When Breno Pacheco of Shi Ang saw this scene, he was so angry that he stamped his feet in his seat, gnashing his teeth!
When Lazio hit the doorframe with two shots in a row, he laughed like those English journalists in the media stand.
This is what he wants to see-this game, even luck is not on Lazio’s side!
Lazio can only end in failure!
Want to be brilliant for the last time before disintegration? Daydream, China!
As a result, Lazio suddenly gained the upper hand in the second half, and Pacheco has been worried ever since.
Now his fears have come true-Manchester United’s goal has been scored!
"Damn it!"
Pacheco jumped up and cursed in the stands.
Lazio’s bench and coach can finally celebrate this time.
In the first half, they had two chances and thought they would celebrate, but they all ended up in vain. This time, it is finally no longer a doorpost and a beam!
Someone came up to hug the winner.
Changsheng looked up at the sky.
He can’t find the moon.
He looked around, and there really was no moon!
"Fa Erkao’s goal gives Lazio hope of winning the championship! This game is really starting from now on! "
"Although there are not many goals, this game is still ups and downs, which is amazing!"
"After both feet kicked on the doorframe, this time Fa Erkao’s angry shot was finally not rejected by the doorframe!"
Accompanied by the voices of the commentators, the cheers of Lazio fans rang out at the scene.
This time, Lazio fans became the mainstream voice of the stadium.
The blue sea seems to be putting out the red flame!
Manchester United’s players, on the other hand, were surprised.
When Fa Erkao shot, rio ferdinand even thought the opponent was offside. He didn’t defend himself, but stood there and raised his hand to complain!
It seems that at the most critical time, he was distracted again …
Ferguson on the coach’s bench looked very angry. He rushed out and shouted at something.
But no one could hear it, because at this time, the Luzhniki Stadium was full of cheers from Lazio players.
Ferguson was a little nervous about the team losing the ball like this.
In fact, during the fifteen minutes in the second half, Lazio always had the upper hand, and Manchester United could only defend passively more often.
Ferguson has been thinking about how to solve Lazio’s long-range threat.
As a result, before he could figure out a way, the team lost the ball.
Moreover, it was not the ball lost on the long-range shot, but the opponent used the deterrent of the long-range shot to deceive Manchester United’s defenders and killed Manchester United by surprise! Ferguson felt that the goal was too wronged … He was preoccupied with how to prevent the opponent’s long-range shot, but he didn’t expect it to be a long-range shot in the end!
Lazio players didn’t celebrate for long, because they knew it was just to equalize the score. If you want to win the championship, you must win, but a draw is not enough!
It hasn’t been two minutes since the game resumed.
Chang Sheng, who was standing on the sidelines, suddenly felt a chill in the back of his neck. In Moscow in the middle of the night, he was still cold and shrank his neck.
He reached out and grabbed it, his hands were wet!
Then he looked up, but the moon was still missing, and even the faint stars were gone.
The dark night sky is like ink.
A drop of water hit him in the face.
Followed by the second drop, it fell on his forehead.
The third drop, the fourth drop … and I don’t know which drop it is.
More and more water drops fell down and enveloped him.
Beside him, Guardiola exclaimed, "Oh, my God, it’s raining!"
"What a heavy rain!" This is Rudy Gonzalez’s voice.
Changsheng continued to raise his head, and then he grinned.
It’s raining, earlier than he knew! Instead of waiting for overtime, it began to rain in the second half!
History has been changed!
Chapter two hundred and fourteen It’s been raining.
It rained harder and harder, and soon attracted everyone’s attention.
"Ah … when the game was in progress, it began to rain over the venue, and it was raining harder and harder!"
At first, everyone could only know what happened on the field through the commentator.
But soon, they don’t need a commentator to know what happened and what was sent.
Just a shot, in a dark background, the audience can see a clear rain line.
When it began to rain, the Lazio players on the pitch were temporarily absent.
Many people will look up to the sky and let the rain really hit their faces.
Only in this way can they believe that it’s really raining!
They thought of the boss’s arrangement yesterday and the sunny weather today … Who would know that it would really rain today? Except the boss …
Yes, except the boss.
Boss guessed!
He’s right, it will really rain!
They turned their heads to look at the boss on the sidelines.
See the boss is gesturing to them.
The second plan!