Human beings pursue different things. Some people give up their lives for righteousness. Some people naturally think highly of life. Unfortunately, few of them are really hard bones, so that they can really fight with experts and immediately become soft-footed shrimps.

Those live banquets were all bought at a high price. Who are these swordsmen who are so shameless?
The landlord can hide from the side when he looks at the tears in his eyes.
There are two fellow brothers beside Xu who have the courage to laugh in the sky and are in high spirits.
At this time, a handsome young man dressed in a moonlight gown suddenly appeared in front of the three men and stopped them.
"You haven’t checked out yet."
Check out?
Xu’s head is a little twisted. He looks at Chen Shaobai like an idiot. "Does it cost money to eat all the time?"
This student doesn’t have any strength, the sword on his waist and the blue Se sword spike. At first glance, he can perform the sword. Is he stupid to read it?
"It’s natural to give money and property for dinner. If you don’t give it, you will violate the heaven and be punished by the immortal."
Chen Shaobai told this truth seriously, and the owner was in tears, but he didn’t kneel down for him.
But now the vast majority of Qian Shan people who come to this autumn illusion even kowtow to Chen Shaobai.
"Give money? It’s not impossible. Let’s exchange three punches with each other. If you can make me back half a step, even if you win this account, I will recognize it. "See two senior brothers watching Xu with great interest and preparing to have some fun to relieve depression.
I can’t blame him for leading the team in Tianmen Science this time, but the pressure on the old Uber who is said to be almost 140 years old is too great. If the road is missing, he will have psychological problems even if he is a master of quenching gas.
"hmm? Is this true? " Chen Shaobai’s smile makes people feel like soaking in the hūn wind, and his eyes are bright and pure. Some eye-catching people almost can’t help asking him to come out.
"Of course it’s serious and I’ll let you punch three times first!" Xu Dezhi’s face is full of ridicule.
Chen Shaobai rolled up his sleeves and made a bodybuilding model to show strong muscles and full arms. "I’m fifteen years old and I have more than three swords to practice. Please listen carefully and don’t go back on our word later."
Look around the diners is dahonghe often no one can find that a ray of banter hidden in Chen Shaobai’s eyes is to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and eleven Wine Sword Fairy in
Chapter two hundred and eleven Wine Sword Fairy in
Chapter two hundred and eleven Wine Sword Fairy in
"Go back on our word? Ha, ha, ha, with you? "
Xu Yangtian laughed, and the running mana in the abdomen suddenly exploded, directly propping up the slightly loose black robe.
Think of him quenching his breath and planting a heavy sword to cultivate the immortal. Are you afraid of losing a bet with a mortal who has no magic? Going back on our word?
Even through a robe, people can see the strong, smooth and explosive muscles inside, and the onlookers can’t help but hang up.
Although not many people present are really good men and women, the so-called goodness at the beginning of human beings have a little desire for truth, goodness and beauty in their hearts. Although they can’t do this just move of "helping each other when the road is rough", it doesn’t mean that they have no respect in their hearts.
As a result, many top-notch diners in Yuhua Square have been talking about Xu Yuan Chen Shaobai.
The atmosphere in the field is getting hot, and there seems to be a little bit of anger in the gas. Xu’s eyes are getting cold, and it seems that he will be unable to hold back and hurt people.
"Looking for death!"
It contains mo Li’s cold hum, which makes the spectators shut up involuntarily. Although Xu is not reasonable, it seems that he has suppressed the field by manpower.
Will banter mocking eyes cast she to Chen Shaobai Xu dazed.
How can this fucking idiot be okay?
Seems to see his mind Chen Shaobai responded with one hand down "our readers are sitting straight and have their own integrity, not afraid of strength, not afraid of yin Wei, not afraid of yin wealth."
How nice that is! Many people with strange thoughts and insinuations about Chen Shaobai’s stupidity suddenly hide their faces and bow their heads, feeling that they are as small as a grasshopper and ants in front of such people.
But …
So Xing Ge has no time and no one to protect him, and he hasn’t died yet? Is the world really blessed by God? Or is it that "integrity" is playing a role?
"You noisy! Will you fight or not? I will fight first if I don’t shoot again! " Seeing Chang and two fellow senior brothers of Dahong with unhappy faces, Se Xu was careful to know that he had something important to do and could not delay too long, so he urged him to speak.
"Okay, I’ll punch."
Chen Shaobai will fold up a sleeve and throw your skirts behind you to avoid being contaminated with dust. Se muttered something to herself in a low voice.
This unusual behavior has aroused great interest of others. The three magic brothers and some people with advanced swordsmanship and hard ears could not help laughing after listening to each other’s words clearly.
"Gao Tian Sheng Da Ci Ren Yu Huang Da Tian Zun Xuan Qiong Gao Di helped me punish evil and promote good in Mengqin Xian Zun Jiu Jian Xian"
It turned out to be a Buddhist worshipper who turned himself into a fool!