This sentence is called peach peach, which is very eye-catching in the quiet night. Peach peach comes over and carries Jin Youchen out of the reeds.

"What are you sneaking around for?"
The teenager said in a low mood, "It’s hard to get rid of you because you are so clingy. I want to talk to you."
Clingy essence?
Taotao recognized that he said it should be Nangong Dust.
"He is not clingy," Taotao thought. "Even I like being clingy by him. Don’t say that about him."
So the boy was even more discouraged. He hung his head and walked back alone.
After a long walk, he turned around and found peaches following him, so his eyes lit up again.
"I am qualified to manage the family now and I will grow up soon." Jin Youchen asked, "Can you stay with me?"
"I will be kind to you, not like my father was to my mother."
"If we have a child in the future, I will be very kind to him. He won’t take over the family and I will accompany him whatever he likes."
"No," said Taotao, "I already have a clingy person."
"I met you first, and he was later."
"No," Taotao bent down and looked up at the teenager. "He knew me first. Although I was not around, he always guarded me when I grew up."
Jin Youchen was speechless.
"When are you going to deal with Kingsnan?"
Jin Youchen lowered his eyes. "Are you leaving again?"
"I have to save the world." Taotao smiled and touched his head. "There are some things that I have to solve because of me."
The boy thought for a moment and said softly, "God or the day after tomorrow. This room is too big for people to fear. Can you stay with me for one more day?"
The wind grabbed the stone at hand and learned to throw peaches into the water.
Li Sanjiu came up behind him and said, "Don’t practice the ten heart-eating methods if you understand Sakyamuni."
The wind blows, "master"
Li Sanjiu "I used to record Sakyamuni to you because you had one year left to live. Now it’s different, and there are still a lot of young people who are wasting their time doing things."
Feng "What if it’s stupid?"
He looked at the unruly old man in front of him.
In his memory, Li Sanjiu’s temples are gray.
Even He Li’s bone was only in his seventies that he developed seven spiritual veins, while Li Sanjiu was less than sixty this year.
The speed of practicing spiritual pulse in Sakyamuni will far exceed that of other spiritual masters, but that kind of occult art needs a spiritual master with very strong talent to operate and consume life, otherwise Li Sanjiu would not have produced so much white hair at his age.
In the chaotic tomb, Sakyamuni has always been forbidden
He Li bone gave it to Li Sanjiu, and Li Sanjiu gave it to him.
"I have a reason."
"Me, too," said the wind. "Does Master have a chance of winning against the silent Lord?"
Li Sanjiu was quiet "no"
"There are no peaches, but this is something she must do in the near future."
Li Sanjiu: "It’s less than a year before the ten-party purgatory world is broken, peaches and peaches will have a battle. You have already repaired a spiritual pulse in Sakyamuni and lost your life for ten years. Let’s just say that you will repair another one this year and fold it for twenty years."
"Five spiritual masters can at most leave a scratch for the silent Lord for 30 years in exchange for a scratch?"
"It’s worth it," the wind said calmly. "Master didn’t let Taotao know that you were still alive and didn’t appear in front of Taotao because she knew that she would have to face her alone after a long time. Fortunately, she has grown up, and I will be the same with me in the future."
For the first time in ten years, Li Sanjiu listened to this disciple say so many words at once and was silent for a while.
It was a long time before he began to laugh at himself. "The name wind is not well-named, and sometimes it will hurt you if you cling to it too deeply."
The wind stared at the lake, and the eyelashes cast a light shadow on the eyes. "Fortunately, it hurts me."
Taotao sees the garden. No one is there. Everyone is asleep.
She went all the way to see Yuan Tian uncharacteristically, instead of going to bed early, she was in a daze in a rocking chair on the terrace.
After she crept back to the room, she saw the dust board of Xiaonan Palace sitting in the chair.
Although she didn’t do anything, at this moment, there is a strange feeling of being caught.
"Did you have fun?" Nangong chenwen
Taotao "I didn’t play"
Nangong dust jumping chair climbed into bed.