"Bodhisattva, according to Prajna Paramita, there is no obstacle in the heart, no obstacle, no terror, staying away from upside down dreams, and nirvana. The Buddhas of the Third World, according to Prajna Paramita, gained the three advantages and three bodhi. Therefore, it is known that Prajna paramita is a great god mantra, a great Ming mantra and a supreme mantra. It’s the mantra of no waiting, which can remove all suffering and is true. Therefore, to say that Prajna Paramita has many curses means to say that the curses say: Expose the truth, Poirot reveals the truth, Poirot reveals the truth, and Bodhi is great. "

At this moment, the sound of Brahma singing was loud, which made the devil fidgety and shouted at the sky.
While the demons were yelling, a pale blue stick appeared out of thin air and knocked on the head of a devil. The devil let out a cry of pain. Looking around, the other end of the stick was in the hands of a monkey in cassock. Suddenly, he was furious, roared, raised his magic knife and killed him.
Other demons were still hesitating, and several weapons or magic weapons appeared, knocking them. These demons were also angry and chased them in succession.
Seeing this, Wu Tian was puzzled and was about to make a move, but he felt that the space was rippling, and then all the six demons who were fighting with others disappeared.
"The magic flame is monstrous"
No great anger, long shout. Sacrificing twelve products of black lotus on the top of the head, the whole body is full of black gas, as if to devour the whole space.
I saw the magic flame raging in this world which evolved from the array method, but I saw Zhunti suddenly appear, his hands were sealed and he read, "There is no whispering in the south. Three advantages and three bodhisattvas. Everyone is whispering. My nephew. Hmm. Folding the crime is the main crime. I am sure to mention my aunt. "
This mantra is called the quasi-refreshing mantra, which is the supreme Buddhist dharma. This spell can destroy all the evil obstacles and achieve all the merits of the white law.
However, in the moment of quasi-mention, quasi-mention suddenly made Buddha’s light shine, filled with anger and tide. Another example is the group of tigers howling together, Ma Benteng. Take up an irresistible momentum and press it toward the lawless magic flame.
1 of "bang", the magic flame of the lawless whole body was forced back into the body by all the Buddha’s rays. Even the Wu Tian himself almost stood unsteadily and staggered.
"Is this the power of a saint?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. A recruit cheated, lawless sighed in my mind.
At this time, only one heard "there is no Amitabha in the south" and saw the Amitabha sitting on the twelve golden lotus. Twelve products of golden lotus are radiant, and some of the devil’s eyes are open.
"Colorless, no phase, no lawlessness, the magic kills the world!" Wu Tian shouted again, pointing his hands at the twelve black lotus stands, and the twelve black lotus stands were black and turned round and round, getting bigger and bigger, with a size of several hundred acres.
Twelve products of black lotus covered the sky and crossed a golden light in the air, throwing it at Zhunti.
Zhuntiyi was not afraid, and his expression didn’t change at all, as if the twelve products had nothing to do with himself at all. Only when the twelve products were about to reach him, Zhuntiyi waved the wonderful tree in his hand and shouted, "All methods are silent and broken!"
The wonderful tree of Qibao shook, flying out with colorful brilliance, and the seven brilliance intertwined and brushed straight at the twelve-product black lotus.
"Bang" …
In an instant, the seven treasures and wonderful trees were brushed on the twelve black lotus. There was a loud thunder, and the twelve black lotus products cried and looked sideways, changing the original trajectory direction. After making a turn in the air, they flew back, and the lawless took the twelve black lotus products in their hands, but they were shocked by the force of itself.

Chapter one hundred and sixty Fauna Voldemort (8)
Chapter one hundred and sixty Fautu FuMo (8)
Be sure to mention a brush, and pursue the victory. The wonderful tree in the hands of Qibao took up colorful brilliance and brushed it away again towards lawlessness. Wu Tian’s face changed greatly, and he quickly blocked the twelve products of black lotus in front of him, trying to stop the blow.
"Boom" is another sound, and the wonderful tree of Qibao mercilessly brushes on the twelve-product black lotus. However, this time, the seven treasures wonderful tree did not brush the twelve products of black lotus, but the two were deadlocked together.
"Poof", Wu Tian threw his heart across, bit the tip of his tongue, and sprayed a mouthful of JingXie on the twelve products of black lotus. As soon as the twelve-product black lotus touched the lawless JingXie, it suddenly became dark, and faintly there was a tendency to return the seven treasures and wonderful trees.
"There is no Amitabha in the south. Hey, beep, mi, ma, ni, coax!" Zhunti Lang Lang announced the name of Buddha, and three crystal-clear relics emerged on his head. When the wrist shook, I heard another "bang", but the wonderful tree of Qibao broke through the defense of twelve products of black lotus and brushed it hard on the lawless body.
Lawlessness was brushed by the wonderful tree of seven treasures, and the whole people staggered and turned pale.
"Magic flame, swallowing the sky and swallowing the ground!" With a violent drink, the magic flame rose again on Sunday. Then, I saw that three demons who were closer to lawlessness were swallowed up by the magic flame. Into stocks of pure energy into the lawless body.
See this lawless incredibly rely on devouring their companions to improve their energy, must mention eyebrows a wrinkly, and the rest of the devil is angry at the lawless. The cultivation of helplessness is the highest among them, but they dare not say something.
"Quack quack"
After devouring the three demons, Wu Tian not only recovered his injury, but also increased his mana in the body. I laughed twice, and Wu Tian’s hands made a strange mark, which kept the twelve products of black lotus. Suddenly, I saw twelve products of black lotus once again, spinning round and round.
Twelve products of black lotus shoot black firm but gentle at the same time of high-speed rotation, and go towards Zhun Ti. On the other hand, Amitabha has already fought with three other chaotic demons.
Looking at the black firm but gentle, quasi-tiptoe tapping figure is floating back, and the wonderful tree in the hands of Qibao brings up colorful brilliance, but all those black firm but gentle are not enough.
"Void hole, open it for me!" There was a binge drinking, and then a burst of black light was emitted, which collided with the space straight, and then slowly opened the space, and a black hole appeared in the large array!
The lawless hand pointed to the black hole, and countless huge ethereal shadows appeared between heaven and earth. Then a burst of black light merged with this monty, and it became a stunning beauty, and then it fluttered and danced to Zhunti!
"Color is empty, color is color, color is not different, and all methods are disillusioned!" See lawless incredibly summoned to sexy devil to confuse yourself, must mention a light drink. The three Buddhist relics suspended on the head shine Buddha’s light and go towards those stunning beauties.
The Buddha’s Buddha’s light of those stunning beauties next to the Buddhist relics mentioned in Zhunyi is like Chun Xue meeting Baiyang. Even if it was too late to call, it was torn into pieces and returned to the market.