However, after all, the Blissful Reality is still Blissful Reality. After a while, it has regained its calmness and indifference. With a flick of his left hand, he heard a loud noise of "rumble" as if the whole island were shaking gently. I saw a piece of flying rock conglomerate suddenly flying out of the ground, and soon it showed the huge and dark hole, but a hill was piled up beside it.

Li Jingxiu said faintly, "Let’s go on her!"
Yi Yu slightly one leng way: "granduncle don’t do some preparation in case someone is watching …"
Blissful reality smiled slightly: "Peep? Then let them see that what we Qingcheng School do is aboveboard. If you want to destroy it, come on! I hope there will be some waves. " Say already flew into the hole.
Yi Yu can hear that this is not for him, but for the monks who are hiding in the distance with different purposes. Yi Yu smiled and no longer wanted to fly with him.
Li Jingxiu and Yi Yu are both good at it, and the degree of decline is extremely fast, and it will soon come to an end. However, the feeling of coming here this time is completely different from the last time. As soon as Yi Yu entered this large array, she felt a strong oppressive feeling that made people feel suffocated. It was not just a depressing feeling caused by the upwelling of the earth’s atmosphere, but a fear of dangerous and powerful things from the depths of her soul.

The four hundred and forty-ninth curtain opens (below)
Back to Li Jingxiu and Yi Yu, they finally reopened the "Keith. Lu Large Array" on the Fairy Island in the East China Sea, which was a grand plan planned by the Qingcheng School for thousands of years but always ran aground.
As Yi Yu and Li Jingxiu disappeared into the mouth of the dark abyss, they flew in a short period of time for more than twenty times in Fiona Fang around this small fairy island in the East China Sea. I don’t know where to report the situation here.
At the same time, on the day when there was no movement in these days, the body was dragged out without any rigidity. Behind the huge wings "shout" incitement instantly came to the entrance to the underground and even rushed down without hesitation. He felt that there was even a stronger atmosphere there than the crypt he occupied. Maoshan taoist Zhang Huanjiu, who had never left over the island, also appeared and looked at the back of the corpse and the dark cave that day and suddenly revealed a faint smile and murmured, "Hum! Li Jingxiu! I’d like to see what you’re up to. If we can really get those old guys back, we Maoshan Sect will never be weaker than you Qingcheng Sect. But my position as the leader can be … Hey hey … "-
Yi Yu closely followed Li Jingxiu to fly here on the huge Keith. Lu large array, as if it had not changed in recent years, or what she saw in those years. It’s just that Yi Yu feels that it seems that the spirit of the creatures in this’ Keith. Lu large array’ is even stronger. When they came last time, the powerful enchantment sealed on the big position was gone at this time. Li Jingxiu and Yi Yu directly fell into the array.
Looking at the villages and towns like miniature landscapes in the distance, there seems to be some feeling like a lifetime ago. People as big as ants don’t seem to know their own situation and the world they live in is actually something specially created by people. Although I saw these little people last time, seeing them at such a close distance at this time still makes people feel strangely horrified.
Yi Yu couldn’t help wondering, "I don’t know how these little people got it, granduncle?"
Li Jingxiu has slowed down the flight on this large array and replied faintly: "Little people? Do you think they are people? It’s just some ghosts, but they didn’t design these things when they were arrayed. It’s just that this’ Keith. Lu Large Array’ is a strange array of many worlds. It has attracted many ghosts to settle here! It’s just that they themselves thought they had been reincarnated after hell! I don’t know that I have become such a villain just because I have greatly compressed my soul. "
Li Jingxiu flew slowly and looked around as if he was looking for something, but the scale of this large array is not small. I’m afraid this place alone is bigger than the island above!
Yi Yu asked doubtfully, "What are we going to do next, granduncle?"
Li Jingxiu smiled and said, "The following is naturally to get through the three arrays first and connect them together. That is the complete’ Keith. Lu Large Array’!"
