When it comes to parting, Eleanor said that if she comes to France after Zhang Hao, she can go to see her. Of course, if Eleanor goes to China, she will also go to Zhang Hao.

For this ethereal thing, Zhang Hao nodded and promised that some people might never see each other again once they said goodbye. For Eleanor, Zhang Hao also regarded it as a beautiful promise.
"I said, Zhang Hao, I think my sister is very kind to you. Why are you cold to others?"
Yan Liang is puzzled by how a beautiful woman with such a hot figure looks extremely enchanting. Zhang Hao just doesn’t feel further development.
Zhang Hao smiled, "Because there is someone in my heart."
Yan Liang smacks his lips to make a good man from China come to Zhang Hao.
At the moment, the most depressing thing is A. There is nothing more sour than meeting a tempted beauty and letting yourself fall.
At the same time, everyone is envious of the charm of Zhang Hao. The most awesome thing is that people are still indifferent and drunk.
But Zhang Hao really didn’t do it. There really is Jingyu in his heart. Don’t have second thoughts, that’s all.
"I said, big brother, you can get it right against gpl."
Yan Liang relaxed for a day, and his mind has returned to the right path. He looked at Zhang Hao and was full of expectations. Zhang Hao, the magical assistant, was knowledgeable and didn’t miss it.
Sharp attack, keen awareness and proper handling are all necessary things for a great aid. Zhang Hao has them.
"It depends. Try your best to ensure that you take the opposite ~"
Yan Liang nodded. Generally speaking, gpl’s strength is weak, which makes it easier to take the team in this competition.
At the moment, the news click-through rate and the number of comments of the lpl team in major forums in China have always been high, which reflects the attention of this team.
At the same time, several lpl beach selfies were quietly put on the net.
It was an entertainment time when several lpl people got together for a photo. The beach drew a big peach heart with lpls5allsarpl data sheet written in it. This famous brown bear team is amazing.
For this team, Chen Yi has introduced the ins and outs of its establishment in detail. This is a dark horse in Taiwan Province, which has only been established for three months, but it has grown rapidly. Several experts in the team still have great growth.
At the same time, this team will also pick out the old and strong teams in Taiwan Province one by one and get the qualification of Star Tournament step by step, which proves their ability.
Chen Yi specially marked this, but a team that has hardly fought in other high-level competitions before has a very obvious weakness. There are too few strong teams in other parts of the world who have played against each other, which also leaves a suspense in their star race.
Seeing the coach of the Three Kingdoms is really unable to sit still. Even he doesn’t know much about the gpl team, but Chen Yi has already summarized the team data and even marked the precautions. This gap is unbearable.
"Zhang Hao, that analyst in your team is really great."
The coach of the Three Kingdoms can’t help but admire that it’s not a compliment but a heartfelt escape. This guy really made him fold.
"Yeah, I think so, too. He’s a great analyst."
The coach of the Three Kingdoms Wounds nodded. "Dear gpl, this team is newly established and its members are extremely young. According to the information, there may be a 16-year-old player participating in the competition. We can’t slack off."
"At the same time, because the team has just been established, the players have no experience in the competition. This is good news. I hope we can grasp the rhythm and take the initiative in our own hands."
Lpl guys swear that after all, gpl is the weakest team. If even such a team can beat it, why say anything about playing football? Go home and sleep as early as possible.
Back at the couch hotel, the coach called five people together to discuss and formulate tactics against gpl.
"I’m good at heroes, such as gpl, but I’m not strong. I like array, so maybe it will have a good effect."
The coach of the Three Kingdoms Wounds didn’t really have much pressure when facing the gpl. It’s just a second-rate league. It’s really inappropriate to pay too much attention to words.
"Well, I agree to be good at it." Ma Chao agreed. Of course, it is difficult to be a team member.
"If that’s the case, I’ll be Yasuo."
Dan luky agreed and said that he wanted to be a hero.
"Then I’ll be a mouse."
Yan Liang also ordered a mouse ad.
In a short time, a set of arrays was quietly born, and the gpl array has taken shape.
Chapter 424 Level 1 completely destroyed []
One day, the dream beach trip came to an end, and Zhang Hao enjoyed a very pleasant holiday. If it was a harvest, it might be that she met a very nice girl, Eleanor.
In fact, there is not much to say in Yukalo dialect due to language problems.
A new day slowly rises in the morning, when the sun shines on the golden house, lpl team is already ready to face gpl. There is little pressure because it is really worth their attention or the strength of ogn Korea League is really terrible.