"Sister" Liu Xuan first called out of the mouth, but soon covered her mouth tightly. The words have already been said. Others have already heard that people from Wang Fan have come to bid farewell to their brother. There is no wild guess this time, and Guo Jia knows that Liu Xuan’s identity is absolutely confidential now. It is to bid farewell to his brother. Maybe since it is not a farewell brother, it is to bid farewell to his brother.

"Xiao Xuan, it’s not time for you to meet your sister now." Guo Jia’s horse stood next to Liu Xuan and watched Liu Chen getting closer and closer. He quickly said to Liu Xuan that Liu Xuan had a father who said that he wanted to keep his identity secret, even his own sister should not know, so he quickly hid behind Guo Jia.
Liu Chen got a return from the slaves at home this morning that Fan Xiwen was about to leave the city and return to Le ‘an today. Her heart was not a little pale, so she quickly made up and left the palace, and then bought a fast horse in the East City. She hurried to catch up. For this, Liu Chen, who just met her face once, extricated herself in a casual way. Fan Xiwen’s every move was constantly replayed by Liu Chen, and she slowly fell into her own weaving love method.
What attracted Liu Chen was Fan Xiwen’s kind of undisguised wind. Liu Chen liked Fan Xiwen’s kind of jokes, but now it’s only after the first seeds of love that I heard that my heart is going to leave. It’s a complete panic. The palace door is as deep as the sea. A princess’s own marriage roots can’t be decided by herself. Now if she doesn’t tell her heart, Liu Chen will not forgive herself even if she dies.
"Is Chener here to see you off?" The beautiful shadow is becoming more and more clear. Fan Xiwen is stupid and asked, but his eyes are touched. I have seen someone who is willing to leave her daughter’s house and ride a horse to bid farewell. Isn’t that touching?
"Is this going back to Le ‘an?" Looking at my lover’s stupid eyes, Liu Chen is really a little reluctant. After today, I don’t know when I can meet again. Liu Chen doesn’t know if he can bear this lovesickness, but Liu Chen knows that he will bear it.
"Well, I’m actually the magistrate of Le ‘an. Recently, Le ‘an has a lot of urgent things to deal with …" Facing Liu Chen Fan Xiwen, I really don’t want to say anything to hurt her.
"I know that I always know that in fact, Chen Er has known the public identity for a long time. I hope that the public can stay for a few days. Chen Er is a man when his career is heavy. Women don’t know what the truth is, but Chen Er won’t hold him back." Liu Chen said that tears have long since fallen, and the sad appearance made Fan Xiwen unable to bear to be true. As Chen Er said, it is not time for men and men to hold themselves back when their career is heavy and their children are immersed in love.
"I’m sorry in the morning, but it’s Fan Xiwen’s fault that I shouldn’t let you be like this." Fan Xiwen doesn’t know what to say, but he keeps apologizing, even though he has always said that he knows and apologizes to the pro-guards at hand. People who are sorry are cowards.
"Can you let Chen Er hug you?" Liu Chen blushed and looked at Fan Xiwen with tears in her eyes. This is the only thing she expects now that she can wait to think about it.
"Chen Er" Fan Xiwen was quite moved. In the end, he was able to let the beautiful woman fall in love so much. He had no words to say that Fan Xiwen held out his hand and took Liu Chen into his arms.
At that time, everyone was moved by Liu Chen’s infatuation. Even Wang Fan, who has always liked to entertain foolish ideas, didn’t have the mind of divination this time.
"will you remember me when you come to the capital next time?" Liu Chen is very satisfied in the bosom of her lover, just like returning to an harbor, and Liu Chen is uneasy in her heart. At that moment, she will become eternal.
"Chen Er rest assured that when Xi Wen comes to the capital, he will be the first to come to you. Then I will …" Fan Xi Wen originally wanted to say that he would go to Liu Chen’s house to kiss, but suddenly he remembered that he was not Chen Er now, and Le An was bound to go back to the road by law. At that time, Chen Er’s promise may not be easy to say that his future is not simple. If he promised easily, wouldn’t it be a drag on the wind?