Yi Yu suddenly remembered that the island was divided into three forces on each side! Besides, an elder of the Emei Sect died! Now that I think about it, it’s not hard to understand why they let this place go so leniently. Is this’ Keith. Lu large array’ which is mysterious. I’m afraid that wonderful real person and others also saw some clues.
Just as Yi Yu was thinking, the two had reached the edge near the large array of the west. I saw Li Jingxiu looking for a moment and mumbling to a rock wall, and his arms were rushing to play huge mana. Then I felt a huge earthquake shaking the earth, and the solid granite layer in front of me actually collapsed like a rotten rotten piece of wood!
Only after the partition wall collapsed, I saw the rock formation, which turned out to be a huge space roughly similar to this side. I’m afraid it has all extended into the sea!
Li Jingxiu suddenly sighed and said, "Let’s go! There is still a layer of energy ahead! " That feeling seems a little like watching the child who has been raised for many years finally become an adult, and I feel infinite comfort in my heart. But as an adult, I have to go away and have infinite bitterness. Perhaps over the years, Li Jingxu has pinned a lot of hopes on this big array to keep fighting and persist until today!
I flew forward for about ten thousand feet before I saw the edge in front of me. Li Jingxiu murmured and sighed: "It’s finally time to start my child!" ……
As he twisted the spell again, after a "rumbling" shock, the cut that separated the two large arrays was finally destroyed. It’s like three things that are placed separately and have no harm. Once they are mixed, they become poison to see blood and seal the throat. Just now, there was no movement when the three large arrays were divided. But at the moment when the rock partition collapsed, I only felt a strong energy that had accumulated for many years rushing to one place like a disaster.
Li Jingxiu stood on the path of energy, his robe sleeves were bulging and his eyes were red as blood as if he were crazy. However, after an instant, it returned to normal, slowly flying, and looking at the large array ravaged by huge energy below, the souls living on it almost had no room for resistance under such a powerful energy flow, and were swept away by turbulence or blown to nowhere in an instant, or directly turned into original energy and merged into this large array.
Li Jingxiu looked at the frightened souls who cried and shouted at their mother with a blank expression and sighed lightly: "Hey! I didn’t ask you to come here, and you should be content to live a life of good weather and good food and clothing for hundreds of years. "
At the same time, Yi Yu feels a great force that is even more frightening, and it is slowly forming that kind of depressing and shocking feeling even stronger than before! At the same time, Li Jingxiu frowned slightly and said, "It seems that something uncontrollable has happened in this large array for hundreds of years!"
Although Li Jingxiu said lightly, Yi Yu already felt that things had reached a very serious point. This deadly array gives birth to any unplanned changes. But also released such a cold and terrible breath. Is it that this large array naturally produced spiritual knowledge? Or was it occupied by some powerful alien creatures?
"granduncle, what shall we do now?" Yi Yu is slightly worried. After all, just now, I’m afraid that powerful power is not something that ordinary people can resist. Even at this time, if he and Li Jingxiu fix for each other, they will be able to tidy up each other without being injured.
Li Jingxiu smiled lightly and said, "Why is her in such a hurry? We don’t need to do anything. Let’s take a look at it slowly. Besides, it’s not a matter of time before this large array is buried underground for nearly a thousand years. Although you and I are the first to come in, we don’t have to be the first to act. You mean the people who saw us just now. How many can follow? "
Yi Yu suddenly realized in her heart: "No wonder granduncle said that outside just now! We’re just here to draw a brick to attract jade. Let’s come down first and make a stand to support the chess game, just waiting for the chess pieces to fall into the game later! "
Yi Yu picked his thumb and said, "Sure enough, Jiang is still the heart of the old spicy granduncle."
I really admire you. "
Li Jingxiu smiled but did not make any response. At this moment, an extremely powerful and arrogant breath suddenly appeared in the large array, and I don’t know who was so arrogant and didn’t hide it, so I rushed in.
Li Jingxiu smiled and pulled Yi Yu to sink down, hiding silently into the mountainside of a hill! It seems that the hill is like a virtual shadow. I got in without any obstacles, but I couldn’t see anything unusual outside.