The next day, Han Chen quickly woke up from the state of uniting the face is also a bit cool.

"Now it’s time to go to the moon city for a stroll." Han Chen had a stretch and walked out of the inn quickly. Of course, now this inn is equivalent to killing several people last night. It is this innkeeper.
With a faint smile on his face, Han Chen walked slowly. He also encountered many things, such as killing and robbing people in the street, but he didn’t take care of these Han Chen. Of course, he didn’t have much time to take care of this place. It’s not that he can solve it alone.
Unjust things can’t be solved by Han Chen every day.
With this in mind, Han Chen also quickly stepped forward and automatically threw these things away from his heart.
But at this moment, a sudden crashing rang out, and Han Chen also saw a group of people riding a first-order swift horse of Warcraft coming towards this side, regardless of the people on both sides of the road, many people along the way were hit by flying.
"Make way" rang out when those figures appeared in front of Han Chen.
"Huh?" Han Chen’s face changed when he saw that he was about to hit his figure. When the soul force suddenly issued, the swift horse was also surprised.
"Little Death" The swift horse on horseback, a well-dressed man is looking at Han Chen with an irate look, and his eyes are full of murderous look.
Whew …
Seeing Han Chen unmoved, the man simply raised his whip and threw it at Han Chen.
But at this time Han Chen is corners of the mouth move right hand if fast flash when is the whip to grasp a vitality of the earth suddenly condensed immediately a big hand is on the jinyi man grasp taken away.
Bang …
Dull ring out the man’s face turned red and one mouthful blood spit out solid six-fold strength root is not Han Chen opponent.
"Looking for death!" The man fell to the ground with blood in his mouth and stared at Han Chen and said, "Do you know who my father is?"
"I’d like to hear more" shrugged, but Han Chen just laughed and said, "Who is your father?"
"My dad is the duke of Moon City, but you are small but dare to offend me, you are dead." The man slowly got up and looked at Han Chen’s eyes full of hatred.
"oh? So what? " Corners of the mouth slightly lift Han Chen is to go to the front of the man with a ponder eyes looking forward when it is said, "I’ll wait for you here. Your dad is the duke of Sun Moon City, so let him come and get revenge on me."
Hearing Han Chen’s words, the man’s face is also changeable, that is, he hesitates for a moment, and after seeing Han Chen did not move, he also took a group of people away from him.
"Who is this young man? Dare to offend the Lord? "
"I don’t know. Anyway, it’s so arrogant, so let’s just watch the drama."
"Hey, this little guy doesn’t know that the little Lord is a lonely soul. Is this little guy tired of living?"
Han Chen beside those onlookers sound slowly sounded a look at silly general looked at Han Chen.
For that kind of eyes Han Chen is ignored, not slowly closing his eyes and waiting for the so-called Sun Moon City Lord to visit.
So waiting for Han Chen also heard a few rings, and soon a male voice rang.
"I don’t know where the little brother offended you and did this to him."
"Is it finally here?" Corners of the mouth slightly lift Han Chen slowly opened his eyes and looked at a group of people coming here. The first one was a middle-aged man.
The middle-aged man looks thinner, but his whole body has a long breath, which turns out to be a master of condensing the soul. Moreover, although this man looks a little gloomy, he has a sly look in his eyes. I can see that this man is definitely not simple.
"Is this the duke?" Hand over a smile Han Chen is very polite.
"It is this day that Shi Jie, the duke of Yuecheng, doesn’t know the name of his little brother." The man looked at Han Chen with a slight difference in his eyes because he didn’t see the exact strength of Han Chen.
Of course, all this is because Han Chen wore that wild silkworm treasure coat.
"Han Chen" gently nodded Han Chen quietly looking at the Sun Moon City Lord Shi Jie’s face is the same.
"My father is this little guy who hurt me." The jinyi man next to Shijie, the duke of Sun Moon City, looked at Han Chen with a face of malicious color as if he had a trust beside his father.
"Shut up" a cold drink that ShiJieYin a cold look at his side man is a look at the Han Chen laughed "dog shilong don’t understand hope Han Chen brothers forgive me"
"Ha ha, you’re welcome to the duke. It’s just a misunderstanding between me and Shi Longgong." Han Chen’s heart is also full of sneer. These guys are really not simple. Although the surface looks friendly, the bones are poisonous as snakes and scorpions
"That being the case, would Han Chen’s brothers like to sit in my city hall?" Shi Jie looked at Han Chen eyebrow yu is dense murder.
"But disrespectful" Han Chen face the same is slowly with the Shi Jie several feet Chapter three hundred and twenty-one ShiShengEn.
At this time, two figures suddenly appeared in the main hall of Sun Moon City, where it was Han Chen, the Lord of Sun Moon City, Shi Jie.
"Ha ha Han Chen brothers today also please forgive me" sipped his tea that Shi Jie also eyed Han Chen eyes also has a rather strange look.
"No discord, no concord" lightly smiled and Han Chen did suddenly shake his head when he said, "On this day, Lord Shi of Moon City is a bit difficult."
"Ha ha, this duke is really bad to do, let alone the duke of Sun Moon City in such a chaotic way." Shi Jie shook his head, and some Naidang looked at Han Chen quite tentatively and asked, "I don’t know who Han Chen’s brothers are? At an early age, I actually have this accomplishment. "
"Hehe, it is the brother of Saint-Mon College who tells the truth to the duke." Han Chen responded by showing his identity early. Of course, he naturally has his own reasons for doing so.
"No wonder Han Chen’s brothers are so powerful that they are the brothers of St. Monk’s College?" Nodding gently, Shi Jie’s face was a little weird. Just walking towards Han Chen was a little weird and said, "I wonder if Han Chen knows that the moon city will be so chaotic this day?"
"But Wen Xiang" Han Chen glanced at the mysterious Shi Jie and waited for his answer.
"Dissatisfied with Han Chen’s brother, there are three major forces in this moon city besides my Lord’s auxiliary. First, the robber Tieshan of this sun, moon and mountain alliance, their robber head Tieshan, is a double master of condensing soul, while another big gang is called Dragon Valley, which is a valley away from here. Their valley owner’s strength is triple in condensing soul. People there are all insidious than being good at making poisons, and the last one is also the strongest one called Sun and Moon to teach their leader’s strength to be in the five-fold state of condensing soul." His face has changed a little, and Shi Jie has said several major forces in
"Ha ha, so that’s it. Is the name of the moon city based on the teachings of the sun and the moon?" Nodding gently Han Chen probably guessed something.
"Han Chen brothers are very clever. This moon city originally belonged to the sun and moon religion, but it was later taken away by my family. Therefore, this moon city will change hands. Although this moon city belongs to my family, it is now in some crisis." Shi Jie looked at Han Chen with some changes in his face.