The teenager is still as soft as jade, and when he smiles, it seems that the whole world is dumb.

"Now that you forget, don’t think about it. 639 Chapter 639 Snow City 5
Ziyun proudly nodded his head and still couldn’t say what was strange.
-Sunrise in the Oriental Sunrise in the Sunlight City
Good familiar sound? What, like she said it herself? But it seems that she never said such a thing at all. What’s the matter with the headache …
It’s rare to meet Yi again. She should be happy-
By the way-
Her mind suddenly flashed a white light …
"How long will it take for the robbery to end?" Ziyun proudly asked him.
Huang Junyi said simply, "Twenty days."
"What time is it now?" Ziyun ao asked
"It should be night, Aoer. Aren’t you going to rest? You look pale."
He is still so gentle and tender that people feel warm, but Ziyun’s proud eyebrows are tight-
Bailong said that when the sky is doomed, it will arrive every day.
Shouldn’t it be time for him to get sick?
"who are you?" ziyun proudly blurted out such words coldly.
In the face of the sudden change of Ziyun’s pride, Huang Junyi’s body slightly Ling Ling "Ao Er, what did you say?"
"I asked who are you? !” Ziyun proud voice did not fall sword has resisted each other’s throat.
The cold and cold breath came to my face, and her defense and hostility were extremely obvious as if it were difficult to conquer the fortress
Huang Junyi closed his eyes and took a deep breath with some disappointment. "Aoer, we have experienced so many things together. I doubt that heaven and man will not doubt me. I will always be on your side."
Ziyun’s proud heart suddenly felt a sharp pain and could not be confused. She woke up her eyes and narrowed her eyes dangerously. She picked up the Xuanbing sword and approached his throat again. "Tell me who you really are!" Her voice is colder than a glacier.
"If there is no letter for us, then what is there to believe in this world?" Huang Junyi still closed his eyes as if with a hint of disappointment and determination. "If you don’t believe me anymore, finish me yourself. Come on, Aoer, stab me in my throat and you will get the answer you want."
Ziyun’s proud finger suddenly flicked, and Xuanbingjian seemed to have a daughter’s weight. She wanted to get closer to his throat, but her finger trembled inappropriately.
The man in front of me is beautiful, and every detail is what she is most familiar with. His breath and sound are very clear, and every outline of his cheeks is so clear that she has developed into her mind.
Will you get the answer she wants if you go from his throat?
If you stab it, you will know whether this place is a dream or not! ?
She should not hesitate to stab, but he didn’t resist, which made her feel more difficult.
How could she have got it?