It also seems to be the most promising.

Although Lazio beat them in the Champions League final this summer and became the new king of Europe, how does Lazio compare with Manchester United in terms of historical background, club reputation and the popularity of the team in the world?
If Manchester United go to Gotze, I believe Gotze can’t refuse the invitation from the Premier League giants!
They poached Macheda from Lazio and now they’re targeting Gotze.
Since Chang Sheng has made this kind of behavior sound impressive, I believe Chang Sheng will certainly understand after knowing that his own strategy has also been poached by Manchester United.
Chapter 55 soap operas about Gezer
Changsheng felt funny that he really received a fax from Manchester United to buy Gotze.
What does Manchester United think?
Do they really think that Gotze will move to Lazio again less than half a season ago?
Do they think that Gotze, like Macheda, can be bought with money?
So he simply ignored Manchester United’s offer and just let it go.
Manchester United waited for two days and didn’t wait for Lazio’s reply.
They decided to contact Gotze directly.
But at this time, the "Rome Sports Daily" published an exclusive interview with Gotze.
In an exclusive interview, Gotze talked about the inside story of his arrival in Lazio from Dortmund.
"I have seen the recent comments in the media about Lazio and the boss, and I am very grateful to the Dortmund club for training me. But I have to say, the fact is not what you think. The boss didn’t trick me into coming to Lazio, he just told me that I would play in the first team-now you look back, is he lying? I did play in the first team. "
Gotze told reporters.
"But that’s not why I came to Lazio … I’m not the kind of person who has to play in the first team. I’m only 16 years old and I haven’t thought about such a thing. There is only one reason why I decided to accept Lazio’s invitation-that is my personal worship of the boss! Yes, I adore the boss, so when the boss appeared in front of me and asked me if I would like to go to Lazio, I made a decision without any hesitation! I am eager to play under the boss, and now it turns out that my choice is correct! I never regret it … Although it will make Dortmund fans dissatisfied, to tell the truth, the boss is the only reason why I am willing to leave Dortmund for Lazio! "
After this interview, everyone was taken aback.
Because no one really thought that Gotze would go for Lazio, which always wins!
In their view, how can a winning streak with such a bad image attract players?
Does he have any personality charm?
That’s ridiculous!
But Gotze refuted their old idea-in fact, in the minds of many young players, being good at using young people’s winning streak is really charming!
The German media lost their voices in the face of this interview with the Rome Sports Daily …
Personality strategy said that he went to Lazio because he admired the constant victory, which was his own choice and had nothing to do with the intrigue at the club level. What else can they say?
Although they are all cursing Geze for not knowing the overall situation!
Because they originally intended to use the case of Gotze to benefit German football, successfully attracting UEFA President Platini to make a statement is one of their purposes, and they also intend to continue to push the EU to legislate.
As a result, when Gotze came out, he said that he was voluntary, and they couldn’t continue to intervene in this matter immediately.
Everyone has the right to choose. Since there is no work contract between him and Dortmund, he worships winning and is willing to go to Lazio. What’s the problem?
Before they criticized Chang Sheng, they all said that Chang Sheng deceived Gezer and deceived Gezer with sweet words before taking him away from Dortmund.
But the actual situation is completely different from what they said.
The German media were silent, but G? tze’s speech caused dissatisfaction in Dortmund.
In an interview, klopp publicly expressed his regret for G? tze’s speech: "I don’t think G? tze should say that, it is very unwise. Dortmund trained his team. He just left us and threw himself into the arms of other teams. It’s not good to speak so high-sounding. Geze wasn’t like this before. I think it’s because I’ve been together for a long time and I’ve been influenced by it … "
Dortmund fans, on the other hand, openly call Gotze a bitch, which means only recognizing money.
They firmly believe that Gotze will earn more in Lazio than in Dortmund, so no matter what Gotze said, he went to Lazio for money.
Playing first-team games or something, of course, is because the salary of playing first-team games is much higher than playing youth teams!
Under such circumstances, Chang Sheng had to stand up and speak for his disciples.
He didn’t instruct the Corriere dello Sport to interview Gotze to speak for himself. Given his poor relationship with Corriere dello Sport, he couldn’t let the Roman media do it.
What’s more, he would never let a player take a bullet for himself.
Gotze always won’t know about it-he knows that Gotze will be interviewed by Corriere dello Sport, and he is personally unhappy with Corriere dello Sport, but he has no right to ask his players to be unhappy with Corriere dello Sport and not to accept the interview. After all, as the largest professional newspaper in Rome, Corriere dello Sport still has great influence-he didn’t know it because he didn’t know that G? tze would say this in an interview.
For this reason, he also found Geze specially.
"Although I appreciate your help, Mario. But you shouldn’t say these things. Because it will damage your image. Do you see how many people in Germany are scolding you now? "
Gertzer appeared stubborn on this issue: "I don’t care what they say, boss." But if I want to see them smearing you and doing nothing … then I can’t. "
Chang Sheng smiled: "You are a player, Mario, and the best way to hit them back is on the court. Use your excellent performance on the court to prove that your choice is correct, and let those who scold you feel regret and disappointment. This is what you should do. As for this kind of thing, you should leave it to a professional. "
Then Chang Sheng took the initiative to talk about passing the policy when interviewed.
He ridiculed Dortmund’s head coach klopp: "klopp said that Gotze was like that before, and now he is like this … as if he were familiar with Gotze. But in fact, when Gotze left Dortmund, he had only been in Dortmund for two months. Does he know Gotze well? This act of pretending to be familiar with others seems really childish. Everyone says klopp is rumbled, I agree, his age is really underage … "
Then Chang Sheng also fought back against Dortmund fans.
Unlike mocking klopp, his counterattack against Dortmund fans is much more direct: "Obviously, Dortmund fans are jealous of Gotze, because Gotze made a correct choice. This reminds Dortmund fans of their failure last season. I heard they criticized Gotze as a bitch? Sorry, they are. "
Chang Sheng directly called Dortmund fans bitches, which is a very awesome "feat". Because few coaches attack fans so directly.
Even the reporter who interviewed him was surprised: "Is this inappropriate?"
Changsheng shrugged: "What’s wrong? Are they only allowed to insult my players, and I am not allowed to talk back? There is no such truth in this world! "
"But they are fans after all …"
"Which team’s fans? Is it our Lazio? Oh, no? No, that’s none of my business! For me, they are not fans! " Constant victory has a tough attitude. "I don’t need to be responsible for anyone else’s feelings except Lazio fans."
Chang Sheng added another piece of evidence to his "highly controversial" four-word evaluation. Dortmund naturally flew into a rage, thinking that Chang Sheng was immoral in doing so, and he set a bad example to everyone.
Dortmund’s fans are even more furious that they are always better than shameless, mean and shameless, and there is no lower limit. His existence is a disgrace to the whole football.
Of course, no one will ever discuss whether it is a bitch for G? tze to "abandon" Dortmund, who gave birth to him and raised him, and go to Lazio to pursue his future …
Changsheng succeeded in rescuing his players from the whirlpool of public opinion.
As for the controversy over him, he doesn’t care about that.