Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t mean that Jin Yazhong’s reaction is normal in his opinion. If she is very happy and enthusiastic, he is afraid that she will be surprised and can’t accept it. Maybe he prefers her indifference and reserve. These other sisters make him feel very different, which is one of the most attractive places in Jin Yazhong.

When Zhang Chengyuan took a shower, he came out directly wrapped in a bath towel, and then went into Jin Yazhong’s bedroom and lay in bed, waiting for Jin Yazhong to chat and see a few sheets on the bedside, so he picked them up and took a look.
This is a psychological category called Emotional Communication. Zhang Chengyuan, who has never been interested in this category, was ready to change it, but when his eyes swept away, he suddenly found that the small print of his name actually said "Jin Yazhong". It turned out that this was actually Jin Yazhong’s participation. He immediately became interested and scanned it carefully.
He read it quickly for about twenty minutes, and then Jin Yazhong came in slowly wearing a silk robe. He waved his hand and smiled at her. "I didn’t expect you to write with someone?"
Jin Yazhong said indifferently, "It’s just a participation. In fact, most of them are written by Professor Gwang-Su Kim. I didn’t do much."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It seems that this university psychology professor wants to make a name for himself through your fame? But the so-called this one is really well written, and you can also use this one to gather some popularity. "
In Zhang Chengyuan’s view, this is a win-win situation for both sides.
There are not many professional stars who can participate in the entertainment industry. Jin Yazhong may get the title of "talented woman" through this, but Jin Yazhong is also a talented woman. Last year, she was admitted to Korea’s three most famous universities, Korea University, for postgraduate study.
Jin Yazhong said, "That professor isn’t … well, forget it." It’s no fun explaining this to Zhang Chengyuan, and Zhang Chengyuan may not be willing to listen to her explanation, so she just didn’t say it.
And Zhang Chengyuan is really not interested in talking to her. After seeing her, the professor lost interest in her mobile phone and threw it at the bedside. Then he waved to Jin Yazhong and said, "Come on!"
Jin Yazhong said, "Are you going to start now? It’s still early!" At the last moment, she suddenly felt a little uneasy.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Although it’s not yet time to go to bed, it’s really early, but come on, don’t make me wait." The tone was calm, but there was a way to resist magic.
Jin Yazhong nodded and spat out of bed.
Zhang Chengyuan immediately pulled her into his arms and bowed her head and kissed her gently. He said that he had not tasted Jin Yazhong for a long time. He really missed it for a while and was not anxious. However, it was not long before he realized from Jin Yazhong that he had made a mistake and immediately became gentle.
After a few minutes, he untied Jin Yazhong’s nightgown and suddenly found that she was wearing nothing inside, but it was a bit cumbersome to dress again because she was ready to do things. But it seemed that there was less interest in this, so he teased, "It seems that you can’t wait to have fun with me?"
Jin Yazhong gasped slightly and glared at him angrily. There was no response.
See Jin Yazhong don’t cooperate don’t want to he * * Zhang Chengyuan also don’t say continue to explore in Jin Yazhong, and soon he will Jin Yazhong pressure in …
After an hour and a half, Zhang Chengyuan stopped moving, but instead of pulling himself out, he continued to leave his guy in Jin Yazhong’s body. It seems that he wants to wait for Jin Yazhong to come back and do it again. There are not many opportunities for him to be with Jin Yazhong. It seems too bad if he doesn’t do it a few times at a time!
Jin Yazhong asked wearily, "What did you do this time for so long? Time seems not so long. "
Zhang Chengyuan kissed her on the cheek and explained, "This is the first time I told you, and I tried my best to bear it for fear of leaving a shadow for you."
Jin Yazhong gasped gently. "How long will it take you to be real?"
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "If you want to know how long I can support it, I’ll tell you that it’s okay to stick to it until morning, but I won’t do it for that long. I will stop when you really can’t stand it. I don’t want you to be greedy for your body regardless of your feelings."
"If you really care about my feelings, come on. I can’t stand it now."
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "Don’t worry. Wouldn’t it be a pity if we were in such a hurry just once in a few months?" Of course, you really don’t have the strength now, and I can’t force you, but I still have it tonight, and I can wait until you recover some strength.
You practice with the method I gave you, and the true qi can run automatically. The body’s resilience is much higher than that of ordinary people, and I’m also helping you recover your strength now, so you can come with me for a few rounds in an hour at most. "While talking to Jin Yazhong, Zhang Chengyuan also input the true qi into Jin Yazhong’s body to eliminate fatigue.
