However, the watch for going out for entertainment is a symbol of a person’s status. In order to cope with some occasions, she has done some understanding of some world famous watches.

In the 1970s, the average price of Omega was at least three or four hundred and one, right?
She sobbed at the corner of her mouth. Is this what Professor Gu said’ a national specialty’?
Swiss famous watches-is it really a mistake of Swiss specialty?
"Sister, this watch is so beautiful that it turns out to be gold. Is it made of gold? Show me!"
Xu Lili is more excited than she is, and she can’t wait to touch her hand.
"This watch is much more beautiful than the watch given by the married husband of the former Xia Jie. Who gave you more than 100 yuan, sister? It’s so generous!"
Xu Taotao sighed more than 100 yuan in his heart? It’s better for you to buy a strap!
Is domestic plum blossom comparable to Swiss classic Omega?
Xu Taotao quickly closed the lid and opened it. She didn’t even touch Xu Lili at hand.
"Touch what and go back to sleep!"
This watch is too expensive. Xu Taotao doesn’t want to accept a bicycle and a comrade’s watch.
Eat people with short mouths and be soft with others.
Money is money, and it must not be mixed with personal feelings.
Comrade Gu wants to give her a watch to play emotional cards, so it is convenient to order food in the future.
Hum, she can see through his insidious little mind!
She seriously put away her watch and planned to bring it to Comrade Gu the next day and decided to reprimand him severely.
Who does he take her Xu Taotao for?
Can she be bought for a watch?
A little stinky money is great, right?
Sister, come here for you!
Xu Taotao’s hatred of the rich broke out in anger.
] The host mall has famous watches from all over the universe at reasonable prices. Do you want to choose one? 】
Xu Taotao has some conation cough. That watch was pretty good just now.
But Xu Lili is still here at this time.
It’s a pity that she is right [talk later! 】
Xu Lili retracted her hand and pouted at her "stingy! When I have a date, I will let him send me a girl, but Comrade Gu is so generous. Hey hey, you earned it! "
Xu Taotao was slightly stunned. "How do you know that it was sent by Comrade Gu?"
Xu Lili has a face of exaggeration.
"This also guess? ! Isn’t he your date? When you were on a business trip, Comrade Gu came to see you as soon as he came back. My second brother and I even greeted him! "
"I didn’t expect Comrade Gu to be such a rich girl. Do you know how much he earns a month?"
As soon as her eyes rolled, she pricked up her ears and asked silently.
It’s not surprising that Xu Lili came to Comrade Gu to find her. What else does Xu Taotao pursue besides eating?
It is Xu Lili’s mouth that Comrade Gu is her object, and Xu Taotao wonders about it.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Old Fox Little Fox
Outside the factory director’s office
Secret saw Xu Taotao come over and looked at her eagerly.
"Director Xu has been waiting for you inside for a long time."
Xu Taotao ""
Be bewildered by this sudden enthusiasm
She doesn’t seem to know Ling Mi very well, does she?
Even before she was promoted to the head of the personnel department, they had never met.
Besides, if she remembers correctly, Ling Mi was still very polite to her yesterday. How come she seems to be a different person today?
She was puzzled and smiled. "Thank you, Ling Mi. I’ll go in."
Xu Taotao pushed the door and went in. He also heard Ling Secret adding a sentence in the back.
"Just call me for a cup of tea!"
Xu Taotao almost sprained his foot.
How dare she ask the director to bring her tea and water?
Ling Mi, what the hell happened to you?
Xu Taotao walked into the factory director’s office with a head of doubt.
Director Zhu’s hair is neatly combed, and he is wearing reading glasses and sitting behind his desk. What documents are he reading? He is frowning and worried about the country and the people, and he is trying his best to be a good factory director.
Xu Taotao mouth take a smoke.