Who avoid back to GengJin second peak immediately after his yard all smile convergence.

"Now that the trivial things have been finished, I can devote myself to the orthodox cultivation career by solving the worries of the Ling family."
Thought who avoid eyes can’t burst out two harsh cold light in my heart.
"Come!" Who avoid right hand gently buckle table suddenly shouted.
Immediately, two beautiful maids of the second year of age came in from outside the door and made a ceremony at Wei Ji Qi, saying, "Wei Shibo!"
These two beautiful maids are transferred according to the five elements of the clan constitution. The younger brother, who is slightly taller in Tsing Yi and shorter in red, is called Ding Xianshang.
Although they are young and beautiful, they are both disciples of the Five Elements Sect. In fact, they are both practicing some kind of beauty-preserving skills, and both of them are over forty years old.
They belong to the kind of monks who are determined to become Taoist priests. When they were solidified into foreign brothers and entered the door, they still did not give up marrying and establishing a monk family like other foreign brothers, but chose to continue their efforts, which is why they were able to accumulate enough credit to enter the second peak.
Although Wei Ji said that the executioners should follow the rules in these two residences, they will not come by those crazy practitioners. After all, the executioners are here to do things, and it is inevitable that his brothers will be bent on repairing. Those trivial things have to be done by these executioners.
When this group of them came, Wei Ji specially inspected a final result and was very satisfied. Especially, these two maids are gentle and organized. Wei Ji has decided in his heart that if they behave consistently enough to satisfy him at the end of the service period, he will be ready to give them a medicine garden to take care of, which is also a convenient favor for them.
"Uncle Wei called us here. I don’t know what to say?" Che Qinger was older, so after Jianli, she asked
"It will take about a month for me to prepare the innate Geng Jin Excalibur." Wei Ji is not wordy. "Before I come out, I don’t have to prepare food in the kitchen, and so do the refiner and alchemist. They will assist me this month."
"Yes!" Che Qinger Ding Xianshang qi qi should way
"All right, you go. Go to Dan’s room with the squire and two children!" Said who avoid will hand a stroke signal they can leave.
"Yes!" Two people and qi qi should do a ceremony and then left.
As soon as they left, Wei Ji didn’t delay much, and immediately the breeze fled into Dan’s room, which was many times stronger than Wei Ji’s previous refining place, and all kinds of facilities were available.
Wei Ji revealed his figure in front of the huge Dan furnace. As soon as his robe sleeve was brushed, the lid of the furnace flew out, and then the mind moved and the four white jade boxes appeared in his hand.
These four white jade boxes are respectively filled with innate Geng Jing, western real gold, Taibai Jin Jing and Geng Jinyuan Jing, which are the best main materials for refining the sword embryo of the innate Geng Jin Excalibur. Many people who are trying to join the five elements of Zongjian pulse are more or less afraid of taking some sword-practicing materials. If they want to collect all these four samples and have enough weight, they will have to spend a lot of time.
It is precisely because of these precious sword-practicing materials that all have been included in the Zhu Xian Array except for some dark iron and cold iron sword materials, which are put in their own dry Kun bags.
Wei Ji’s weight of materials taken out is naturally far beyond what is needed for refining the embryo of the sword of the innate Qi Geng Jin Excalibur. He quickly smashed the box and poured the materials into the Dan furnace according to the proportion mentioned in the "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji", and then put the rest of the materials away and re-covered the furnace cover.
After these guards avoid their hands, they took out nine pieces of high-order lingshi in the dry Kun bag. In the eyes, Guanghua flashed with the nine pieces of high-order lingshi, and it just landed in the Dan furnace and "exploded" into a blazing white flame.
Such a luxury scene can only be made by a wealthy person like Wei Ji. It is an ordinary monk who will definitely go to the five elements to meet the real fire peak of the lungs. In that case, you need a high-order Lingshi.
