He couldn’t help reaching out and touching the back of his neck when he smelled the ebony fragrance in his breath.

He stared at the ceiling and wondered what he was thinking.
The ceiling gradually turned into Fu Fengning’s chest.
He suddenly felt that when he was lying down like this, his eyes looked slack and could hit the ceiling … Like Fu Fengning’s arms, he could get rid of the oppressive feeling, and tightly encircled him to let him break free …
But at the same time … And let him … Prehistoric cases to feel safe.
Bianca …
Shen An blushed when he looked at the ceiling. He felt that he had looked straight at the ceiling and turned his face to the wall.
But he doesn’t know what’s wrong today … You can find Fu Fengning’s shadow in everything.
Look at the walls. The walls are like that.
He scratched his hair and thought it might be because Fu Fengning marked him today.
After a while, he was still awake.
Somehow he sat up and looked at his watch. It was eleven o’clock …
Fu Fengning didn’t come to say good night to him today …
He remembered that Fu Fengning would come to see him before going to bed, but he didn’t come tonight.
Shen An couldn’t sleep even more after the idea sprouted.
At half past eleven, Shen An sat up again with his hands twisted in the corner of his robe. "Today … Uncle Fu … became my elder … I seem to … say good night to my elder …"
This reason makes Shen An’s heart happy in some unknown ways.
He pushed open the door softly to see if Fu Fengning was asleep, only to find that the bedroom door was wide open and it was dark inside.
Are you still working?
Shen An wanted to see the building, but he was worried about disturbing the nanny’s room and aunt’s rest place on the second floor, and crept to make himself quiet.
However, there is still no Fu Fengning shadow in the lobby on the first floor although the lights are on.
Shen An is a little depressed in a strange mood.
Did Uncle Fu have something to do temporarily?
Shen An crept to the third floor and went to the end of the corridor to open the curtain.
To look at Shen An drooping corners of the mouth suddenly lift up.
He saw Fu Fengning talking to two tall people about his size in a big buttonwood building.
Fu Fengning’s back to Shen An was so tall and straight that Shen Anyou was absent for a moment on a moonlit night.
He thought it was no wonder that Fu Fengning was so popular. Just the back was so beautiful that he wanted people to find out before …
Shen An can’t help but wonder what kind of person can deserve Fu Fengning …
Staring at Fu Fengning for a while, Shen An went to see two people in front of Fu Fengning again.
Both of them are dressed in fierce black, giving people a very strong temperament, like cheetahs ready to hunt.
Shen An just thought like this and saw one of them look up at himself.
His eyes looked up like a radar and condensed in the direction of Shen An.
In front of the buttonwood tree, the white light in the man’s eyes was as cold as a burst of ice. Three floors away, Shen An was also scared by the eye knife.
His hand consciously loosened the curtain and blocked his line of sight.
Shen Ansong was relieved and never dared to open the curtain again. He didn’t know when Fu Fengning would finish talking with the two men.
Some of them bowed their heads and took a few steps.
I don’t know what he just wants to say good night to Fu Fengning …
He didn’t want to go back to his room for fear of missing the opportunity to say good night to Fu Fengning, and he was afraid to stay in Fu Fengning’s room without authorization.
So he sat on the top step of the escalator on the third floor, holding his knees and waiting for someone.
After a while, he picked up his mobile phone and looked at it. It was already half past twelve.
Fu Fengning hasn’t come back yet.