"You chose to be interviewed by Football, but refused to be interviewed by Sports Weekly. Does this mean …"

Before the reporter finished, Chang Sheng nodded: "Yes, I know the relationship between their two newspapers. I just want to disgust Sports Weekly. In addition, my original statement is still valid now, and I will refuse any interview with Sports Weekly in the future. If I see any interview about me in Sports Weekly, even if it is only an excerpt, you will wait for the lawyer’s letter in Sports Weekly! "
He pointed to many reporters and said.
Now there are specialized lawyers in his country. Is his second uncle Pei Wei.
He also helped Chang Sheng fight this lawsuit.
Chang Sheng feels that with his temper and personality, he should not cause less lawsuits. He needs a lawyer abroad, just as he needs it at home.
Anyway, after all, the domestic lawyer business will be thrown to Pei Wei. Moreover, my mother’s relatives are very kind to themselves. They are real family members, so don’t worry about cheating themselves.
The process of litigation is very boring, and no one came to Sports Weekly this time, just a few attorneys.
However, Changsheng didn’t expect to see the gaffes of Sports Weekly and others here.
There are two reasons why he is here.
One is naturally expressing support for one’s family. The other is to show the attitude to other media-don’t think that Lao Tzu is joking. At the beginning, you blocked my house and said in the newspaper that Lao Tzu was the grandson of a liar and waited for Lao Tzu. Sports Weekly is just the beginning, not the end!
I don’t give a fuck about catching the principal and not investigating the accessory … None of them will get away!
I have to say, Changsheng is really successful in doing so.
After the media concentrated on his appearance in the hearing gallery, all the media who had been stubborn before were soft.
Among them, Sports Weekly has become the object of ridicule during this period.
Because they had so vowed that Changsheng was a liar, it was impossible for him to have any international A-level coaching certificate.
I didn’t expect to be beaten into a pig’s head now.
Moreover, two full pages of exclusive interviews in Football newspaper and various interview notes, editors’ notes and column comments in two more pages have made Sports Weekly completely humiliated.
Now they can only put their heads in the poor mud and pretend that they don’t know anything and can’t see.
But this will not affect their arch-enemy Football newspaper and other media that have long been unhappy with them to continue to laugh at them.
In fact, ridicule is only simple. After all, people are always easy to forget. After this period of time has passed and the wind has died down, they will still be the leader of domestic professional sports newspapers, and many people will still hug their thighs for the sake of interests.
The biggest loss for them is that they have lost the right to interview the winners …
On the second day of the trial, their editorial department received a lawyer’s letter from Pei Wei, solemnly warning them not to reprint and publish any interview or exclusive interview about Changsheng without permission from Changsheng. Otherwise, you will be investigated for legal responsibility.
This lawyer’s letter made the boss of Sports Weekly so angry that he kept banging on the table and cursed for more than a dozen times.
What’s the use?
People have declared that if you want to do it, it will be infringement.
And from the way he supported his parents to sue Sports Weekly, we can see that he is very serious. In dealing with people, he has always been ruthless and never soft-hearted.
Judging from Chang Sheng’s coaching manager in Spain, this is only his first full coaching season, and he even led a previously unknown team to win the league championship and the King’s Cup.
What does this mean?
It shows that his ability and talent are very strong. We often say that players have talented players, but there are also coaches …
Judging from this trend, Changsheng’s career will only get better and better, while Sports Weekly has lost the opportunity to continue to interview Changsheng and get in touch with Changsheng.
Watching such a big fish slip away from them. They can only scold behind closed doors, and dare not really rush out to scold, otherwise they might die even worse.
Always win, this mixed-up person is not afraid of the power of public opinion in the media.
At the beginning, almost all the media in China called him a liar, and even came to the door. What was the result?
Not only Changsheng himself, but even Changsheng’s parents are not afraid!
With such a family, those uncrowned kings really have nothing to do.
If Changsheng doesn’t succeed, it’s okay. They can pour any dirty water on Changsheng and his family. People without strength have no right to speak, and people without right to speak can only let them discredit them.
But Chang Sheng is very successful now, very successful. As a China native and a football coach, he can achieve such results … It can be said that it is the first time for China football. Add the coach and the players together, and no one in the football circle in China can always win. Otherwise, why pay so much attention to him with multimedia? Because hundreds of millions of China fans are watching him.
At this time, you can’t just discredit others, which will only be met with crazy counterattacks and spurned by onlookers, and maybe there will be people who fall when they are down …
So they can only hold their hands and watch themselves lose this good opportunity.
It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
They shouldn’t be such a result. They have a special person in Spain, so they can get the moon first.