Lu Jinian came in slowly with a birdcage in one hand and a spring breeze on his face.

Green morning "…"
Chenchi "… what a coincidence that you came back"
Lu Ji-nian doesn’t care if Chen Chi laughs like a fox in his tone. "What a coincidence? Alas, I didn’t come back until I sent chestnut to the car. "
Chenchi "…"
Lu Ji-nian took Lengli for a walk in the garden, but actually he didn’t say a few words. Lengli treated Lu Ji-nian with indifference as always except looking at two parrots slightly softly.
However, Professor Lu simply doesn’t care about his cold attitude and thinks that the current progress has been very gratifying.
And when he sent Lengli away, he added, "If you want to, come to Qingchen to find her."
Although he also knows that Lengli should not take the initiative to come over, at least let the other party have a psychological preparation first.
Lu Ji-nian, of course, there are many ways to cheat Lengli.
Qing Chen saw Lu Jinian appear red-faced and rushed over to grab the birdcage with steamed bread. "You two should go quickly. I’m going to bed."
Lu Jinian glanced at her faintly. "Okay, but leave your son here first."
"There is always a mystery when I stay with you." Lu Jinian smiled.
Qingchen instantly understood what he meant. Isn’t that just to leave my son with her so that I can catch a big fish with Lengli?
"Cold chestnut touching you is simply bad luck." Qingchen vomited.
Lu Ji-nian’s so-called "Thank you for your compliment" threw a smile at Qingchen.
Green morning "…"
Sure enough, when I first saw Lu Ji-nian, I thought it was an illusion that he was cold and finished. This person was able to maintain this arrogant and indifferent face and temperament except in class, and at other times his personality was like a husky.
"Then let’s go." Chenchi patted Qingchen’s head. "Go to bed early and play less mobile phones."
"Oh" green morning clever should be a.
Although she wants to play with her mobile phone by herself at this time, she can’t control anything about Chenchi.
Watching Chenchi and Lu Jinian leave Qingchen, they put two parrots on the bird rack and praised them by the way, "They did well today."
It’s a pity that she made out with steamed bread head to head and ignored Qingchen.
And Chen Chi and Lu Jinian have returned to Leng Yan’s look in the ladder together from Lu Jinian. "Are you going to find Zheng Nuo later? You said you wanted to see his report."
"It won’t be a day today."
Section 13
Lu Jinian couldn’t understand "What?"
"He’s busy tonight." Chen Chi leaned against the ladder wall with his eyes hanging down and his mouth smiling very deeply.
Lu Jining didn’t care. When he was eating hot pot today, Cheng focused on Lengli’s body and ignored Zheng Nuo and someone’s wrong behavior.
Of course, this can’t escape Chenchi’s eyes. Even though he focused on Qingchen, he still noticed strange places.
Nothing in this world can escape Chenchi’s eyes so far.
He said to Chen Chi unfathomably, "And God, you will stop laughing at Zheng Nuo for not finding a rumor monger."
"He found it?" Lu Jinian squinted, "Why didn’t you find someone all the time?"
"I can’t find it. People are abroad and not in Zheng Nuo’s sphere of influence. Of course I can’t find it."
"How did you find it?" Lu Ji-nian pondered over some uncertainty and asked, "Is it because the other party deliberately released the news to let Zheng Nuo know who did it?"
"Maybe … right?"
At this moment, in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel in Zhengjiaqi.
Ambiguous breathing resounded through the whole room, and shortness of breath was even more light, which made people think about it.
The two-meter double bed in the dimly lit room is messy at the moment, and the carpets around it are full of clothes thrown at will.
The bed is overlapped with two figures, which is more ambiguous under the light.
Zheng Nuo croaked, "You are so bold. Dare you tell me rumors?"
His squinting eyes were cold and deep.
"Why are you afraid that I am right?" In his body, the woman sounded clear and sweet, and her tone was full of provocation at the moment.
"That’s not true … just try and you’ll know?"