Seeing Cheng Yun giving Mumu a pulse, she asked, "What happened?"

"Influenced by the mastermind technique, there may be some sequelae that do no harm to the body." He said, he gave Mumu two pills.
After putting mywood aside, Cheng Yun came to ChuYao.
Cheng Yun didn’t feel ChuYao pulse for the first time, but looked at ChuYao’s eyes first.
Seeing Cheng Yun’s left and right, Yan Re directly asked, "Is it still cured?"
Cheng Yun directly took out gauze to give ChuYao his eyes. "Fortunately, he is now a demon with better resilience. He is now a personal person, and this eye will even be ruined."
Cheng Yun help ChuYao wrapped in gauze while chanting "his life is big enough to hear that before or fiend can escape the original set to live …"
When I heard this, Yan Ruocai began to feel that something was wrong. "Didn’t he eat the Dan that you gave him to calm his soul before he stabilized his soul and escaped?"
"Who gave him condensate soul Dan? I’ll give you Dan medicine. Well, he’s so strong. It makes no difference whether he gives him Dan medicine root or not. "Cheng Yun turned his eyes and found something wrong.
"No," he began to analyze after he calmed down. "Are you saying that he saved his soul when he was a demon?"
"I didn’t give him Dan medicine, so where did he get the soul medicine?"
It didn’t take long for Cheng Yun to figure it out by himself. "Wow!"
Yan Re was startled by his surprise and slapped him directly on the shoulder. "What are you doing?"
Cheng Yun also forgot his shoulder pain. He stared at the unconscious man with gauze wrapped in his eyes and shook his head.
"It’s too strong, Xiaoshu. It’s too strong." He sighed and turned his head to Yanre to explain it.
"I didn’t give him Dan medicine, so the soul-setting Dan must have been made by himself. When he was in the cloud fairy gate, he didn’t even touch the Dan furnace, which means that the soul-setting Dan must have been practiced when he was still He Qingjun."
"He Qingjun, a mortal body, can practice selling the devil’s soul-solidifying Dan … Are you sure that Little Martial Uncle really didn’t open the plugin?"
Yan Re was silent for a while and looked at Chu Yao for a long time before returning to Cheng Yun. "Don’t you know if he opened the plug-in?"
Did Chu Yao open a plug-in? That’s definitely not true.
Don’t say Chu Yao, she doesn’t have a plug-in herself, even if Chu Yue comes in herself, she can’t open a plug-in
The reason why you can’t open the plug-in is simply that you are afraid of accidentally disturbing the order.
Chapter 356 Chapter 356
After explaining the incident with Cui Cui, Yan Re asked Cui Cui to prepare a rest place for Cheng Yun in the evening, and she continued to take care of ChuYao.
Yumumu …
Yan Re asked Cui Cui to help someone to send Mywood back to her room. Who knows that she actually asked the hostess dad to come and help, and brought Habitat by the way.
The hostess almost didn’t recognize Yan Re when she came outside the house. "Ajie?"
Heard the hostess dad YanRe this just turned around.
That face is very similar to his daughter’s, but why does it feel a little different?
The dress worn by the woman is exactly the same as that given to her daughter by the former demon king, but he feels that this dress looks a little older than her daughter’s.
There is still some blood on the clothes. Now the blood is dry, and you can smell some blood when you freeze near the clothes.
"Are you hurt?"
See the hostess dad surprised look YanRe this just hurriedly speak to appease "dad I’m ok is king …"
I heard that the woman in front of me called herself a father, a woman and a father, so that I could be sure that the person in front of me was my daughter. That’s right.
He followed her eyes to see ChuYao lying in bed, and naturally he saw it.
See habitat ran to the front of the bed, see ChuYao motionless appearance suddenly frightened pulled YanRe skirts "ajie elder sister, big brother what’s the matter?"
Yan Re gently touched the top of his head, and his tone was extremely gentle. "Don’t worry that your big brother will be fine soon."
From Yan Re’s expression, the hostess felt somehow that her eyes looking at others were a little different from before.
There seems to be all tenderness in those eyes, and listening to her voice and looking at her appearance can immediately feel peace of mind.
There was not only tenderness but also a kind of love in his eyes, which made him think of kindness and great love for the world …
No, he saw his daughter born with his own eyes. How could she have anything to do with God?
I think he is wrong.
Yan Re ‘an caressed the habitat for a while before he looked at the hostess’s father. "Dad, help me send Mumu back. He is better than Wang. It is estimated that he will wake up in a few more hours."
The hostess, Dad and Habitat, have also received a lot of care from Mumu after coming to the demon world. Now they are naturally willing to help when they see Mumu in a coma.
Yan Recai suddenly breathed a sigh of relief after seeing them send mywood away.
She hasn’t figured out how to tell the hostess that her daughter is a goddess.