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Chapter 145 Do you want to wake up?
Mo Tianyuan and Xia Qiu went to attend the inter-school exchange meeting together. It was a class two girl. Although both of them were in the liberal arts class and the classrooms were not far apart, the first two had never heard of this girl.
It is said that many girls with good grades are outstanding in appearance, all of whom are standard goddesses. The two of them wondered whether to take this opportunity to hook up with each other. But when they met, they found that there was a certain gap between the goddesses in front of their sisters, and they smiled and quickly killed the little flame in their hearts in the cradle. One continued to pretend to be casual and the other continued to pretend to be lofty.
However, the younger sister always looked at them shyly as if looking for a suitable opportunity to pour out her heart, but she was anxious all the way.
There are also science classes and a few top students in Grade One, who are deeply immersed in eye sockets and thick lens watches. These motherland flowers are not lost to those good students in other schools in their efforts. Although their achievements are still countless in the city, they are also very difficult. It is as difficult as the two-gun handsome and the little sheep running out to score points in this broken place in No.7 Middle School.
However, along the way, those kids didn’t look like they had played any games. The lovely baby actually saw the Genesis team with a full face of surprise like Li He and them. Only then did Mo Tianyuan realize that running cool every day was poisonous.
It seems that several senior high school students didn’t expect that some people in the Creation Team could take part in the exam exchange meeting, and there were two Yingying who were surprised all the way, which really made Mo Tianyuan have a high-profile addiction.
One of the senior one elementary school girls seems to be the most excited, and has a kind of brain-dead posture of the Creation Team. The word "primary school girl" is suspected to be pure, dull and lovely. Although this senior one elementary school girl will definitely not be crowned in real life, it also accounts for the word "dull" in "dull". Well, there is no derogatory meaning in this word now.
There is nothing in common in the study of Grade One and Grade Two in Senior High School. Mo Tianyuan naturally can’t say those inspiring words, so the topics all around the way are such as high and cool running exercises and the furthest distance to hear the girl in Class Two who has always wanted to interrupt but said nothing. When she gets back, she sometimes has to practice cool running for catching scarabs in the future.
On the contrary, the junior high school girl who stayed but didn’t sprout expressed her opinions from time to time, which made Mo Tianyuan and Xia Qiu secretly amazed and made the girl in Class Two secretly jealous and asked that the junior high school girl was actually the farthest distance in the kilometer master Mo Tianyuan. They called the kindred spirit and asked her name by the way.
"What are you talking about? Are you so excited?" Sitting in the front co-pilot position, President Wang seems to have developed a little interest in the topic discussed by this group of young people. At the moment, he is idle and has a look at the distance from the Municipal Education Bureau. He smiled and asked back.
Mo Tianyuan’s face was red and uneasy. "No … No principal."
"Ha ha also don’t want me to know if there is that cool running game every day? I heard that you also participated in a competition a few days ago … How was the result? " President Wit Wang seems to have seen through everything. I don’t know where the news came from.
Xia Qiu opened his mouth and was surprised. "Do you even know this, Principal?"
"How can students who are educators not know something about things at ordinary times?" President Wang smiled.
Li Xiaofu duly kissed a modest ass. "President Wang is busy and knows that you are the greatest principal in our mind!"
"Well, it’s also appropriate to relax before it affects the study. Although there is still a certain gap between our school grades and those key points, it is because everyone is poor. I can understand that, but in other respects, we are not necessarily weaker than those students from other schools. When the time comes, we must go out and compete with other schools …" President Wang laughed and said it, but everyone sitting in the back row was excited.
The meeting place is in a rather spacious cascade meeting room of the Municipal Education Bureau.
No.7 Middle School, No.1 Middle School and No.1 Middle School all arrived at the back of the conference room. Many people have already sat in the conference room. It seems that some schools have arrived first. After the car, President Wang and another leading teacher of the school went to the reception desk for special teachers. Leave Mo Tianyuan for several people to find a place in the conference room and sit down.
