But at the same time, because of rio ferdinand’s action, his interception will not be too clean, which means that although the football will be blocked by him, it will not be under his control.

As for who football will be … it’s hard to say.
But …
It’s worth grabbing!
So Motta just jumped out after passing the ball!
At the same time, Nemanja Vidic also pushed up and erased the empty space. If someone sends the football in the past again, cavani will definitely be offside.
Rio ferdinand fell to the ground, unable to continue to grab the ball, but don’t think that there is no one defending Manchester United.
Carrick made an oblique stab and rushed to the football with Motta. He wanted to destroy the ball directly!
If you can’t destroy it, you must interfere with Motta’s possession of the ball.
"Motta! !” The Italian commentator shouted.
"Carrick! !” This is the cry of the English commentator.
Then two people met …
Motta gritted his teeth and rushed to the football. He also saw Carrick next to him. He knew that he could not easily control the football.
Even if you can control football, it is not the best choice.
Because when he controls the football, it means that he is caught in the defensive quagmire of Manchester United and can’t get out.
So Motta didn’t want to regain control of the football in the first place.
He has decided what to do from the moment he started to speed up and rush to football.
That is …
Motta, with a ferocious face, rushed to the front of football before Carrick, because his purpose is simple and easy to implement, so he has an advantage over Carrick, even if it is only a little bit …
That’s also an advantage!
When Carrick found that he couldn’t get Motta, before he hit the football, he directly flew the shovel to the football and Motta’s foot!
Even if it’s a foul, stop him!
He did kick Motta’s foot … but perhaps it should be said that Motta kicked his foot …
Motta beat Carrick to the ball!
The football flew past Carrick’s toes.
Then Motta’s shot hit Carrick’s shovel.
Carrick’s foot was bounced back by Motta’s kick!
It can be seen how powerful Motta’s kick is!
And Motta?
Being tripped by Carrick, he also lost his center of gravity. Under the action of inertia, his body rushed forward to the ground.
But even so, his head is high and his eyes are firmly fixed on football.
He watched the football pass over rio ferdinand’s body and began to lift upward.
It’s not going to fly, is it?
His eyes were fixed on the football, and he didn’t even dare to blink, for fear that the football would be out of his sight and directly above the goal …
Then he saw van der Sar leaping back in place, raising his arm to the flying football …
Will he jump?
Football whizzed past Van der Sar’s hands and overhead!
Then van der Sar completed a complete swing and his body soared-obviously, he was slow!
When Motta swung his foot at the football, the Italian commentator began to shout Motta’s name in a long voice. When the football slammed into the net and kept spinning, his voice came to an end.
But soon he started again.
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! ! Motta! Motta! Thiago Motta! ! World wave! No one in this world can stop this foot! Nobody! No! ! !”
Chapter ninety-three We still have a chance
"No one in this world can stop this shot! Nobody! No! !”