"The ancestors have almost won. When the ancestors make up their hands, they will die. Everyone listens to my order to arrange the sword to return to the clan array!"

Dugu Qianqiu looked at the three ancestors who were firmly locked by the corpse witch king, and he could expect his ancestors to win quickly.
Is there a crisp sound? Dugu Qianqiu was just about to urge a sword awn to form a Wan Jian Guizong array. Just as he floated, he was caught in the chest by a black fog, and even the witch sword on the soles of his feet was cut off and turned into a piece of debris scattered into a horrible geocentric black hole that was blown out.
"Hum! It’ s deserved to die if you don’ t think you can! "
The corpse witch king’s gloomy voice made him disdainful and frowned at Zou.
Being imprisoned by the horror field of the Lich King, three ancestors of the Dugu family were frightened at the same time, and the Lich King was able to easily slay Dugu Qianqiu when facing their four masters of the celestial realms at the same time. This strength is far from being comparable to them.
Dugu Hangyun sighed with a sigh. Before the strong strength of the Lich King, he was deeply desperate.
"Maybe the world of Kendo will be ruined!"
No one can hear this sigh from the depths of the heart of the lonely cloud, which was founded by the ancestors of Kendo.
Chapter 36 corpse witch cave treasure
Xia Man in the corpse witch cave is staring at the purple-gold corpse witch soldiers with reflective eyes.
"Grandma is a bear. You’re welcome. Let’s take you away first."
Summer pretty hey hey smile overhead tiandao pagoda suddenly flew out of the 36th floor chaos mirror big purple yuan tiandao pagoda at that time, the bright purple light enveloped the whole dark cave.
At this time, Xia Man’s Heaven Pagoda has reached the thirteenth floor, and it has reached the realm of Wu Zun’s first floor. The ability of Heaven Pagoda is one hundred times more than before.
With Xia Man’s command, the purple light of Tiandao Pagoda suddenly flows like a glass pagoda, which looks beautiful and charming.
It’s an instant that the whole coffin and the corpse witch soldiers inside have already appeared in Xia Man Heaven Pagoda.
"Hey, this is a lot of voodoo!"
When Xia Man received the Zijin coffin, he saw that there was a cave at the end of the coffin that was more than two meters long. Looking around, it was full of some equal treasures or rare materials. Just seeing a few pieces here made Xia Man’s heart beat faster.
"Gathering the Soul Ding and other Wubao’s Five-Line Flag are also waiting for Wubao, as well as the peering beads and the heart-pounding towers. The most important thing in these Wubao is that Grandma Zhongwubao is a bear. It seems that all the Wubao given by the corpse witch king to the third place was rubbish, which is not as good as the last one here."
Summer pretty aggrieved scolded 1 immediately flashing eyes went in.
Heavenly Pagoda Released Heavenly Pagoda’s powerful absorption function, all kinds of things suspended with Wubaodu’s hundred rivers return to the sea and rushed into Xia Man’s Heavenly Pagoda one by one. After collecting Wubao, Xia Man still kept looking at those rare materials.
"Fluorescent Shi Xing Cinnabar Ziyun Baisha This is a rare baby! The essence of meteorite iron cold stone, chalcedony, and the baby here can all be exchanged for a sky-high price, but I can use it as nourishment in my hand. "
Summer pretty wry smile a just those absorbed by heaven pagoda WuBao has been swallowed up by the dragon pool three whole three WuBao impressively have just summer pretty see five lines of flag immediately sent.
Heaven Pagoda needs to be opened after reaching the 13th floor, and Dragon Pool needs to devour the Wubao. It seems that there are more than 150 pieces of Wubao and 20 pieces of Wubao. After countless materials, the 14th floor of Xia Man Heaven Pagoda is slowly opened.
Is cursed dragon pool waste summer pretty heart a joy suddenly convergence mind yuan god heaven pagoda looked up quietly watching the 14th floor is slowly rev..
And the place where the corpse witch king fought against the kendo wizards was also beheaded by the corpse witch king, and the wizards in the kendo world were completely in a desperate situation.
It’s like a one-sided massacre. In less than half a quarter of an hour, there are only a few dozen witches in the world of Kendo.
Being firmly locked in the realm of resin witch king, I can’t break free. The three ancestors of Dugu’s family have been red-eyed, but it is equivalent to the general strength of Kendo World. But at the moment, the department has fallen in front of them with such a big loss, even if they narrowly escaped the strength of Kendo World this time, they will fall out of the top 100.
Besides, they didn’t even have a chance to choose before the horrible corpse witch king, just waiting for them to die
Dugu Xingyun and his two brothers’ swords are filled with light, and the swords are soaring up into the sky. These swords that can pierce the sky are intercepted by the horrible black fog in the realm of the corpse witch king, like fireworks, which will completely dissipate in a gorgeous moment in the night and can’t afford to turn over any waves.
All three brothers have reached the realm of Wang Zhiyu’s endless exploration, but they are firmly suppressed by the corpse witch king and can barely save their lives.
Yu Tuxing seems to be calm and proficient in the rules of the earth. He can also use the earth’s force to reverse the situation, but after being discovered by Dugu Yunyun, he was completely cut off and directly connected with the earth. However, this is the ground after all. For the Tuxing who is proficient in the earth’s force, it is the easiest of the four to face the terror and coercion of the corpse king. It is to choose to defend the 30-story heaven pagoda overhead, and let out a burst of earthy yellow light flow and turn it into a huge round dome, just like a turtle shell. The Tuxing firmly protects it, but the continuous terrorist attacks of the corpse king
"Oh, no, someone touched my baby!"
Facing Dugu Xingyun, a four-person pain killer, the corpse witch Wang Muran’s face is cold, and he has sensed that various prohibitions have been set in the corpse witch king cave, and the most shocking thing for him is that he and the Zijin Wubing League have been cut off, and he can no longer feel the smell of leaving the corpse witch.
It stands to reason that the corpse of a purple and gold witch, a witch soldier and a witch king has been sacrificed for tens of millions of years, and it is almost under control.
The reason why the corpse witch king didn’t rush to bring out the Zijin corpse witch is because this Zijin corpse witch witch soldier has a great secret.
At the moment, I sensed that there was something wrong with Zijin corpse witch and witch soldiers, and I couldn’t consider what a big hand was waving and a crackling sound came out, and the personal terror of Dugu Xingyun immediately became one hundred times heavier.
When the corpse witch king was able to go back to see the Zijin corpse witch, the witch soldiers immediately tried their best, and even the energy of the corpse witch was urged.