"It’s really weird that the old MD Dao is a magic knife, but its moves are aboveboard, but your small sword is also strange that it represents the righteous sword. It’s really weird that the moves are malodorous."

"Now tell the result? It’s boring for us to fight like this. I don’t have much to do. "People don’t know that I know very well. Now the broken sword root is not the opponent of the dark magic sword. If I really go to work, it must be me, but I haven’t played that necessary yet.
"Ha ha ha, are you scared?"
"Afraid? I was afraid of who would come. Xuanyuanjian and Black Devil’s Knife belong to the magic weapon. If you really fight it, you and I won’t have any benefits or pains. "
"Well, isn’t this what the world said sword crazy xiao hou? It seems that it is just a timid generation! "
"If old timid don’t kill so many people! It’s not easy for everyone to play games and upgrade with you recently … "
"You give me shut up! It’s not easy to upgrade. That’s nonsense. Is it difficult for you to upgrade so fast? It’s not like I haven’t killed anyone. Anyone with 1% experience will be jealous. Killing you will be of great benefit to me! "
"So you’re after me?"
"Eat or not, you will know that you are not a professional player, but since you have the honor to meet the magic, I hope you don’t be so afraid of death! Come and fight again! " Men in black threw themselves at the knife again.
I’m not much faster than the men in black, so I’m sure I can’t run.
Dangdang Dangdang …
The broken swords and black knives kept colliding and stopped again, and we were all sweating like a pig.
That’s weird. I saw blue light shoot into the body of a man in black. Why hasn’t it taken so long to get up?
"Hey, hey, I forgot to tell you that your blue light not only can’t hurt the old man, but adds a lot of attack power to the old man, so you will die!" At some point, he descended again.
How could this be? Is it good to go there like this? I’ve already given up my intention, and I’m even more in love at this moment, so I’m defeated like a lion.
Bao Lihong, a military strategist’s most taboo distraction, is finished in Suzaku Island. I touched this man in black before I added it. Now after some fighting, there is not much blood left.
"What kind of powerful person am I when Xiao Hou? That’s all!" Men in black are extremely sarcastic and can say while playing.
Dugu Yihong had already arrived nearby to see our alliance and wanted to help, but he weighed it again and again and knew that even if he did, he might not be able to help me. He simply gave up that idea and turned it into a wild flower and watched everything.
"Small don’t stay up? Change me! " The sound from the bottom of my heart is the magic statue!
Whether I agree or not, the magic statue immediately took over my body.
Holding the broken sword in his hand is not as powerful as holding it in my hand. The black man obviously found out that I changed my body shape and immediately flew back and forth. As soon as the magic statue gave a strong black breath, he immediately issued a broken sword and turned black and radiant with black gas.
Chapter 169 Immortal Magic Zun
Being robbed of my body by the magic statue, I can hide in the dark and look at the outside. I have been hit hard by wandering gods every time, and I don’t know where the magic statue is hidden. At this time, I suddenly emerged. Seriously, I don’t feel happy at all. I don’t know which group of men in black came to challenge me when I was unprepared. It’s really a big deal for me. I can’t blame myself for being too confident. As a result, it’s hard for people to get hurt because I am possessed by the magic statue.
"Hey? This breath, this momentum! So familiar! " Black dress person clearly felt the fiend body revealed breath can’t help but sigh.
"Hey hey small what are you from? Dare to run wild in front of the statue, there must be two pick me up and try it. "The magic statue’s tone is not the same as mine. You can hear it when you listen. The black dress person was surprised and quickly retreated."
Just do what the magic statue says, and the dark one will chop it out airily. The dark one is not quite the same as me, and a piece of black gas will follow the sword and chop it at the men in black.
Men in black can’t hide when they see the sword shadow roots on all sides, so they can bite their teeth and provoke a lot of noise. The coat of men in black has become a wisp of black cloth with a face covered with a black scarf, which is still intact. The men in black are frightened in their hearts. What is the difference in power? The masked towel on his face was deliberately left in front of him. Why is this man with Xuanyuan sword different from the one just now? Is it because of Xuanyuan sword? If that’s the case, the Xuanyuan sword will have to be obtained some day, but will it work? All artifacts are bound objects that cannot be dropped, stolen, or … I think these men in black are big.
"What qualifications do you have to stay here if you can’t even take a move?" The magic statue cold ao tone heard men in black and took a step back.
Only then did the man in black notice that he had retired three times in a row in front of his opponent. This is something that has never happened in history. He strengthened his courage and rushed to the first three steps. "Look at me!"
No matter how big the human thing is, it can’t be a fiend’s opponent. What’s worse, this black dress person’s black magic knife looks like a rare magic fiend, standing tall and without any escape.
Black dress person regardless of fiend attitude tube with his knife.
"Kill the devil!" When the black dress person learned the skills and skills, he immediately gave off yellow light, as bright as the sun, as if to light up the whole world.
"Hey hey really MD is weird. This is an old weapon. How can it send out a light style? And veteran this sword is amazing, that is, the dead guy just makes the old moves go wrong, and the world goes wrong. "The fiend muttered, don’t care about the opponent’s attacking moves at all.
Shit! This is my body. How can flesh and blood stand the slaughter of magic soldiers? However, the magic statue doesn’t feel that people are still there talking to themselves.
Fortunately, when the magic hand suddenly moved in front of me, most of the knife potential hit the broken sword. Even so, my body flew involuntarily and people sprayed a big mouthful of blood in the middle.
As soon as the broken sword touched my blood, it immediately changed color. Two bands of light, black and blue, wrapped around the blade and flew up.
In the middle, the magic statue stuck out its tongue and licked off the blood at the corner of its mouth. His body fell firmly to the ground.
"Small! If you can still beat the old man until he vomits blood, you will stay out of it today, but if you lose your hand, there will be one result-death! " The magic statue doesn’t care about this injury. Anyway, this body is not his own. Even if my body bursts, he can find another one. But hiding in the dark, I am greatly dissatisfied with his practice. Even if I try this black magic knife with my body, it is not such a test.
Black dress person listened to the magic statue, and then he thought, "No, where did this good thing come from?" Did I cut him with a knife and his head was broken? But it seems that he should be all right? Unless he is playing some tricks? "
"MD always lets you cut at this time. You dare not come. Are you MD or not a man?" The fiend is angry