Without the backbone, everyone can’t get up.

"What the hell, big sister? Isn’t this killing us?"
"Yes, can we get a silver or two in this way?"
"Big Sister doesn’t want the light beetles to run to her, does she?"
"Or did Big Sister ask us to pay the money before telling us the method?"
"Yes, usually. Otherwise, send someone to ask her?"
"No, big sister seems to be in a bad mood today. Whoever is not afraid of death will go."
Because of the chat, everyone started to talk about it without scruple because they were far away from the glazed dugu.
And they didn’t find a trace of the Beatles in the light, and other teams didn’t signal.
One day is wasted in this way, and 371 Chapter 371 has the first hand.
The teams complained more and more.
What’s big sister doing? Don’t play with them like this, will you?
The most painful thing is that Ye Meining and Ma Tianai managed to get a chance to make a fortune with their big sister, but they didn’t expect to be treated like this!
Two people that pain!
So the two complained more and more strongly.
In this group of two people, just sit down and rest. Anyway, it’s getting late and there’s nothing to gain by moving forward.
Don’t team is almost in addition to the dugu coloured glaze that team continue to search.
Zhang San saw that Big Sister was a little stubborn. "Big Sister, it’s getting late. Why don’t we rest first?"
Coloured glaze dugu this just look at the people to see all the people face full of tiredness.
"Then rest."
They finally breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this.
After dry food, Zhao Boyun dared to say, "Big Sister, we didn’t get anything this day."
Coloured glaze dugu nodded "I know"
Know that you are still so calm?
Zhao Boyun was about to cry, but he didn’t dare to say anything because of his elder sister’s dignity at ordinary times
Dugu Aoxue and Dugu Qingnuo were also worried, but they didn’t dare to say anything.
Two people also encouraged MuZhongQing to persuade Dugu coloured glaze, but MuZhongQing no longer listen to them, and they all wanted to slap him.
"Miss Taidianwu, she is really out."
And Jun Yu can’t help being angry after listening to people’s reports!
Good you a lonely coloured glaze incredibly dare to deliberately hide from the palace again and again!
"About a few days?" And handsome Yu holding up anger to ask
The guard was trembling with fear. "Three days is fast and ten days is slow."
Three days!
Yes, Dugu Liuli, you have come up with this trick!
"What happened to her?"
"Kill the Beetle of the Light"
He Junyu said lightly, "Then you won’t finish it for her?"
Hearing this, the guard nodded "white"
A bunch of losers need to come back and report on this little thing!
"The five ladies in the temple heard that it was Tiantaifei. Will you annoy Tiantai by doing so?" Too confidant to see him so obsessed with glass dugu don’t have some worry.
And Jun Yu laughed. "Tian Xirui is just playing with her. After so long, can you see that he went to Dugubao to kiss?"
The confidant said, "What does the temple mean?"
"The world has always been not the day xi rui with spirit likeness? If the palace grabs the glass, isn’t it more famous than him? "
Confidant is still concern "temple one thousand angered TianXi rui …"
"Hum to play a game? Does he still dare to run wild in the palace site? Palace decided to go with father theme sealing glass too Shu princess dugu "
Since ancient times, the first hand has been strong. Besides, Tianxi Rui is far away in God bless the country, waiting for him to come to Dugu Glass has become his own princess.
"But how can you be too comfortable when you are a concubine?"
Princess Taishu is a level lower than Princess Taisheng, and she is afraid that she will be unpopular with a common woman.
"Then just give it to a Taide princess. You can’t wronged her." Too much thought of glass in dugu couldn’t wait to give her the best TaiZheng princess.
The confidant can smile apologetically at this. "Then let’s start. When Taitai comes back again, Miss Liuli will become Taide Princess."
This makes me so happy. "In this way, I don’t believe that there are several heads in Dugu Castle who dare to resist the decree!" With that, he left Tiankai with a few guards with his heart. Chapter 37 Silly Fourth Sister fell in love.
The next day, four teams still got one.