Cold rain several people first one leng and then frowned.

On the other hand, at Fudan University, Xiao Mo has refocused his attention on the Oriental Hao track and is preparing to concentrate on worshipping the great god. At this time, the leather cap boy shouted to him with great joy, "Look, Mo Ge is big and small!"
Shaw ink smell speech heart a pleased quickly put the line of sight in the Mo Tianyuan circuit.
I saw a moment when Nana was dragged by a god horse and glided "bang", and her protective cover was smashed by a missile!
"Ha ha ha! Finally … Hang up? " Xiao Mo laughed at him, but before the word "hang" came out of his mouth, he was surprised to see the size of the picture in front of him. After the protective cover was broken, he was not killed in the pit, but continued to glide forward and stepped on the flat ground ahead!
"Lying in the trough!" There was a breath of air conditioning around.
When gliding in the middle, many people often seem to be in a hurry when the protective cover is smashed by missiles, trying to save something by not doing exercises. However, the smashed protective cover will naturally not be put back on the player until a shield prop appears.
At this time, if you are in a hurry, the character who is still gliding will often end the gliding state because the player presses the gliding key and his fingers are loose.
If there is a focus on the track at this time, it will be fine, but if it is a fault, it will fall into the deep valley for a moment because of this hurry.
In this case, after the protective cover is broken during gliding, the most important thing is to see if the next gliding route can ensure that you can slide to a safe place. If possible, don’t let go of your gliding fingers and have a tragedy of falling into the pit until you run to a safe place, and then try to eat the protective cover props again at the next track.
Just now, when Mo Tianyuan was hit by a missile, many people almost realized that he would be hit by a missile into the fault, but I didn’t expect that he glided out of the second fault safely after the protective cover fell off!
It seems incredible to many people here that although the principle exercise is not difficult, it is really being hit by a missile and the foot has no focus!
How strong does it take to stay calm while watching the missile break the protective cover? It’s obvious to me that this teenager did it!
However, people didn’t see the slightest happiness in his face.
Mo Tianyuan looked at the magic sprint skill after cooling and quickly turned his head to the cold rain. Several people laughed. "Hey, hey, mistakes just made a wave. If you directly start the magic sprint, the protective cover will not fall off."
Leng Yu’s chest fluctuated for a while, as if he had just recovered from a dangerous state and rolled his eyes at him. "Don’t talk so much nonsense and be careful."
27 Chapter 27 The last difficulty
"Don’t worry, there is no protective cover. Of course, it can’t be so waves again …" Mo Tianyuan still has palpitations.
The difference between the faces of many sea university audiences is that Xiao Mo and others didn’t say anything for a long time in Fudan team at this time. Obviously, today, the half-way killing made them feel a faint threat!
This threat makes them not sure whether Dongfang Hao can win the competition with him …
"Mo … Mo Ge, do you think this little elephant is not like a professional player?" Silent for a long time, Xiao Mo asked a page beside him.
This question gave Xiao Mo a wake-up. He slammed his forehead and said, "Yes! Look at this little fuck. He is very proficient in the track. He should be a professional player! But it seems that even Hao Ge doesn’t know him. Who on earth can he be … "
After rubbing his forehead for a long time, he couldn’t come up with a natural way to look at the front screen again, but this time his eyes didn’t stay at Dongfang Hao circuit, but directly on Mo Tianyuan’s picture.
"Let’s see. Anyway, Hao Ge hasn’t hung up on the two of them yet. It’s really uncertain whether we will lose this game."
Even Xiao Mo himself didn’t notice that his heart gradually changed from winning when he invited Dongfang Hao. Now he is praying for victory …
After running about two kilometers forward, Mo Tianyuan finally ate the protective cover props that appeared on the track, and his heart was slightly relieved.
"This strength of Dongfang Hao is really not a cover. Listening to Xiaojun said that he often won prizes in this year’s competition should also be his real strength. Now he has run to 30,000 meters, but he has not hung up his eyes and played such a good strength on the field." Mo Tianyuan looked at the distance of more than 30,000 meters in his hand and looked at Dongfang Hao again. He couldn’t help mumbling.
However, at this moment, in Dongfang Hao’s heart, he is complaining bitterly.
Dongfang Hao had already run out at this time, and he couldn’t bear to see himself. It was unforgivable that a well-known professional player ran for so long in a university without winning!