The place that Weiji didn’t choose wasn’t a place where Lingshi couldn’t spend more, but because the fire was inevitably mixed with poison, filth, yin and so on. This kind of breath may be of great help to refining poisonous devices or dirty instruments, but it is harmful to refining orthodox instruments.
Although many methods have been developed to minimize this kind of damage, it is still impossible to completely eliminate it. This kind of dark and invisible damage is very difficult to remove, and it takes a lot of time and energy or some kind of panacea to wash and practice.
It is precisely because of this that if the conditions permit, people will choose pure spiritual arrogance for alchemy and refining. Of course, this means that even if there is no fire spirit root, the alchemy will derive the fire of Dan Yuan itself after the lower monks have completed the alchemy.
This kind of flame is also pure, although it may not be able to get the highest level of lingshi to form a spirit at the temperature, but it is better than the lasting, stable and easy-to-control place, where most monks then use fire to refine.
Further, Yuan Ying Zhen Jun owns the baby cremation god, and Shen Jun owns samadhi true fire.
Who avoid this is in their own refining fly sword, naturally, they don’t hesitate to consume the spirit of Lingshi. When the spirit of Weiji was ignited, his left arm spontaneously broke.
The left arm has not yet landed, and a flash of light has melted the appearance of Wei Ji. It looks exactly the same.
This doppelganger changed Wei Ji, and now he immediately sat cross-legged in Yuntai after all the costumes, while Wei Ji shook his left arm again and immediately grew back, then quickly changed, and a flying ant landed on him.
Soon after everything was ready, two squires, a child refiner and an alchemist all arrived. Please see Wei Ji outside the room and make four people come in.
"Wei Biao, Wen Liang, Zhou Ke, and Li Yong meet Wei Shibo!" After four people came in, they hurriedly saluted and paid a visit.
"hmm!" Wei Ji answered lightly and immediately ordered, "Wei Biao and Wen Liang, I want to turn off the refining device. You two are just outside Dan’s door. I’m not allowed to be disturbed by anyone." Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Yes!" Wei Biao and Wen Liang should have
"Well, you go!" Who avoid brushed brushed sleeves let two people left and then to the remaining two humanitarian "Zhou Ke, Li Yong, each of you is in Dan, some attainments must be fire control is not weak, now you two just I’ll guard Dan furnace until the smelting material is melted.
I want to work hard and realize the refining method of Gengjin Excalibur. Don’t disturb me if the Dan furnace is going to explode? "Wrong novel network does not jump words.
"white!" Zhou Ke and Li Yong nodded in unison and replied.
"That’s good!" Who avoid seeing this also nodded casually to find out in the dry Kun bag and immediately took out two three-inch high white jade small bottles and threw them to the two people. "This is two bottles of Pigu Dan, and even if you need more every day, you will be rewarded."
"Thank you, Wei Shibo. We will do our best to live up to our expectations!"
Both of them have been solidified. Without their strength, the younger brother refined gas. It can be said that it is particularly hard to make a low-order lingshi even if it is the lowest quality. A bottle of low-order lingshi is one hundred. If the refining device can be completed in one month, they can earn at least 70 low-order lingshi, which is almost the month before they are solidified.
Especially when you look at this exquisite jade bottle, it’s definitely not that kind of inferior stuff, so they will earn more and touch this generous elder. Naturally, they are happy and express their wishes very quickly, hoping to have such an opportunity in the future.
"All right, let’s get to work!" Said the who avoid then self-care closed the play as if to settle down.
Seeing this situation, Zhou Ke and Li Yong looked at each other and then sat cross-legged near the Dan furnace. A futon took out a cattail leaf fan from his bag and fanned the fire at the spirit.
Wei bogey’s flying ants saw Zhou Ke and Li Yong’s wind instruments fanning the fire and raising the spirit. They were meticulous and meticulous, and the flame rose abnormally smoothly without the slightest agitation. They were also quite satisfied with this matter.