Wen Jiuyi finally knew what the tunnel and Sullivan number were.

They share a huge dark sphere, which is an anti-sphere that reminds people to wear clothes inside and outside. Their rough surface surges like prominence, and they gradually reveal their true identity in repeated tumbling.
Black holes. They are black holes.
Therefore, parasites from all over the world can be brought here depending on restrictions.
"Watch it," Cali said. "This is the great beginning."
The surface of the sphere is like a shell-removed egg, which first cracks a gap and gradually becomes thorough. When Wen Jiuyi saw Alek, he saw his female insect running quickly in it and made a desperate sound.
Behind the female insect, a pale yellow ball is floating with strings of white foam. They are pale red against the rose nebula, and they will glow repeatedly. Wen Jiuyi vaguely recognizes that it is a embryonic fetus. His eyes are swollen and his trunk is full of red blood vessels, and he continues to grow until he can stretch his small body.
"That’s new literature," Cali said. "Life will change with the flow of time, and we need this change."
Wen 91 is a sacrifice to new life.
From the beginning, Cali had several options.
For him, the situation today is just to choose the most convenient one.
"What kind of text is this?" Wen Jiuyi was dying. "You don’t know what a text is."
Together, they watched the sphere become turbid again, and a vague shadow could be seen through the crack. Wen Jiuyi could not find Alek’s shadow, and he could watch Cali throw himself into it because there was nothing left.
"No" Cali said "because …"
The black ball tore open the cracks and the teeth swallowed Wen Jiuyi.
The sound of Tulukali reverberates in the universe.
"I am the text"
You have something to say.
[Cali double standard]
I’m the boss in the face of Wen Jiuyi. I just beat you. It’s not negotiable.
In the face of Wingel gnome male-"… little fat boy gnome male-"… WenWenWen … When can I eat you?
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter, chapter
Wen Jiuyi can’t avoid it, but he can protect his body with his wings tightly. All this is very competitive in front of sharp teeth.
Sharp into his wings before completely torn, Wen Jiuyi retracted the broken wings into the trunk to avoid the fangs acid and find a foothold.
The Oracle continues to unfold.
In this case, Wen Jiu’s body is covered with all worm lines, and his muscle veins stand out like steel bars. He sings the prayer of the goddess skirt butterfly, and the trickle of blood in the gap of worm lines evaporates rapidly, and red mist slows down the speed. At the same time, strong toxins in the blood constantly corrode the teeth and open up a gap that can only accommodate one person.
A lot of blood loss made Wen Jiuyi a little tired, but even more tired was that he realized that he had lost this opportunity and would continue the Kali war with France.
In my heart, it seems that there is a small drum ringing with a bang. Wen Jiuyi suddenly loses a kind of confidence, and he is determined that he is not willing to give up his belief in revenge.
But with excessive strength and two failures, he watched all his efforts go up in smoke.
"Wen Zhen"
He read his name, which once again enhanced the effect of the Oracle.
The strength in blood vessels is further purified, and the surging force of high-pressure blood flow washes the body deeply into every cell, and then deeply breathes and exhales. Even though he knows that this is a taboo to shorten life, he still indulges in the hope brought by strength.
What can he do if he doesn’t take revenge?
"Ah?" He jumped out like a rabbit, and Alec jumped out like a frightened out of my wits. If it weren’t for his face and hair color, he would be more like a flea-like female insect than a butterfly. He flexibly avoided the fangs from the corners and started running towards Wen Jiuyi. "Wen Wen Wen Wen! Help me! "
Wen Jiuyi brewed a good sadness and was quarreled by him.
He saw the female insect being chased and bitten by a group of teeth, running from left to right and from right to left, persevering on both sides, much like a whack-a-mole.
The male worm can’t help but "snow"
He was very tired, and his heart beat again, but his eyes slowly softened, and he was firm again with the sinking of the female insect in his arms.
"Are you laughing at me?"
"Yes," said Alec angrily. "I just couldn’t find you. Where have you been?" It seems that he is wronged outside. The kitten goes home and has a meow with the shovel officer.
"To see Cali"
"So … huh?" Alec quickly rolled around from Wen Jiu and touched the male worm again. Looking at the clothes, blood slowly seeped out and tears fell. "I … meowed, I didn’t know you were hurt."
Wen Jiuyi can’t hide Alek from crying.
He felt that his arrogance was further expanding, and the heat wave was pushing forward with toxins, pushing one person out of the room for three people. The black and white airflow swam on the edge of the boundary, rolling the fire waves and constantly jumping on the ground to breathe together.
The naked eye can see some tiny paw prints on the soles of their feet, pressing against a hard lump protruding from the mucosa.