Jin Yazhong sighed and didn’t say anything more. Usually, she has long been used to following Zhang Chengyuan’s decision.
Zhang Chengyuan added, "We have to wait for an hour before we can start again. We can’t wait for such a long time. Let’s talk about killing time."
"Well, suit yourself, but you come from me first. Your body is too heavy to hold on for a long time."
Zhang Chengyuan laughed and said, "Then you can hold me down. I can hold on." If one or two people turned sideways, it would be upside down. If Zhang Chengyuan showed his strength and glory in front of Jin Yazhong, he would not let Jin Yazhong hold him down, but now it is called.
As soon as I was lying on Zhang Chengyuan’s body in Jin Yazhong, I felt a lot relaxed. It seemed that not only my body was relaxed, but also my heart was relaxed. I took a few deep breaths and suddenly asked, "Well, how long do you think we can last like this?" She dared to ask this question when she saw that Zhang Chengyuan really seemed to be much better than before.
Zhang Chengyuan Judo "If I say it’s a generation, you’re afraid you won’t believe it. I can tell you for the time being that it will last much longer than you think." If he had scolded Gen, he wouldn’t have answered so calmly now.
Jin Yazhong said, "I don’t know what’s on your mind, but I really think it’s not a good thing that you love and occupy so many women! Maybe you are comfortable now, but there will be a lot of troubles in the future. Even if you love you again, you women can’t all follow you for a generation. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I know that my heart is really too big, and I know that it will be difficult to achieve my ambition. But don’t worry, I will find a way to solve it and I won’t wait long. Maybe in the future, every one of you can marry me aboveboard. After you stop saying anything, we will separate classes. I really don’t like it when you say this. I hope this is the last time you say this to me."
In Jin Yazhong, I heard that Zhang Chengyuan said, "Maybe every one of you can marry me aboveboard in the future." This sentence is probably the most outrageous and absurd sentence she has ever heard in her life, but she recognized that Zhang Chengyuan said this sentence in a serious tone and knew that it would certainly be useless to refute his words at this time, so she stopped persuading him.
In this way, they snuggled up to each other and chatted casually for a long time. When Zhang Chengyuan felt that Jin Yazhong’s physical strength had recovered almost, and he was about to launch a second "attack" on her, he suddenly found that Jin Yazhong had fallen asleep and slept quite quietly with a faint satisfied smile on his face. When his heart suddenly warmed up, he couldn’t bear to disturb her. "Well, just sleep. When it gets up, we will do it again with more passion."
Chapter four hundred and thirty Wake up
At dawn, Zhang Chengyuan gently shook Jin Yazhong and called out, "It’s time for women to get up!"
Jin Yazhong gently "hmm", raised his hazy eyes and glanced at Zhang Chengyuan and asked, "Is it dawn?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "No!"
Jin Yazhong closed his eyes again and leaned his head on Zhang Chengyuan’s shoulder again. "Then I’ll sleep for a while. I’m sleepy!"
Zhang Chengyuan reached out and shook her again and said, "Wake up, we haven’t done anything last night?"
Jin Yazhong asked vaguely, "What is it?"
Zhang Chengyuan still stayed in Jin Yazhong and gently stabbed Jin Yazhong. To be honest, he had long been forced to want Jin Yazhong again. If his mind and body control were not greatly increased, he really didn’t want to be in Jin Yazhong. The situation was hard, so Jin Yazhong groaned in his body as early as this time.
Being hit lightly by Zhang Chengyuan’s object, Jin Yazhong immediately gave a sigh of relief, and suddenly understood what Zhang Chengyuan meant. "Didn’t we do it last night?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You suddenly fell asleep while talking last night. I don’t have the heart to bother you, so I will spare you for the time being."
Jin Yazhong murmured, "Then please spare me this time!"
"Impossible! I’ve put up with it for so long, and I’ve accumulated a fire in my heart. Now I’m going to let it out, so cheer up and cooperate with me! " Zhang Chengyuan slightly command tone said
Maybe it’s getting up early and getting angry. Jin Yazhong is a little annoyed. "I don’t cooperate. I’m sleepy. You can have it if you want. Anyway, I just want to sleep now." She still closed her eyes tightly when she said this.
