordinary people can take the five-element elixir. Don’t forget the five-element elixir, but it can trigger the fairy magic mainland.
I really know the identity of Xiao Ni. She is really powerful. The background seems that her body has been adjusted in an alternative way. In the eyes of others, she will be an ordinary person. Here, The Hunger frowned slightly and asked her how the five elements of magic came about.
According to her, it was her father who spent 991 training her and stole the five elements panacea when she sneaked in.
Ah SiTuHao answer The Hunger couldn’t help exclaiming a.
What’s wrong with grandpa? Situhao asked doubtfully.
The five elements panacea can’t be refined by mortals.
Ah, this time it’s Stuart’s turn to exclaim. Do you mean that Xiao Ni’s father is a immortal or a demon?
Situhao never dreamed that Nalan’s back would be like this.
The Hunger nodded slowly. Well, the five elements magic is really his father’s practice. Her father can’t become a road, and even in the fairy world, his strength is probably not bad. His father should still be an alchemist with a very high level.
It was the first time that the alchemist Situhao heard that the alchemist The Hunger’s voice fell to the ground. His mouth couldn’t help mumbling these three words, and his face was full of doubts.
According to Xiao Ni’s situation, his father has become an alchemist, otherwise he would have made Xiao Ni’s body and breath completely hidden, and even I would have sensed her true identity.
Is the alchemist awesome?
An alchemist is a mysterious profession, and few people can become an alchemist. Moreover, the identity of an alchemist is not easy to be exposed, which can be described as a profession that is afraid to see people.
Because few people who can become alchemists actually become alchemists, they will become the targets of various forces competing for control. The alchemist’s ability will help them practice alchemy, which means that the alchemist will not be respected by others because of his identity, but will be imprisoned by powerful weapons because of his identity and become their alchemy tools. Even if he is an equal and very powerful alchemist in the fairy land, they dare not expose their identity.
Mom, what kind of world is this? When Situhao heard The Hunger say this, his heart immediately became angry.
There is no way to control everything in the fairy land. The identity of an alchemist is actually an auxiliary martial arts practice. It was still a very good career when an alchemist came tens of thousands of years ago. However, because of those martial arts practices, adults of an alchemist were afraid of their careers. Even if they have a high talent for alchemy, no one would want to become an alchemist, which is also a sneaky thing. The Hunger slowly explained Chapter 3: Immortal magic seeds 1.
Situhao heard The Hunger say that Naidi shook his head here and said that the vast majority of martial arts in Xianmo mainland think that they are nobler than the average person. In fact, they are the biggest factors that cause instability in the sky. These are martial arts, and they are a group of base species.
Situhao’s angry words heard The Hunger’s ears, and his face was suffused with anger, but the blink of an eye calmed down.
Situhao said these words to The Hunger in anger. At this time, he has completely forgotten what The Hunger is. As far as The Hunger is concerned, I am afraid that his hands are stained with the blood of many ordinary people. Even if he didn’t kill many ordinary people, he would never respect those people. Situhao’s angry words are also scolding him.
The Hunger is not a crafty old scoundrel, but a thick-skinned thief. Situhao’s voice fell to the ground and he couldn’t help showing a smile. Hehe, this is the constant law that has never changed in the history of the fairy land.
The constant law is really strong to change this law. The fairy magic mainland will not be in this chaos, and those base weapons will not slay the people at will. Situhao is still very aggrieved.
It is no exaggeration to say that The Hunger’s fate is now in the hands of Situhao. Although he is very disdainful of this view of Situhao, he sees that Situhao’s expression knows that this little boy has moved, but it is not good to disagree with him. He wants to change this status quo. This is not a fairy magic two Woody, but a fairy magic enemy in two realms. How many people can hold the highest strength and two fairy magic enemies?
The Hunger’s words immediately made Situhao awake. The Hunger was right. No matter how powerful it is, where are the fairy enemies in the fairy world?
On the surface, the fairies seem to be unable to do everything because of the constraints of the laws of heaven and earth, but after all, they are inextricably linked in the martial arts world. I am afraid they can’t sit idly by if they really encounter a stronger crisis everywhere.
Oh, let’s not talk about it. The more we talk about it, the more depressed we get.
The Hunger slowly nodded his head and stared at Situhao. In fact, you shouldn’t swallow that five-element panacea.
What is it?
Although the Five Elements Magic Pill can make your strength soar and your body have the best absorption of the Five Elements, it also exposes this characteristic of your body to some powerful forces, and this kind of particularity is also inherited. If they eat your meat and drink your blood, they will not get it. You will still get this characteristic, and you will become a powerful force. Everyone wants to kill you and eat your flesh and blood.
Hehe, I know this one. Yinan told me.
Do you know that eating The Hunger is very resentful and drinking?
Situhao still smiled. I’m in enough trouble. What about this trouble? Besides, the strength of the fairy magic mainland respects me. It’s such a good opportunity that others can’t even think about it. I don’t want to be powerful now.
Situhao speaks very well, but The Hunger also knows these things. He is just so right. It depends. You have already done that to Xiao Ni. Why don’t you restrain yourself?
The Hunger’s speech is obscure, but what’s wrong with Situ Haoran’s understanding of Grandpa?
Since his father can refine the five elements elixir, it doesn’t matter that he is an alchemist, but also a powerful immortal, or a magic fairy. The five elements elixir of heaven and earth must be condensed by powerful forces in the fairy world, and I think Xiao Ni is only seventeen years old. Obviously, she is a very thorough fairy or magic. You are a mortal. Will her parents agree that she will be with you?
The Hunger’s voice fell to the ground, and Situhao didn’t listen. What kind of magic did he listen to, grandpa?
The Hunger flipped through a pair of blood eyes and stared at Situhao, saying that the fairy seed is the magic seed of giving birth to children after both men and women soar.