Devoted to thousands of feathers, he suddenly pulled back his knowledge.

Neon spirit looked up at him with red eyes. He shook his heart and stepped forward quickly.
At night, I was dying, my face was pale, my facial features were painfully wrinkled together, and my body was twitching slightly.
Zhang Shuo’s pupil closes and his heart tightens.
He carefully examined the penetration position of a sword tip.
Not far from the heart.
He doesn’t have any hemostatic drugs, but he has gold sore drugs.
You can’t draw a sword without a hemostatic.
Once the sword is pulled out and the blood can’t stop, the consequences will be unimaginable.
"Back to the emperor, someone must get a hemostatic as soon as possible before pulling out the sword!"
As soon as he finished talking about Mo Qianyu, he told Huo An to "go to the nearest yiguang and get me the hemostatic as soon as possible!"
Several people were ordered to run away.
Zhang Shuo looked away at night again.
Looking at the pain of leaving at night, he choked back his worries and pain and gently comforted, "Don’t touch the girl at night."
Expose yourself, expose yourself, just let him come forward to deal with the family affairs. It’s so hard for him to hide it from Night Lingyin, and he naturally doesn’t want to involve them.
However, just as he was about to get up, it was a night to hold his hand.
"Eldest brother …"
She gasped and trembled and called to him.
Zhang Shuo breathing a lag.
I almost sat down on my leg.
Has not been devoted to thousands of feathers in the side, his first reaction is to hope that neon spirit did not hear.
He consciously turned his eyes toward the neon spirit and saw her startled face and shocked eyes.
be over; be doomed
He closed his eyes.
When the eyebrows hurt, he didn’t look beyond the line of sight and deliberately ignored these backhands. He held his hand in a straight line at night and changed the topic "Don’t talk and keep your strength."
Look at the corner of your eye again.
See devoted to thousands of feather worry face and neon spirit all squatting on the edge.
The night was so vague that perhaps neither of them heard him think so.
After all, everyone’s mind is away at night.
So thinking about my heart will also settle down.
Night suddenly out of the "emperor …"
"What’s the matter?" Strange thousand feather frown "is it very painful? Stick to one! "
Night away from weakness turns to look at the man who holds himself in his arms.
"The emperor … night away from … things want to ask the emperor …"
Mo Qianyu’s eyebrows are locked tighter and wrapped in her cold little hand in the palm of her hand. "Wait until you wrap it up!"
Night from don’t agree with "no … say it now … night from hope emperor now … promised to night from …"
Devoted to thousands of feathers, I want to say don’t say anything. I promise you anything. I suddenly think of it. Will it be Yu Fengying’s ink? There is always no export.
"Well, you said"
"Clock home … clock home is really being framed … please allow the emperor to leave at night … investigate the case of the clock home …"
Devoted to thousands of feather pupil a folding tone also slightly heavy a few minutes.
"What are you doing with the Zhong family?"
At that moment, he was very suspicious that she was given a sword for him, which was the requirement.
"I … I’m also a clock home with the night spirit …"
Mo Qianyu was shocked and opened his eyes wide, almost exclaiming, "Are you Zhong Yan’s daughter?"
"Well," the night away from the pale face nodded weakly. "I’m sorry … the night away from the meaning to deceive the emperor … The night away is also a necessity … It’s to live … The clock house is really wronged … Please believe the night away from the emperor …"
Night away slightly excited devoted to thousands of feather shook her hand.
"Zhang Shuo is Zhong Qingchen, Zhong Yan, and you are Zhong Yannv, so Zhang Shuo is your big brother?"
Strange thousand feather said suddenly face a surprised wrong look at neon spirit.
At the same time, I changed my face and Zhang Shuoren.
I lost my memory at night and I don’t know this year’s entanglements. I immediately nodded "Yes … Zhang Shuo is … our big brother!"
The voice did not fall, but what was faint and muffled?
Night away slowly turn eyes to see neon spirit sat down on the ground.
That scared her.
The whole face was as white as paper, and even the lips lost their color. A pair of eyes were full of disbelief and stared at Zhang Shuo with integrity.
"Night spirit …"