Specially, I took a look at the location of No.1 Middle School. Mo Tianyuan didn’t find anyone who knew me. Those top students who were in the same grade with me before coming here are now attending the Senior One and Senior Two student meeting in Senior Three. Naturally, they didn’t come and look at the nearby provincial experiment and the No.2 Middle School crowd, and they didn’t find Jialiang and the familiar faces of the young people in front of No.2 Middle School that day. I thought they met the general law that "academic performance is inversely proportional to cool running strength". Now I don’t know where to sprint smartly.
There are hundreds of seats in the conference room, although the people are not here yet, but the number one hundred people present is also full of noise.
It’s interesting to eavesdrop on someone’s conversation instead of chatting when you are bored, just like the news doesn’t comment on it. It’s a truth that young people often talk even more wittily. Although they are all top students from various schools, so many people get together to talk about things that are definitely not math and English. Even if everyone present has the ability to have sex in these subjects, of course, if someone really exchanges their exam experience in this exam exchange meeting, it’s evil. Generally speaking, this product is stupid.
Mo Tianyuan listened carefully but failed to hear any interesting hexagrams. Mo Tianyuan and Xia Qiu were a little surprised by the experiments in the next province and the intermittent laughter in the No.2 middle school team. Didn’t these two schools pinch badly a few days ago? How come it’s all right now?
Well, it seems that these guys here don’t know the contradiction between the two teams in their two schools …
Do you want to go over there and give them a good warning?
Chapter 146 The way to go 【 The first more! 】
The arrival of a group of people from No.7 Middle School didn’t seem to attract much attention. A few pages who don’t know which school looked here and turned their attention elsewhere. Several people were also happy to be at leisure in the provincial experiment and not far from the No.2 Middle School crowd, listening to their talk with peace of mind.
"Dude, did you do well in the provincial experiment this time? How many times did you take the exam? " A top student from No.2 Middle School pulled the provincial experiment, and a boy asked with a face of worship.
For someone like him who focuses on the power function of ancient Chinese words every day, it is natural to pay more attention to his grades. Although his score is not low in No.2 middle school, he has an almost blind worship for these top students in key high schools
The experimental boy in that province felt proud when he heard that his face was floating. This little story gave him a long face and slightly raised his handsome public face. The experimental boy in that province said proudly, "Not much can barely make it into the top 30 in the city!"
Sitting nearby, Mo Tianyuan and his party raised eyebrows slightly in the top 30 of the city. This ranking is good …
In a school ranking in the top 30, 90% of the students in that school will recognize you as a student of learning gods. However, the rankings of different schools are very different, and the gap between students is also relatively large. Those schools with weak students can’t count the gap even if the top three schools are placed in the city.
There are more than a dozen high schools in Tiancheng, and the total number of students in all grades adds up to tens of thousands, but experimental students in this province can actually get into the top 30 in the city. People who come out of key high schools are really bloody and red!
Mo Tianyuan several people suddenly remembered seeing that Jialiang in Hua Mao Mall a few days ago, and he was in the Taiwan unintelligent sample. That guy didn’t seem to be a provincial experiment, did he? Alas, you said that people in the same school are so different …
Zheng Yingzhe was able to follow the school out to attend this meeting with a smile on his face, which made him secretly complacent. When he just learned the news in the class a few days ago, he vaguely felt that the classmates looked at him differently! Although they already know that the first place in the class is themselves, it doesn’t matter to him to show up in such a small place in the class. Even if he is a provincial experimenter, he can follow the school to point out the country in front of the top students in the city.
Sure enough, just sitting next to the meeting room with top students in the city, a foreign student came to talk to me. This is just what I want!
There are hundreds of people in this conference room at least, even in front of so many tianjiao, the old scores are first-class!
Just after telling the ranking, Zheng Yingzhe felt that the new wave of people were also surprised. Hey, hey, you scum school people came here to make soy sauce, right? Well, make me green leaves by the way. After all, flowers need green leaves to look more delicate, don’t they?