"Come and have a toast!" Meng Po handed two bowls of Meng Po Tang, that is, Naiqiao Forgotten Sichuan River boiled the water and forgot all kinds of past lives after drinking it.

The two men took Meng Po Tang and crossed their arms. They looked at each other and drank Meng Po Tang silently.
This is the wedding that Yu Meng gave Coco, and it may also be the most romantic and sad wedding.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven The arrival of Hong Sheng
"Who are you? How to hold my hand? " Naiqiao before a beautiful woman said
"ah? I don’t know who I am if I take the liberty. " Hold the female jade hand man said
"After drinking Meng Po Tang, I forgot to go to Naiqiao The six great divisions in the wheel of karma," Meng Po said aside. "Go and cross the bridge!"
There seems to be a magic force that pulls the two men to Naiqiao, arrives at the other shore, and then takes them to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma to push them one after another and muttered, "These two people are really lucky to have an emperor and a Faye Wong."
Lying in bed, Li She suddenly opened her eyes and pondered for a while and asked, "Who am I?"
Looking around, there is no more horror in the underworld, and there is no grimace in the passage of reincarnation. There is a charming person who is naked and is being crushed by himself. It seems that Long Qi can have moved his hand.
"Meng Lang?" Mother shouted uncertainly with her eyes wide open.
Li She responded "Cocoa?"
"wow! It’s really you, Meng Lang! " Mothers are happy to encircle Li’s neck and shout loudly
"It’s me, Coco." Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Li She found that there was a lux in the hands of a mother who lived around her neck. She turned her head and looked completely transfixed. It was actually a flower of hell.
Li is involved in chaos. Is it true that I just dreamed with the bride? Yes, if it weren’t for this, how could there be a manzhushahua in the hands of a bitch?
But it took a long time just now! It stands to reason that Li’s dream about a maiden is not long and it is impossible! Li she then denied it.
Dreams are particularly mysterious since ancient times. Some people say that they are concerned about past lives, some say that they predict the future, some say that their souls are out of body experience, and some modern experts and scholars think that they are pieced together by memories. Li She has a reward for laughing at your memory and spelling a hell. Let me see.
As the saying goes, it is certainly not unreasonable for the ancients to stay for a thousand years.
Mother Niang also found her hand. "Great! This is a gift from you!"
A woman is a woman who cares about being never the same as a man. She doesn’t care about what flowers will appear here, but is happy because they appear here.
I can’t figure it out, and Li She doesn’t want to think about it again. This is also Li She’s consistent style, stroking the white cheek of the mother and saying, "It’s a pity that I still didn’t give you a formal wedding."
Mother Niang gazed affectionately at Li She slowly raised her head and put her mouth into Li She’s big mouth. After half a ring, she said, "Dream Lang, you are my best wedding." Then she smiled sweetly and said, "You must remember that I can call the name Dream Lang! And call me Coco after you. "
"Yes, I can cocoa, I am lovely cocoa." Li She doted on and pinched Jean’s nose.
After the conversation, it was another moment when the two men looked at each other affectionately. The mother was a little shy and said, "What should we do next?"
"What do you say?" Li kissed the mother’s hand and climbed the peak. The two of them burned the battlefield at the touch of it, thus pulling the curtain, such as anchoring the sea and making waves in the East China Sea.
Li She received the news of Hong Sheng’s arrival early. At this time, she was sitting in the mayor’s office waiting for the arrival of soldier Cao Hongsheng.
Soon Bian Bing came in with a lean man. The man looks ordinary and there is nothing special about him. Han Sheng also accompanied him.
"The mayor soldier Cao Hongshenghong’s adult is here," Bian Bing said.
"Well, you do it first," said Li She.
Hong Sheng’s hands are full of fists. "Hong Sheng meets the Duke!"
"Don’t bother, I think you have told you this time," Li said casually.
"Yes, at the end of the king’s secretariat, the ten thousand people will still be sent by the duke." Hong Sheng added, "I also brought a lot of siege equipment …"
"Forget it, it’s not necessary. We’ll leave tonight. When the time comes, Lord Hong needs to lead troops to accept the city." Li said casually.
"This?" Hong Sheng looked at Han Sheng, hoping that Han Sheng could tell himself what Li involved meant. Han Sheng and Bai Li involved also looked puzzled.
Li She explained that "there are our Tianmen foot soldiers, Lord Hong, who need to help us cheer, so we don’t have to fight hard."
Hong Sheng a face of don’t believe it and don’t look down on Li She is also very angry. "The duke really doesn’t need our help. According to the secretariat of adults, the enemy has more than ten people! Why is the duke sure to win? "
According to Lord secretariat? This should be my disclosure! Li she thought and then pointed to the seat next to her and said, "I didn’t mean to look down on Hong’s adult if he wasn’t angry. Hong then knew that Hong’s adult should sit down and have a rest first."
Since Li She said this, Hong Sheng’s natural words can be said that Han Sheng takes a seat together. That expression has been very uncomfortable, and Li She doesn’t care.
Then Li She will arrange for the troops to be led by herself, and the cavalry has not yet been formed. Sineitai can temporarily act as a guard to accompany himself.
Kee left Huang Zhong with himself and Sineitai stayed behind. Others were sent out, like being recalled to Zhang Han. Huang Xu and Niu Ba were sent out, and his team had to go to Jiazhijiang County. This battle is bound to be successful.
"If nothing happens, let’s all go first!" Li She said
"What? I’m not scheduled to play!" In hand MuYing suddenly drink a way