"Run away, run away," Qin Shaojie said lazily, leaning against the sofa. "He can’t afford to turn over any storms when he runs away. Please run again and inform the three shareholders who hold ten percent of the shares to come to the meeting early in the morning."

Jianghai ran away and Qin Shaojie didn’t bother to take care of him, but Qin Shaojie didn’t expect it to look like a 250-dollar Jianghai, and then he really made some minor trouble for him.
Wondering how to get the ten percent shares without spending money, Qin Shaojie was suddenly interrupted by the bell.
"What’s the matter with Lao Li?" Looked at the Li Yuanchao dialect and picked it up.
"Master, congratulations on your success in getting prosperous entertainment." Li Yuanchao laughed. "I put wine in Yanyuan last night to celebrate."
"No wine" Qin Shaojie said "I just want to talk to you about something" and Qin Shaojie told Li Yuanchao what he just thought.
"Master, in fact, this matter is no trouble at all." Li Yuanchao said after hearing Qin Shaojie’s words, "Jianghai backstage is his father Jiang Kaijun, and Jiang Kaijun plays too much. Although there are people in the face, most of them don’t want to protect him and get into trouble. When Jiang Kaijun falls, Jianghai will have no backstage. Although those shareholders say that it is a little small profit, it is also very easy for Jiang Kaijun to take advantage of it when they are all panicked."
"Is there any way to save money?" Qin Shaojie asked.
Li Yuanchao immediately told him that this teacher knows that he is definitely a miser. If he can spend money, he should never spend money.
There was a long silence before Li Yuanchao said, "Master, I suggest that we buy the shares while everyone is in danger, but we can spend less money."
"What?" Qin Shaojie asked
"Although they say it’s not profitable, they still have certain ability to speak and handle affairs in some fields." Li Yuanchao can be described as a fine figure who is very sophisticated in grasping people’s hearts
"They are more or less unclean. If you bring down Jiang Kaijun at this time, they will be flustered. If you have the strength to bring down Jiang Kaijun, they will be even more absent. If you buy their shares at this time, although the money is small, it will reassure them. If you need their help, I believe they will not refuse."
Qin Shaojie wanted to think that Li Yuanchao was absolutely right. What is the most profitable business now? Oil? Minerals? Or venture capital?
No, these are not the most profitable or money transactions.
Li Yuanchao’s proposal is precisely aimed at this.
"Well, then do it, but you have to come with me early," Qin Shaojie said.
"No problem, master. Can’t you come later?" Li Yuanchao asked.
"Don’t go, don’t go, there are things in the evening." Qin Shaojie hung up after a perfunctory sentence.
Chapter 229 Treat people to dinner
"Tick-tock" a car horn sound startled Dong Lele, who was talking while walking on the side of the road, and then a silvery white Rolls-Royce phantom stopped beside them.
"Hey, I said how do you drive? A good car is amazing? " Besides Dong Lele and Tao Tao, one of them, Qin Shaojie, has never seen a girl with her hands akimbo at Rolls Royce and shouted.
"I said Dong Lele, what are you going to do?" Rolls-Royce glass slowly drop Qin Shaojie asked his head.
Qin Shaojie’s car just turned out of the street and saw Dong Lele walking with two girls, so he let Ethan drive over.
"Hey, I said what about you? You scared us, you know? Don’t interrupt and try to find an excuse to get close to our Lele. "The girl still said with a fork in her waist.
"Xiao Qing Xiao Qing stop shouting" Tao Tao saw that Qin Shaojie hurriedly took the girl named Xiao Qing and whispered in her ear, "He is the new chairman of our company"
Li Qinglai was in poor health today, but she took a day off for lunch, but she received a good sister Taotao. It was said that Lele was promoted and became the chairman’s secret to treat her to dinner. Qing Li refused to believe the result or Dong Lele told her herself that she came out to listen to Dong Lele’s promotion process. Qing Li was envious. Several people were preparing to find a restaurant to eat when Qin Shaojie came over.
When Taotao said that this young handsome guy in the car was the new chairman, Qing Li immediately opened his mouth
"Qin … Qin Dong, why are you here?" Dong Lele was molested by Tao Tao for an afternoon and saw Qin Shaojie blushing.
"Don’t call me Qin Dong in class," Qin Shaojie said with a smile. "In fact, I’m a few years younger than you. I should call you Sister by rights, but I really can’t call you. Just call me Qin Shaojie."
"Qin Shaojie? Hey, are you really the chairman of our Shengshi Entertainment? " Qing Li directly shouted out Qin Shaojie’s name. This girl is definitely a careless and straightforward character.
"Just ask Dong Lele." Qin Shaojie laughed. "What are you going to do?"
"Qin Dong …"
"Wait, I said don’t call Qin Dong." Dong Lele was interrupted by Qin Shaojie just when he wanted to talk.
"Qin … Qin Shaojie, we are going to eat."
"Have a meal? Oh, I see. It’s to celebrate your promotion, right? " Qin Shaojie said, "Since I met you, count me in. It’s my treat."
"ah? That ….. that how line "Dong Lele a listen to Qin Shaojie to treat immediately one leng.
How can it make sense to thank a chairman for his promotion and ask him to treat you? This … This is ridiculous.
"Why not?" Qin Shaojie smiled and turned to Ethan, who was sitting in the cab. "Dear driver, please walk home. I have to sign the bus."
Qin Shaojie won’t do it with three beautiful women and a light bulb. Besides, Qin Shaojie is a compassionate and good boss, and he really can’t bear to let the distinguished former world first killer squat down in the building and eat lunch boxes like other drivers so that he can walk home.
This is just saying, is Ethan really stupid enough to walk back?
Forget friends at the sight of color, have the opposite sex and have no humanity.
Ethan lamented Qin Shaojie in his mind but said, "You can’t drive."
"Oh, yes," Qin Shaojie thought that he really couldn’t drive, so he turned to look at the three girls and asked, "Which of you three can drive?"
"Of course, we are happy," Qing Li said first. "The three of us were driving school together, but Lele was the first to get a driver’s license, which made us jealous, but fortunately, we still can’t afford a car. It’s no use having a driver’s license."
"See, there’s a driver." Qin Shaojie heard that Dong Lele had a driver’s license and smiled back at Ethan.
Ethan speaks Naimen very well, and Qin Shaojie also generously took out ten dollars from his pocket and handed it to Ethan to "take a taxi back."