Boom strong and scorching golden flame actually broke out from the Yang green pike soil. It seems that the magic released by rugal turned out to be the extreme Yang fire fuel, which is generally stronger than the previous Ji Dong heyday. The extreme Yang fire made everyone including Ah Chin feel breathless.

Long and vigorous, Long Yin sounded from Ji Dong’s chest, and his huge body seemed to be broken down from him.
Claw a shake that burned into a golden pike has instantly broken into several golden fragments scattered. More than a dozen extinct war divisions suddenly turned into more than a dozen fireballs screaming and scattered for a moment. Their bodies have been reduced to ashes and the deafening dragons have suddenly changed from one to two, one, one, one, two, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, two, one, one, one, two, one, one, one, two, one, one, one, two, two, four, Ji Dong mounts the Great Yan
The huge body finally separated from Ji Dong’s body and Ji Dong’s body was thrown back by it.
Seeing this sudden behemoth, both the extinct legion and the Golden Eagle Chamber of Commerce believe in their eyes, and the most direct effect of its appearance is that it includes the ground lizard and dragon king place, and the ground lizard and dragon head fall to the ground. These well-honed Warcraft have no fighting spirit to crawl and tremble violently, as if they feel something worse than terror.
Even in the face of the collision of two super-killer skills, these lizards were not so, but now this situation is so real
Except Ji Dong, it seems to others that Ah Kin, a creature suddenly separated from Ji Dong’s body, is a monster. Yes, it is a monster. He has shrimp eyes, antlers, a cow’s mouth, a dog’s nose, a lion’s mane, a snake’s tail, fish scales, eagle’s claws, and nine kinds of animals. The most peculiar thing is that it struggles for a body that is half black and half white, and has two heads and nine claws, half black and half white, but no wings, but it just floats and dreams.
The most shocking thing about it is that Ji Dong looked at himself. This huge body is ten meters long. He has kindness in his heart. Yes, it is kindness, because it is a monster creature for others. It is the symbol of the Chinese dragon in its past life.
In Ji Dong’s mind, this world dragon is just some flying lizards, and this is the dragon image with him riding! But why does it have two heads and five claws? Sitting on his back, Ji Dong not only feels that his magic is recovering at a terrible speed, but also feels that he is connected with flesh and blood as if this dragon body is a part of his body.
"Ji Dong, don’t be surprised that this dragon has inherited your blood face and your soul is interlinked.
It’s your blood, soul and chaotic power that gave birth to his growth, and he has the same magic as you, plus the unique power of the dragon. At birth, he already has the ultimate magic of the order, and its image is completely changed according to the hope in your soul, while the ultimate double fire at the core of chaos is the sacred fire, which evolved through your soul and blood. I took the scientific name of Dayan Flame Dragon. The sound of the flame is so beautiful every day, as if all this should be like a sudden ten-day Ji Dong had a feeling that the battle seemed to be under the control of the flame.
From his own fight with Chen Longao to his super-killing skills, whenever he encounters a crisis that is difficult to cope with, he will immediately turn for the better, and this turn is due to the flame, and Akin will appear as a great flame dragon.
Once again, the two dragons rang out from the two huge dragon mouths of the Great Yan Flame Dragon, and the thundering roar was incomparable to the extreme double fire magic coercion. This time, it not only suppressed the enemy, but also suppressed the extreme yin and gold breath of Ah Chin.
If the anger is as big as a gentle little girl, the flame dragon is majestic, and the Emperor of Warcraft is also the ultimate double fire and coercion, but it is completely indifferent when it is released from his body. That is the end of the king’s arrival. The remaining warriors and warriors of the extinct legion are not only suppressed by magic, but also their bodies have become sluggish. The diameter of 500 meters in the sky has become black and white, and all colors have disappeared at this moment.
The magic domain of the Great Yan Flame Dragon, the ultimate double fire magic domain, just the release of this magic domain proves that it is far more magical. Generally speaking, Warcraft is equivalent to the seven-crowned magic division, and only the crowned magic division can release the magic domain. Thus, the Great Yan Flame Dragon Body appeared.
The two dragon heads and the four dragons looked around. He was so arrogant and looked at the enemy with contempt, but he didn’t move. Ji Dong clearly felt that the dragon department of Dayan Flame had its own soul communication, and his various abilities were also branded in the depths of Ji Dong’s soul. Ji Dong ordered him to attack.
The soul is connected, and they are not allowed to "practice" and communicate with words and actions, which has achieved the perfect cooperation.
"Retreat" witnessed the appearance of the Great Yan Flame Dragon and felt the horror extreme. The double fire demon domain strongly suppressed Jackie Chan’s pride. Even if he was unwilling to retreat at this time, he could definitely continue to go to this war. The final result is probably that his own army was wiped out. His side has no roots to compete with this head. I don’t know if it is the ninth or tenth order Warcraft. Expect rugal? Different from an idiotic dream, he can pray in his heart that one less person in the extermination corps will bring back more strength.
