Zhao reached four fingers.

"Four thousand gold soul coins?" Ning Rongrong asked incredulously.
Er, Zhao leng leng looked at Ning Rongrong. I can’t believe it. Is this really Miss Qibao Liulizong? Just a few thousand dollars in soul coins are so surprised?
Actually, Zhao doesn’t know if it’s for Ning Rongrong. She didn’t even have the concept of gold soul coin when she was in Qibao Liulizong. After all, did she want anything in Qibao Liulizong? I don’t even have this thing
It was not until she sneaked out of Qibao Liulizong that she took away thousands of gold soul coins. It was only after Qibao Liulizong spent money that she realized that the gold soul coins were precious. Now the money that Ning Rongrong brought out from Qibao Liulizong is estimated to be almost full.
But Zhao soon understood this reason and immediately tempted, "Miss Ning Rongrong will discuss something with you."
"What do you want?" Looking at Zhao with a wry smile, Ning Rongrong feels that Zhao Zhun is not good.
"It’s not something else. I’m afraid Flanders owes money and won’t pay it back. How about you and I go to collect debts then? After the job is done, I will give you two thousand gold soul coins, "said Zhao generously.
"It’s that simple?" Ning Rongrong was pleasantly surprised that this was just a trivial matter for her, but Zhao was willing to give her half of the four thousand gold soul coins he got from Flanders, which made her feel a little moved.
"It’s very kind of you, Zhao." Ning Rongrong said with a sour nose holding Zhao.
"Well, don’t say that. Actually, I’m not that good. Why don’t you take three thousand dollars?" Looking at Ning Rongrong so moved, Zhao Zong felt a little guilty and thought about whether to give Ning Rongrong more points.
However, Ning Rongrong was even more moved. "I don’t want so much. After all, you earned it. I just want a quarter of a thousand."
"Then forget it," said Zhao Shanshan. "You can’t take a penny less than two thousand. You can’t take any less."
"Well" Ning Rongrong nodded and said nothing.
After the game, Zhao went directly to the one-on-one game area to find Xiao Dance.
There is a rule that they can participate in the same type of game every day, that is to say, they can participate in a two-on-two game every day. Of course, Zhao can also participate in a one-on-one game, but Zhao is not going to do so. Now that he has decided to bring Ning Rongrong diamonds, Zhao will naturally do what he says and take Ning Rongrong one point at a time.
It was already noon when I came out of Soto’s soul fight field.
I thought about going to Bridget and them with Xiaowu, but Xiaowu unexpectedly refused to go back to Shrek College with Ning Rongrong. Xiaowu was so kind and generous that he wanted to make him feel guilty.
But it’s really inappropriate to bring a little dance today
I didn’t want to walk in the direction of Fire Succuba and them again.
Puppet and Zhao have an induction, especially when they are close together. You Xianzhao can find Fire Succuba and them through this silk induction.
Go straight through two streets and Zhao comes to the front of an exquisite attic.
This attic is about four or five stories high, but it is very delicate. There is a card in the attic that says "Tianyi Pavilion" with three small handwriting, unlike other shops. Xiujuan’s plaque font is written by a woman at first glance.
Zhao yixiao
I didn’t expect them to be colored when I left so little.
This kind of handwriting should be from Fire Succuba. Biji and Yaya are definitely not interested in these things
Zhao suddenly surprised by pushing the door and entering the attic.
Because there are two Zhao acquaintances.
That’s the twin sister Dai Mubai took to prepare for the check-in.
Why are they here? Zhao yileng
"Who are you?" Zhao Wendao
"My Lord, are you here?" Two people see Zhao immediately surprise said
Then I remembered Zhao’s question, which should be the humanity of my sister. "We are applying for help in Tianyi Pavilion."
In fact, they have paid more attention to Zhao since they left the Rose Hotel. They have seen many men over the years and naturally know who Zhao is.
Only then will they treat Dai Mubai like that, to a great extent, is to show Zhao their mentality and let him know that they have made a clean break with Dai Dai. After all, the only value for their beauty is that they are chaste, and it is the most important thing for them to buy it at a good price as much as possible.
On that day, they suddenly wanted to sell it to Zhao
So they came quickly after seeing Bridget’s job advertisement.
"Then you work hard and I’ll go first." Zhao nodded lightly and left.
Although Zhao is lewd, he has not reached the point where he is hungry.
He has no idea about this kind of woman who honestly thinks about her thighs.
There are so many beautiful wives at home.