Drunk and savage beast deviant

Liu Xuanyu said firmly: "Zhou Dage, I don’t trust you to go hunting alone. Besides, don’t you have a predecessor?" Coral sister also has Azhu and uncle Cheng? "
Say that finish before weeks glass water answer first went out toward the woods.
Zhou glass water slightly thinking shook his head and catch up.
Birds are singing in the forest, and weeds are overgrown. In this good time, there is little wine to accompany them. Zhou Lishui took out the jars from his waist while looking around for prey.
"Wine is accompanied by a fairy who doesn’t do it; ; ; ; ; ;”
Say that finish drink a mouthful, this just give up.
Liu Xuanyu looked at Zhou Lishui, who was addicted to alcohol, and could not help laughing. She pursed her lips and showed envious eyes: "It’s spicy and bitter. What’s good to drink?" ; ; ; ; ; ;”
Zhou Lishui laughed and said, "Is there any reason for Jianghu children not to drink? ; ; ; ; ; To brothers "say that finish handed Liu Xuanyu.
Liu Xuanyu grabbed the hip flask and immediately said, "Do Jianghu children have any reason to drink?"
Then he returned it to Zhou Lishui.
"Is it still my brother who doesn’t drink?" Zhou Lishui said and threw it to Liu Xuanyu.
Liu Xuanyu observed a hip flask "doing anything for a brother, not to mention a can of wine;" ; ; ; ; ;”
Say that finish suddenly drank two, suddenly big cough, on the side of the glass water can’t help laughing.
Liu Xuanyu, who was trying to dissuade her from being persistent, added, "What is a can of wine for my brother?"
Say that finish is a few mouthfuls.
For a moment, my face was flushed, my eyes were erratic, the bamboo forests around me seemed to have legs floating around my eyes, and the clouds in the sky kept spinning; ; ; ; ; ; "Hey hey; ; ; Hey hey; ; ; ; Haha; ; ; ; ; ; Good wine; ; ; Good wine "
Liu Xuanyu played with his bare hands while talking drunken words. When the feeling was strong, Liu Xuanyu’s hands condensed a faint qi, which appeared and disappeared with Liu Xuanyu’s moves.
At this time, Liu Xuanyu suddenly jumped up and came to a bowl of bamboo, shouting, "Brother Zhou, then."
After that, Liu Xuanyu threw the wine can in the past, and then her eyes suddenly widened, as if she had found the prey. A true spirit came out to sell, like the fierce lion running wildly. Suddenly, the bamboo split in the middle, and a huge dark wild boar appeared in front of her.
It seems that the wild boar has been waiting here for a long time, and is looking for an opportunity to kill Liu Xuanyu at any time.
When the wild boar saw that Liu Xuanyu found himself, he showed two huge fangs and roared straight at Liu Xuanyu. Flowers and plants splashed everywhere where the wild boar passed, and bamboos scattered, breaking countless pieces and lying aside.
Zhou Lishui shouted: "Be careful, brother; ; ; ; ; ;”
Liu Xuanyu smiled a little, jumped up and said, "What can a wild boar do for me?"
At the same time, Liu Xuanyu’s hands quickly gathered a mass of true qi, and as Liu Xuanyu rushed down in the air, the true qi attacked the head of the wild boar; ; ; ; ; ; Suddenly there was a rumbling sound, and the wild boar immediately fell to the ground, and Qiqiao bled without breath.
Zhou Lishui rushed to Liu Xuanyu and walked around Liu Xuanyu. He said strangely, "Brother Liu? How come I haven’t seen kung fu for days? Say it quickly; ; ; Say it quickly; ; ; Where did you learn it? "
Liu Xuanyu hey hey smile, and also woke up more than half, patting his chest and said, "What is this? Me; ; ; I can even hit a bear; ; ; ; ; ; Ha ha ha "
Zhou Lishui looked strangely at Liu Xuanyu, who was at loggerheads, and gave a thumbs-up sign.
Cheng Yuru was worried about the illness of Cheng Coral, and waited in front of Cheng Coral’s bed, with Azhu and green tea behind her.
When Lu satin Niang recovered from a serious illness, Mo Hongyan naturally took care of her and stayed around day and night.
Cheng Buyou in the room frowned and stared at the Kirin satin in the package and said, "I; ; ; I finally got you; ; ; ; It’s a pity; ; ; ; ; ;”
It’s a pity that the tiger’s roaring sword is not for its own use.
Cheng is not worried about thinking, thinking about how to get the second treasure, Tiger Whistling Sword, and keeping the secret of getting the treasure strictly in the Jianghu, so as not to cause trouble for himself, and gradually lost in thought; ; ; ; ; ; At the same time, Ru-cai li, who has a wicked heart, looks at the scenery outside the window and greedily looks at Zhou Lishui’s residence. Today, Ru-cai li is no longer the night jewel and reckless Ru-cai li. This time, he can only start work on the premise of being foolproof. Moreover, even if Ru-cai li is mediocre at kung fu, how can he defend it? Marotta knows this better than anyone else, and the solution now is to let them compete with each other and find another opportunity.
A homing pigeon flew out of Li Rucai’s house and went straight over the Shengjian River. Just when the homing pigeon flew out less than 100 meters, suddenly a cold light flew out into a worry-free room, which quickly hit the homing pigeon’s abdomen and suddenly several feathers fell from the air.
Marotta was suddenly shocked and quickly turned and hid in the room.
Cheng Buyou jumped out and grabbed the homing pigeon, glanced around, and searched for it. To Cheng Buyou’s disappointment, there was nothing suspicious about it.
When Cheng Yuru was hesitating, he slowly came over and asked strangely, "exemptions? What’s the matter? Why do you chase a pigeon with such actions? "
Cheng Buyou hurriedly said, "Eh! Me; ; ; I think the coral is weak, and I happened to meet a pigeon, and I had a whim to catch it to mend the coral. "
Cheng Yuru looked at Cheng with gratitude and said, "Brother, you have worked hard."
After that, I helped you to adjust your clothes.
Li Rucai, who was hiding in the room, gasped in horror and said to himself, "Fortunately, what I released was just a scout. Do you worry that you old fox should suspect all the people here?"
Then Marotta took a sip of tea fiercely.
Marotta, who was in shock, was just about to get up when she suddenly appeared in front of her: "Confucian talent, what are you doing?"
"eh!" Marotta panicked and said, "Me; ; ; Ugh! Master, I’m going to visit my school sister. I don’t know. ; ; I wonder if her health will improve? "
Cheng Bu squinted at Li Rucai seriously and said, "Well! You and I have been out for a few days, and I am very concerned about sect affairs. When Coral gets better, I will get up and go back to the mountain. "
Li Rucai quickly said, "Yes, Master."
Cheng Bu added, "Confucian scholars, you and I are called teachers, but we are comparable to the friendship between father and son. It is the merit of Lishui that we came to meet the tiger roaring sword and Kirin satin in Shengjian, so you and I should pay more attention to him in the future. Lishui’s wisdom and righteousness will definitely carry forward our Ziwei Gate."
Marotta smelled a trace of jealousy, which is exactly what you need to be worried about. If you don’t worry about it, you will say: "If; ; ; If the glass water is in case; ; ; No, how can there be one thousand glass water? Being a teacher means that if there is one thousand, then the burden of Ziwei Gate will be on your shoulders. You don’t want to live up to the painstaking efforts of being a teacher. "
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