Taotao lazily lifted his eyelids "Zhou Yu"

Just then, Lin Quan came over after checking in. "What were you arguing about just now?"
Taotao "It doesn’t matter if the quarrel is over"
He sat down. "Who is this?"
He was very young and introduced himself again "Cui Xuanyi"
He said, "I take the liberty of sitting here to ask if you are visiting Mount Tan?"
"East or west?"
Taotao: "What can I do for you?"
Cui Xuan smiled. "All the scenic spots in the center of Suifu Town are on the eastern route. Most people in this town are heading for the eastern route. Travel agencies also open the eastern route group. If you want to take the western route, you can find local people as guides in the town. We arrived here two days ago. It took a long time for people to take orders, but the other party said that we had to gather enough people to start."
"So you want to find us?"
Cui Xuan motioned Taotao to look at the table behind him who was eating. It was two women and a man facing Taotao. The woman was very beautiful with a fluffy brown chestnut face and delicate makeup. Compared with the woman sitting next to her, she was not as brilliant as a little girl who had just left school.
The man with his back to Taotao can’t see his face clearly. He has a camera at hand, so he should be a photographer.
"The woman’s name is Bai Feier. She is a well-known online adventure blogger, with her assistant and photographer next to her. She has recently been doing a special project on the exploration of Mount Tan and has also taken the western route, but they have their own car. After negotiating the price with the guide, they decided to drive themselves and follow the guide car. We are only two people short of our car."
"It’s cheaper to drive by yourself than to take a guided car?"
"Of course, but it’s also dangerous. The dangerous car on the Shan-xi line can drive in for 400 kilometers, and then it is the hinterland area. Although they have less money, the guide will not be responsible for the accident."
"How much is a person?"
"It’s too dangerous in the mountains, and it’s too deep for us to go into the place. There is also a person in the whole town who has the ability to take us in. He charges a high price, 100 thousand by car, and 30 thousand by car alone."
Taotao was about to say goodbye when Cui Xuanyi said, "If you want to go to the western front, I will pay for it for you."
Lin Quantao Taobei took a sip of tea. "Is there such a good thing? They are here to shoot a video, and what are you doing here? "
Cui Xuanyi looked back at his companion. "They are junior students of folklore at Yucheng University, and I am an ordinary high school student."
"High school students can casually take out 700 thousand to invite a guide?"
"The money is not from me, but from my teacher. He is a scholar who is very interested in the natural geography and folk customs of Mount Tan, but Nai is in poor health and can’t come in person. Let me ask some professionals to help him collect some information. What they just heard from me was not because they were afraid of me." Cui Xuan smiled. "Because I am their boss."
Taotao "but since you have 700 thousand, why don’t you just charter a car?" Don’t want to gather together the two of us "
Cui Xuanyi: "I thought so too, but the guide didn’t agree with the local people’s superstition of Mount Mang. He said that the number of people entering the mountain was particular. If you don’t follow the law of mountain gods …"
When it comes to this, he will be secretive and deliberately lower his voice. "… then everyone in the mountains will suffer misfortune."
Taotao came to the interest "Oh? What misfortune? "
Cui Xuan shrugged his shoulders. "I don’t know and I don’t need to know. These misfortunes won’t come."
He smiled and showed white and neat teeth. "Sister Zhou Yu, think about it. If you want to go to the western front, let’s go with you. You know, no one in the whole town dares to take people into the mountains except us."
"The guide can leave at any time. See you here early if you decide."
Chapter 39 Chapter 39
Because I am a monster like Taotao.
As soon as Cui Xuan returned to the students, he continued to play board games. He stood on the bench with his feet up and bit his fingers while watching the cards in his hand intently. Among a group of college students, he looked a little young. Although he said he was a high school student, everyone looked like a child.
Taotao was a little hungry, so she bought a bowl of instant noodles. Nymphs didn’t eat much and asked for a bowl of vegetable soup.
He asked, "What do you think?"
Taotao: "I did come out from the west of Tanshan Mountain. It is reasonable to say that the maze crossing is in that direction, but I don’t remember the specific location. Cui Xuanyi was right just now. The western mountain is deep, and the hinterland is further inside. It took me a long time to walk all the way. Without a car and a guide, it is difficult for us to go back and forth in fifteen days."
Nymphs "I don’t know the location of the maze crossing and follow the guide may not be able to find it."
"There is a boundary pillar in the maze crossing, and Master Zhuang has seen it in the dream of a butterfly. I have also seen a boundary pillar and said it is not a real human area. Someone has been there, and even someone may live there. Ask the guide for an opportunity. He may know." Taotao looked at Cui Xuanyi. "It is that boy who makes me feel a little …"
Nymphs follow her eyes. "There is no evil in him, and there is no one in this shop."
"Words are so said …" Taotao looked back. "Maybe I thought too much, and it was so small that his teacher trusted him to come to a place like this."
Lin Quan "Aren’t you only ten years old?"
Taotao corrected "it’s ten years and two months"
At the table in front of online celebrity, after dinner, she took out her cosmetic bag and put chopsticks at once. She held a cosmetic mirror.
The woman named Bai Feier is really beautiful and radiant. At first glance, she looks a little like Zhuang Xiaomeng, but she is very pale in her skin. This woman is as beautiful as she is inside and outside, and everyone who passes by the hall will look at her.
She mended her makeup and got up and went to the hospital.
The assistant quickly picked up a fur coat and followed it. The photographer turned his back on Taotao and was still eating.
After a while, the little assistant ran back and shouted at him, "Don’t eat Tao. Sister Bai is going to take a photo in the garden. Come here quickly!" "
Tao ignored her. He slowly ate a bowl of rice. The assistant was so anxious that she would be angry if you didn’t go out!
The man took a few more bites before putting the bowl.
Taotao finished eating and walked to Cui Xuanyi. "We don’t need to wait for days before deciding to go."
Cui Xuan smiled childishly when she showed her white teeth. "Sister will be there soon."
Back to the room, Taotao was about to lock the door, but nymphs didn’t leave at the door.
She wondered, "What are you doing?"
Nymphs spread out his hands and didn’t have the second room card peach peach asked "why don’t you open two rooms? Don’t say that there is no room for nonsense. I just met … "
"Have a house and no money" Lin Quan said simply, "Not only have no money, don’t forget that you still owe 900 thousand debts"
Taotao suddenly lost her breath. She thought that she would sleep in cordate telosma anyway. Since she is so poor, don’t be poor and pay attention to it. She let nymphs in sideways, but when she turned around and saw that there was a big bed in the room, the whole person almost jumped up as if she had been scalded.
Knowing what she was going to say, Lin Quan said first, "There are signs, but how can Luo Hou let us play lovers before coming out?"
Taotao said arrogantly, "I don’t care. Anyway, when I entered the room, no one knew that I slept in the bed and you slept in the chair."
"It will be cold"
"Then I’ll sleep in the chair and you sleep in the bed."
"You’ll be cold, too."
"Then all the couches."
"Do we have to lose both sides like this?"
The girl proudly raised the bar. "Even if we freeze to death here together, don’t try to take advantage of me."
Nymphs regressed. "All right, you sleep in the bed."
He fell into the soft quilt and tossed around all day, but she didn’t sleep but stared at the ceiling in a daze.
Nymphs sit outside the window, and the white moon in Mount Tan has risen. There is no city light to render the sky, and it is particularly bright in this thousand mountains.
"Nymphs, what are you thinking?"