"Dead air must be caused by dead air here!" Uncle Xiangu repeatedly shook his head and sighed, "Sin! Even born to die, a monk, is really sinful. We should have killed her earlier if we had known that there was a witch in the poisonous insect valley."

Qing Mo Yan’s eyes moved. "I heard that there is a woman and kindness in the valley of poisonous insects. You said she was a witch girl."
Uncle Xiangu whispered, "That’s the villagers who know this but can’t fool my Xiangu. She has yin and yang eyes. She said that there is a witch in the valley of poisonous insects. It is because of her that these poisonous insects and demon fog are attracted … We are all villagers who don’t want to cause trouble and dare not say anything …"
After dawn, Xuanyu found his hand and carried out the bodies of four monks who died in the house and parked them in the courtyard.
The villagers heard of the death of four monks and rushed to ask them to carry the bodies outside the village and burn them, leaving others in the village dead.
Blue ink yan was unmoved.
"Little things, do you think they were killed by the dead?" Green ink yan dribbling at RuXiaoNan.
Ru Xiaonan snorted, "I don’t believe it!"
Green ink Yan pinched her pink doodle cheek with a smile of approval. "Yes, I don’t believe it."
Chapter 277 The reason for madness is that there is one truth.
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Green ink yan came to the yard before four bodies parked crouched down to take a closer look.
RuXiaoNan behind muttered a sentence "if only I had a long hatred"
There is no doctor in this village either. They can rely on themselves.
Blue ink Yan should not have seen all four bodies and then let people cover them with linen again.
"They are monks. They just came to the Poisonous Insect Valley this time to get rid of the demon fog. It can be seen that they are somewhat cultivated. Do you think they will be scared by the dead ghosts?" Blue ink yan looked RuXiaoNan.
It’s like someone asked her if she would be scared to get rid of the dead.
RuXiaoNan shook his head "no"
"I don’t think they will be scared crazy, so it may not be established." Qing Mo Yan mused with her shoulders. "Usually, people who are crazy at the slightest sign must have been greatly stimulated, and such people must have a side in their hearts that they don’t want to tell others."
"You mean these monks are guilty?" RuXiaoNan soon understood the meaning of his words.
"It’s hard to be a monk and practice medicine everywhere. Even the best doctors have misdiagnosis. What’s worse, they … but I don’t think it will make people crazy."
If they were really guilty, they wouldn’t travel around.
Ru Xiaonan blinked his eyes. "But the four of them are really crazy. How can normal people stab themselves to death in such a terrible way?"
"Yes, normal people really don’t do this. I think there should be other reasons for this, such as …"
"Drugs?" RuXiaoNan want to also don’t want to blurt out.
Qing Mo Yan’s eyes lit up and he strode into the guest room where four monks lived when they died.
RuXiaoNan followed closely behind and entered the door to see the green ink Yan patrolling around the house and finally coming to the table.
There are four tea sets and a teapot on the table.
Green ink Yan Gai looked at the pot with a little residual liquid left.
He poured out some and smelled it. It didn’t smell like tea.
RuXiaoNan slightly nervous staring at his path "don’t try it."
Before she watched the ancient investigators, she would touch some of them with her fingertips and taste them.
Qing Mo Yan’s lip angle swings some radians. "Don’t worry, I’ve always been careful."
"Is there anything wrong with this tea?" RuXiaoNan asked.
Blue ink yan sighed long hate is not really some things bad judgment.
But it didn’t bother him. He called Xuan Yu and told him to catch birds in the nearby forest.
"Remember to live and don’t let the villagers notice" Qing Mo Yan told him.
Xuanyu’s kung fu is excellent, and he caught the bird without a stick of incense.
Qing Mo Yan poured the residual tea into the bird’s mouth and found a rope to tie it.
RuXiaoNan prone on the table watching the bird.
The bird was obviously frightened, and its head drooped and its brain shrank into a ball.
In a short time, Uncle Xiangu came to the door and told Qing Moyan that the villagers gathered at their door and asked them to burn the bodies of four monks quickly so that they could dye that strange disease to others.
Because the four people didn’t die because they were infected with dense fog canker, Qing Moyan took people out to explain to the villagers that Ru Xiao Nan was left alone in the house.
The bird didn’t move. Ru Xiaonan felt a little chatty, so he teased it with his finger.
As a result, the bird suddenly exploded its feathers and its sharp mouth pecked at her fingers
Ru Xiaonan’s finger withdrawal is slower, just pecked by the other party on the front of his finger.
"It hurts!" Ru Xiaonan put her finger in her mouth and the faint smell of blood filled her eyes. "I really didn’t see that you are really fierce, this little guy."
She was complaining about the bird flapping its wings and rushed at her.
Ru Xiaonan retreated hastily, and the bird almost pecked at her face.
"ah!" RuXiaoNan fell backwards from the chair, but managed to avoid the bird attack.
"Miss Ru, are you all right?" Shi Datian ran in from the outside and carefully helped RuXiaoNan up.
The bird on the table is still fluttering, even if there is a rope around its leg, it doesn’t prevent it from being crazy at all.
The tea set on the table was knocked to the ground by it. Shi Datian hurriedly reached out to pick it up. Unexpectedly, the bird rope suddenly broke and the bird flew directly.
Shi Datian scared and hugged his head, but he still didn’t forget to call RuXiaoNan, "RuGirl, run! This bird is crazy! "
Before RuXiaoNan got up from the ground, something flew in and hit the bird.
The bird fell to the ground and its wings stirred it up for two minutes.
RuXiaoNan and Shi Datian looked up at the door.
XuanYuQing ink yan tandem into the door.
"Qing Moyan, this bird is crazy!" RuXiaoNan nasty call way