"Will you marry me?" Liu Chenzhuang boldly said that Fan Xiwen didn’t speak, and his whole face became a ripe apple. People can’t help but want to take a bite. You know, there are hundreds of people behind him watching and finishing this sentence. Liu Chen was so ashamed that he buried his head in Fan Xiwen’s arms like a startled ostrich.
"I’m sorry about Chen Er". Here, Fan Xiwen suddenly realized that she was in Le ‘an and there was a woman who had been silently paying for herself, waiting for her to let herself live up to Da Qiao’s wishes. Fan Xiwen couldn’t do it and watched Liu Chen dress up. That’s not the ordinary family. darling daughter asked Chen Er to be a flat wife. Isn’t that what made her wronged?
To love someone is not to have it, but to make her happy.
"Is there something wrong with you in the morning that you dislike yourself?" Liu Chen, who apologized to Van Cherish Wen, immediately said that at the same time, he hugged this van Cherish Wen waist tightly for fear that Van Cherish Wen would leave himself.
"Not Chener, but Cherish Wen doesn’t deserve you any more. Actually, I have a fiancee in Le ‘an. We have a good relationship. I can’t divorce her because of you …" Fan Cherish Wen really doesn’t know what to say. This girl is much better than later generations. If she really gives Liu Chen a promise, Fan Cherish Wen can’t say that she will be happy.
"Chen Er is willing to serve with her, and Chen Er doesn’t care about this. If Gong really divorced her, maybe Chen Er wouldn’t want to!" Speaking of which, Liu Chen is quite happy. It turns out that his own heart is such a person who values feelings and righteousness. It seems that there is nothing wrong with his choice
Today, the emperor’s own daughter, Princess Wannian, doesn’t care about these false names. She wants to be with the person she likes every day, and it is enough that the person can give her a shoulder to lean on.
"Chen Er, you are bitter again." Van Cherish Wen wry smile. I’m afraid he has paid off Fan Cherish Wen in this life for Liu Chenqing.
"Chen Er likes the public, Chen Er is willing to pay for the public, and Chen Er really loves the public." Liu Chen knows that his heart has actually been able to accept himself, so he jumped into his arms again and said softly.
What else can Fan Xiwen say after listening to the words of the woman in his arms? Isn’t this intention worth a humble promise?
"In the morning, after two years, precious little Wen must go to Beijing to marry you like an uncle and mother." Fei precious little Wen looked at Liu Chen with serious eyes and said.
Liu Chen listened to the words of Fan Xiwen and jumped into Fan Xiwen’s arms. He stopped talking for a long time. He was greedy and breathing the unique smell of his heart. With this promise, Liu Chen knew that he had the courage to wait.
There’s a difference in seeing you off for thousands of miles. Liu Chen silently watched the heart leave until the shadow disappeared at the end of heaven and earth. This is the only way to go back to Beijing. Although there is a thousand pieces of monofilament in his heart, Liu Chen knows that he can’t afford it. A man can’t indulge in a gentle village. A gentle village is a hero’s grave.
Fan Xiwen is sitting on a horse’s back, and the whole army is marching in a hurry. Because Fan Xiwen knows that he will watch himself leave him in the morning, and he is afraid that he will not be willing to go if he walks slowly.
"Brother, do you like that sister?" Liu Xuan sat in Guo Jiama like Fan Xiwen and asked just now that Guo Jia’s robe covered Liu Xuan, which was not discovered by her sister Liu Chen.
"Ha ha, what do you say? Brother doesn’t like the elder sister. What should I give a promise to the elder sister? "Fan Xiwen knew that smirking was moved by Liu Chen’s confession.
Liu Xuan didn’t speak, Guo Jia didn’t speak, Xu Chu didn’t speak, everyone didn’t speak, and everyone didn’t know what to say?
"Ah, by the way, how did the younger brother sit in filial piety? You were sitting here with me just now." Fan Xiwen didn’t know anything when he giggled, but when he was quiet, he always felt as if there was something missing around him. Looking at Guo Jia, it turned out that Liu Xuan was missing.
(Ah, it’s true that I was naive and relaxed when I first wrote the second volume. It’s also a kind of adjustment to life. I’m used to reading blood occasionally. Maybe it’s true, but when I think about it, these things are getting worse and worse. Finally, the more I write, the more discouraged I am. The second volume is also basically finished, and my mouth is relieved. The style will continue. I hope that the students can write this well! After all, it is the first creation, and there are still many shortcomings. Please forgive me.)