Ah Chin Zhan’s figure flashed, chasing and retreating, and the extinct legion soldiers were two people. From her hand, Jin Zhonghua broke into pieces, and the vibrato came from it. "Stop chasing and put out the fire first."
If it weren’t for the anger, Ji Dong would not hesitate to ride the Great Yan Flame Dragon to wipe out the strong enemy, but at this time, he felt that the vitality of anger was passing away, and it was more important to kill the enemy than to put out the fire.
Although the Great Yan Flame Dragon has no wings, it flies at a speed like a virtual crossing. It is not only extremely fast but also extremely fast. It is almost ten meters long, and its body has already rushed into the forest in a flash. With the help of Ji Huoer Soul Link, it quickly found the place where the angry man fell.
Angry, lying quietly, a lot of blood gushed from the body, and a hole the size of a fist penetrated its chest. The vitality of the original intense phoenix eyes was rapidly passing away, and all of them had turned gray.
Ji Dong jumped from the back of the Great Yan Flame Dragon and came to the angry side. "He picked up the angry and burst into tears." Angry, you must hold on, you will be fine. "Take a deep breath. Ji Dong hesitated a little. He gritted his teeth and printed the angry chest and back through the wound. You can’t let angry continue to bleed and then bleed.
Angry is really doubtful.
The harsh golden light flashed without being angry, and he snorted and fainted. Ji Dong forced her wound to be temporarily sealed with his own yang fire magic, and took out a bottle of healing medicine that Yao Qian had given him. He poured all the bottles into his angry mouth to stimulate the magic and carefully injected it into the angry body to try to stimulate the medicine.
However, when Ji Dong injected magic into Angry Body, she found out how serious her trauma was. The nature of rugal’s blow was not enough to hurt Angry Body, but after the body was penetrated, more than 30% of the meridians of Angry Body were broken, and the magic root worked smoothly to stimulate the drug. If it was not for Angry’s strong vitality, I am afraid it would have died.
Think of angry eggs that have gone through three thousand years of painful struggle, and it is not easy to hatch. Think of your angry feelings over the past few years. Ji Dong’s heart is full of sadness, but he just doesn’t know whether it is good to have a library of books.
Ah Kin Ji Dong’s side, she came to settle accounts with Ji Dong as soon as the danger was over, but at this time, she saw Ji Dong so sad and angry that she had spoken on her lips.
"Take the angry man back to the center of the earth, everything has me." The flame sound appeared in Ji Dong’s mind like a lifeline.
"Flame" is almost without hesitation. Ji Dong immediately issued a call
Ji Dong, Ah Kin and Angry were wrapped in red light, but he didn’t leave Dayan Flame Dragon alive. Sen Ji Dong didn’t forget to tell Dayan Flame Dragon to stay here when he left. If another enemy invades and kills him and gets such a powerful mount to come to Ji Dong, he should be extremely excited. After all, this is what he has been looking forward to, but Angry is seriously injured. How can he get excited?
When the scenery becomes quiet again and returns to the inner world, a white light has enveloped and swept Ji Dong’s arms into anger.
Flame on the right hand of the geocentric rock platform was shrouded in white light. Angry has come to her front. With a wave of his hand, the intense double-fire element was forcibly pulled away from the geocentric magma by her and continuously injected into Ji Dong’s body. Looking at her clear and impure eyes, Ji Dong felt a warm heart, and the pain and sadness suddenly weakened somewhat.
Flame judo "Don’t worry, if there is a tile, it will be fine with her. We have the same magic. With chaotic fire, I will hold her life. I will leave it to you here. You still need to deal with the Ding Sen demon. Asking them for a bottle of life source to help her recover quickly without leaving sequelae."
Ji Dong’s eyes lit up at the words of the flame. Yes! I didn’t think there was a source of life, but it can live and die. "Flame, then I’ll go first."
The flame said, "Ah Kin, you go with Ji Dong. His magic is not over yet. Please help him."
"I" Ah Kin’s body trembled slightly. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t say it after all. But the hidden metal mask’s charming face has already flushed red. Even now, her plump ass still has a hot feeling. She can’t help but feel weak at the thought of the embarrassing scene.
When Ji Dong and Ah Kin came back to life, the Great Yan Flame Dragon soared in the middle of the forest, coldly observing the surrounding Ji Dong. As soon as this dragon appeared, it was stronger than the dragon with the appearance of the Chinese dragon and immediately climbed into front of Ji Dong.
Make sure that you will be angry. Ji Dong’s mood is relaxed for a few minutes. Only then can you carefully observe yourself. This mount partner Dayan has a nine-point resemblance to the Chinese totem dragon in his memory. You know that all human beings in his previous country have the title of dragon man. How can you feel unfriendly when you see the Chinese dragon?
The only thing that makes Ji Dong a little strange is that the Great Yan Flame Dragon turned out to be nine claws instead of five claws in his memory.