Zhang Chengyuan laughed and said, "This is what you said." Suddenly he turned over and put Jin Yazhong on his body and pulled out for a while. Jin Yazhong turned over and let her back face forward and move again. It didn’t take long for her to sprint from slow to fast. At the same time, he said to himself, "How can you sleep?"
Jin Yazhong really can’t sleep any more. If Zhang Chengyuan is gentle, she may be able to barely wake up and fall asleep, but seeing him move so fiercely makes her feel happy again and again. Her sleepiness has already disappeared, but although she is sleepy, she is still not fully awake and confused by Zhang Chengyuan’s impact.
After the event, Zhang Chengyuan lay down in Jin Yazhong for less than half an hour, and said a lot of ambiguous love words praising her, such as "whiter and smoother skin, more rugged figure and more intoxicating body odor", before he left for the bathroom to take a shower and change clothes. He had to leave this morning to go to the Wind Painter crew to continue filming.
After taking a shower and changing his clothes yesterday, he turned back to the bedroom and kissed Jin Yazhong for a while before officially leaving.
When hearing the sound of the gate, Jin Yazhong couldn’t help thinking with some melancholy, "If this man is not so playboy and has so many women, then he is definitely an ideal life partner, and now he is at most an ideal bed partner!"
Think of this, her face can’t help but show some pleasant smiles, which seems to be recalling the unforgettable pleasure of love between men and women just now. She has to admit that Zhang Chengyuan’s physical and mental happiness for women is absolutely incomparable, which makes her intoxicated, so she feels even more pity!
After leaving Jin Yazhong apartment, Zhang Chengyuan first went back to the apartment and changed into a new suit. Then he sat in the building and waited for Jin Youji to drive to the "Wind Painter" crew.
In Lukin Yuji, he said to Zhang Chengyuan, "I want to ask you for a leave in a few days!" Although he became Zhang Chengyuan’s assistant, Jin Yuji still called Zhang Chengyuan by his first name according to Zhang Chengyuan’s request. Of course, he would respectfully call Zhang Chengyuan "boss" when others were present.
Zhang Chengyuan asked, "Is Brother Yuji busy at home?"
Jin Yuji shook his head and nodded and said, "Yes, yes, no,no. My wife asked me to take her to the dream concert on June 7. She wants to go to a girlhood performance live. You know our family are girlhood fans."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Dream concert on June 7th? Those nine girls are also participating? Well, it’s also normal for them to dream of concerts because their popularity is not bad now and S company’s network is hard! By the elder brother of the base you ask for leave I approved you peace of mind with sister-in-law to go to the concert. "
At the same time, he thought to himself that if he could spare time, he might as well go to the scene to have a look, as if he had never been there to support those girls, which seemed to be a failure to be a brother.
After arriving at the crew, Zhang Chengyuan cordially greeted the crew members, and then began to throw himself into the work to change clothes and make up. Then he took two days off, so he accumulated some scenes that he should shoot but didn’t shoot. However, neither he nor the director has paid attention to this kind of thing. Anyway, his acting skills and physical strength can always catch up with the scenes he owed in a short time. He took a leave of absence for ten days, and he made up the scenes he owed in three or four days with high quality, and now he owes two days.
Of course, this may also be because at present, it is the initial stage of shooting, and many things are not ready yet. The shooting progress is not fast, and there are not many reasons. During the filming for more than a month, it took less than three scenes, so Zhang Chengyuan could easily catch up with the scenes he owed.
Besides the fact that the drama has not been finished and some details have to be processed, the most troublesome thing is the professional knowledge involved in the drama, especially the oriental painting. Because this drama is about painters, it is necessary to shoot many painting scenes. Although some can ask professional painters to ghostwrite, there are also many scenes that need to be written by actors themselves in order to make them more realistic, which requires actors, especially Zhang Chengyuan and Wen Genying, to have certain painting standards.
Among them, Zhang Chengyuan is the most relaxed one. Because of his past life, he has also studied law and painting. Although he was average at that time, it is more than enough to shoot now. In addition, although modern oriental painting has incorporated some western painting skills and some differences with Chinese painting, it is still similar in general, so Zhang Chengyuan does not feel much difficulty in accepting it, and his learning ability is super strong. It is really a little difficult and can be easily solved.
It was when he first joined the crew and studied for more than a week after filming that his oriental painting level greatly exceeded that of Wen Genying, Park Zhenyu and other actors who had practiced for several months before.