Chapter seventy-four Stupid thief in the road
Yuan Fu Yuan Shao Fang Yuan Shao and Shen Pei sat on the floor.
"Sir, just now, people reported that Fan Xiwen had left the capital." Yuan Shao hated Fan Xiwen, gnashing his teeth. If he hadn’t been under pressure before, he wouldn’t have shaken hands with Fan Xiwen. Now Fan Xiwen is far away from the capital, and even if he dies, he won’t come to the capital. According to Yuan Shaogen’s yi tooth will be reported. This is a good opportunity for revenge.
"Are you going to pursue Fan Xiwen?" Shen Pei asked.
"Yes, Fan Xiwen didn’t die because the imperial teacher Wang Yue happened to pass by, otherwise his roots wouldn’t have survived." Speaking of the assassination of Yuan Shao, the in the mind was a burst of anger. The eleven dead men were the most elite eleven Yuan Gu Secret Guards, but they were solved by Wang Yue. Yuan Shao was bleeding in his heart.
All the departments are blamed on Wang Yueshen. Yuan Shao must now give himself an excuse to continue to retaliate against Fan Xiwen. If you don’t blame those secret guards on Wang Yueshen, Yuan Shao can’t have the courage to continue to find Fan Xiwen now.
"Now that the public mind has made up its mind, give an idea to the public." Shen Pei is still quite loyal to Lombardi, who has always been at his four names.
"Sir, teach me" Lombardi listened to Shen Pei’s willingness to give advice to himself, and suddenly he was overjoyed to have Shen Pei’s advice. Even if Fan cherishes Wen’s immortality, it will definitely take off his skin.
"The public needs this and this." Shen Pei said to Lombardi’s ear that Lombardi listened to his eyes and glowed with pride
Is Lombardi didn’t know not only the imperial teacher Wang Yue in the van precious little article and a line, but also added two more Athens, not less than Shen Pei counselor Shen Pei before the lack of sufficient information can be calculated to van precious little article that is still unknown.
But anyway, Yuan Shao has shown everything about Fan Xiwen’s revenge plan, and a fast horse pulled out of Yuan Fu’s backyard.
Master Wei Jiawei’s eyebrows are wrinkled now. A note was written by the owner of Wei’s hometown. This letter was written by Cai Yong, so there is no need to say anything. The specific core is that the marriage of Cai Jiawei has been ruined. Moon Hee did not agree to be a father.
Looking at this letter, Master Wei, it is quite melancholy. Almost half of the capital knows that the Wei family came to find Cai Jiaqin, but now it is really bad to put aside the face of the Wei family, and Cai Yong has a high reputation. Cai Jiagen is not afraid of the strong roots of the Wei family, so he can’t think about it. Master Wei has fixed the focus of the problem on Cai Wenji. He wants to say that his son Wei Zhongdao’s name is actually very good, and there is no affair flowing out.
As soon as the defender patted his forehead, he remembered the great event that happened the day before yesterday, and he died like ash.
Remembered that hateful Fan Xiwen Wei’s master is a famous career in his heart. Venting not only harms Wei Zhongdao’s sweeping the floor but also harms his own face. Master Guangwei thought of this and immediately wrote a letter and sent it to Jizhou Secretariat Han Fu. Han Fu’s early Wei family made friends with Master Wei and Han Fu. Now Fan Xiwen is in control in Han Fu even though he is promoted to Anping.
= = = = = = = = = = dividing line = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Five days later, Fan Xiwen and his party entered the river boundary.
Fan Xiwen, a few people from Guo Jia, didn’t feel as sleepy as when he came back. Fan Xiwen talked with Guo Jia and from time to time came up with a famous saying from later generations that has been tested by several people. The truth was heard repeatedly by Guo Jia. When it comes to the military establishment of Le ‘an Army, Guo Jia even praised Fan Xiwen’s wisdom. Guo Jia attributed this military establishment to Fan Xiwen, a military expert and counselor. Guo Jia naturally saw that the benefits of Le ‘an Army’s "three-three establishment" were flexible and highly mobile, and showed strong curiosity about Guo Jia.