"I wipe this is what? Hai University, please come here. This kid is obviously also a master. I guess he should be a professional player, but what have I never heard of him before? It seems that after returning to the club this time, I have to check this little number … "
The audience of Wanghai University is also full of expectations at the moment because of the appearance of Dongfang Hao. The strength of foreign aid coming from nowhere in front is amazing, even if it looks weaker than that of Dongfang Hao, a professional player!
For them, it’s just a feeling of being saved from adversity!
Who would have thought that this young man named Mo Tianyuan was so strong! I haven’t seen Mu Wenbin, who has always been a high-minded person, soft before! Ha, ha, ha. It seems that Sister Lengyu said "howard the duck" earlier, so it was not wrong!
At this time, Mo Tianyuan didn’t notice that every eye had reached more than 30,000 meters. Unless he was in a super reward or magic sprint, his spirit must not be relaxed. Otherwise, who knows if there will be any difficulties in connecting for a second? After all, the track is so fast …
Soon he saw a short truncation layer in the track ahead of him.
The starting point of his short truncated flat is a short truncated flat with a slightly lower altitude, which extends in a cascade manner. There is a flash flying in the fault between the two short truncated flat, but there are two missiles roaring in the flash.
The two missiles are not connected, but show a tandem potential. The first missile arrived relatively early, while the second missile showed a slightly lower line. It arrived late after the first missile rampage was over.
However, people who are familiar with missile obstacles know that it is definitely more difficult for two missiles to fly in tandem than to come at the same time. What’s more, the flight paths of the two missiles are not coincident.
When two missiles fly at the same time, the player needs to turn over and jump over the missile when the missile strikes. However, when the two missiles hit one after the other, at this time, when the player jumps over the fault, he must pay attention to not letting himself be hit by the second missile, which greatly increases the difficulty of crossing the fault.
However, if this fault is difficult because of two missiles, it will be even more painful after the player passes through this fault and steps on the ground behind it.
It turns out that just after crossing the fault and not stepping on the short ground in front, you will see three missile lines coming out of the second fault and flashing terrible light in the front route, and they will shoot straight at this time.
The length of the second fault is about seven meters, and there is also a flash of strange things. Although the number is not large, because the former Mo Tianyuan broke the shield at a similar difficulty, everyone’s heart is up again.
In this fault, the first thing that catches your eye is the first three missiles coming obliquely. Behind these three missiles, the brothers of the missile family seem to be they nest, followed by two side-by-side missiles roaring from the front.
This fault is slightly different from the cover-breaking point in front of Mo Tianyuan. Just now, there were only a flash monster and two missiles flying side by side. However, there are more than five missiles here in this fault!
The last difficulty in this section is that there is a gold coin line on the flat ground in front of the fault.
Thousands of lines of sight stopped in the middle of the screen, and at this moment they all held their breath because they knew that Mo Tianyuan would step 40 thousand meters after this difficulty!
Xiao Mo and others, who are still chirping and yelling, seem to be honest at the moment. There is such an idea in their hearts that whether we can win the game today depends on this last difficulty!
Although I don’t know if Dongfang Hao and Daida can continue to sprint in the back track, the idea that this difficulty will determine the outcome is clearer in their minds!
Chapter 271 The overall situation is set.
All kinds of eyes look at this boy named Mo Tianyuan, and it seems that he is already a spent force. He is struggling against a well-known professional player, and it seems that he is a little overwhelmed at this time.
And the same professional player invited by Fudan University seems to have run out of oil and lamps. They are like travelers and wolves in the desert. Whoever falls first will be the last loser!
I looked at the magic sprint skill, D, and it took 5 seconds to cool down. Although it was short, Mo Tianyuan knew that it was not enough to come for 5 seconds, which was enough to let himself die several times in this road with only about 20 meters.
His eyes looked at the first fault in the front, and the fault was very short. Two Senbai missile lines were lit up at this time, and the first missile appeared behind the missile lines!
Mo Tianyuan’s eyes are still a little higher in this position. When the missile appears, he jumps a little. After receiving the order, the dream horse turns over at this moment along the gold coin line in the missile and the flash monster, almost in the blink of an eye!
But Mo Tianyuan didn’t dare to breathe because he knew that the first missile was a flash, and then the second missile was the real killing weapon!
It seems that just before the second missile strikes, he focuses on the second jump button!
Dream what suddenly turned over and fell to the fault … Oh! No! He didn’t choose to stay in this fault, and he didn’t even have the idea of borrowing money from this fault!
There was an uneasy commotion among the people.