Looking at these energetic dragon teeth guards in front of him, Jiuzhong can already foresee that they will become a fearsome force in the future, and an absolute trump card in his hands!

Chapter sixty-three Crazy war orc king
Jiuzhong led the Dragon Tooth Guards to train so arrogantly, and it was so powerful that they couldn’t attract attention, especially the black rose in the phoenix dance. Players who passed by here quickly used the virtual camera function to photograph Jiuzhong, the phoenix dance and the black rose, and then quickly uploaded them to the game official website!
What a coincidence! Unfortunately, this post was seen by a player of Tianwang’s mercenary group when he was browsing in official website. He also participated in the battle of hunting the phoenix in Qishan, and immediately recognized Jiuzhong, Fengwu and Luan!
"Shit … so this guy is not a demon king, but also a player!" This player quickly went online and found the son of Tianwang in the headquarters of Tianwang mercenary group.
I lost the guild token first, and then I lost the Phoenix. I was frustrated many times, and everything went wrong. Recently, the King of Heaven was extremely depressed and was drinking in the house he bought. At this moment, I saw the player running near him and said, "Son, son, no, we have been cheated! !”
"Mama of, what was cheated? ! You speak clearly! " King childe took a sip of wine, saying.
"Last time in the first sight Grand Canyon in Qishan, the devil we met, he was a fake, he was not a devil, just like us, he was just a player! We were all cheated by him! That phoenix was also captured by him and made a pet. Now he is taking a ticket man to fight monsters and train in the wild orc area outside the misty city! "
"What? ! !” Hearing this, Huo Ran stood up, grabbed the player by the neck and said, "What you said is true? !”
"Of course it’s true, childe! His post is hanging on the official website, and someone photographed him. It’s true! Absolutely can’t be wrong! !”
“……! !” The muscles on the face of the heavenly king’s son twitched violently because of emotion, and suddenly he threw his glass in his hand on the ground and swore, "Damn it, how dare you lie to me! ! I won’t spare you! ! !”
The heavenly king’s son growled, "Gather my troops at once! ! I’m going to kill him! ! !”
This player went down to command, and soon all 20,000 members of the Heavenly King mercenary group gathered for standby, just waiting for the Heavenly King’s son to give the order!
The heavenly king’s son’s face was as heavy as water, and his face was gloomy and terrible. He swept the members in front of his eyes, and with a sword, he said coldly, "Let’s go! !”
At present, the Heavenly King’s son led twenty thousand members of the Heavenly King mercenary group, and they were aggressive and headed for the wild orc area outside the ethereal city!
In the wild orc area, Jiuzhong has led the Dragon Tooth Guards into the hinterland of the wild orc. From a distance, he saw an orc standing in the middle of three fires, one size larger than ordinary wild orcs, holding a giant mace, and standing there like a half-black tower, which was terrible!
Nine heavy from a distance, I knew this guy is not easy to deal with, the level of Longya Guards is too low now, even if there is technology, I’m afraid it will suffer!
Tell the Dragon Tooth Guards not to provoke him. Jiuzhong himself came to its vicinity, and a "critical eye" threw it in the past, and got the information of this monster. It is an elite BOSS monster, a raging orc king, with a level of forty-five, a super-physical attack monster, and it also has a very special attribute-it has a certain chance to evolve into a heroic BOSS and fight the orc king when it is strongly stimulated!
"Oh, it’s interesting. It seems that not all parallel imports are here. I finally saw a decent one!" He came out to train with the Dragon Tooth Guards. After a few hours, Jiuzhong hasn’t moved his hand. Now he can’t help but feel a little tickled when he sees this furious orc king. He told the Dragon Tooth Guards not to start work, and he leaned up against the furious orc king himself!
"roar! !” See nine heavy hostile approach, furious orc king broke a loud roar, followed by his hands picking up the giant mace in his hand and rushing up at nine heavy, picking up the stick and smashing it!
Seeing the mace of the furious orc king smashed, Jiuzhong pulled himself out and jumped to the right, lightly avoiding the smashed mace, and the mace of the furious orc king smashed to the ground, only to hear a "bang", which abruptly smashed a big hole on the ground and aroused a wave of soil!
The furious orc king didn’t react slowly. When he saw Jiuzhong jump out to the right, the mace scraped off a line of land and swept straight at Jiuzhong!
Jiuchong squints at the mace sweeping towards him, instantly estimates its approximate speed, then suddenly accelerates, and jumps behind the furious orc king at a slightly slower speed than mace!
When Jiuzhong leaps to a position parallel to the body of the Furious Orc King, his mace just arrived by a hair’s breadth, and the speed here is reduced to zero!
Jiuzhong seized the moment’s pause. As soon as he fell on the mace, his foot slammed one of the maces to speed up, and lightning rushed to the head of the furious orc king. At this time, the furious orc king’s face was just facing the Jiuzhong, and Jiuzhong was also welcome. He cast out the accessory skill "Meteor Nine Obsidian" of the dragon fist set, and punched the furious orc king’s big face like rain!
The furious orc king was beaten black and blue, his nose and mouth were bleeding, and his hill-like body fell back and fell to the ground!
Jiuchong gained power and tide wait for no man. After the "Meteor Nine Obsidian" ended, other professional skills went into battle again and again, and continued to hunt down the furious orc king!
The furious orc king was in pain, and at the same time he was very energetic and excited. He swung his mace with both hands and bent his elbow at his other, trying to cut Jiuchong down from behind!
At the same time, when Jiuchong attacked the furious orc king, he kept an eye on its mace. He felt the strong wind coming from behind and didn’t look back. He slammed the collarbone under the neck of the furious orc king and flew out, avoiding the mace coming from behind!
As a result, the mace of the furious orc king fell behind, and it actually hit his face, immediately adding a touch of color to his face, which had been almost destroyed by Jiuchong!
"ouch! !” The furious orc king was so painful that his tone changed!
Nine heavy rush out a somersault fell to the ground, followed by a spin to accelerate and recoil back immediately, and landed near the top of the head of the furious orc king. His hands buckled the two teeth of the mace still on the face of the furious orc king and waved the mace up and down constantly!
"poop-poop-poop! !” Mace continues to do devastating damage to the unrecognizable face of the furious orc king!
"Ouch! !” The furious orc king once again screamed like a pig!
The Dragon Tooth Guards who were watching the battle secretly said a sentence when they saw Jiuchong’s maverick and eclectic attack methods, but they were still the boss! !
"roar! !” Being so tyrannical, the self-esteem of the furious orc king was strongly stimulated, and he was full of anger. A heart-rending roar broke out, and Huo Ran broke a golden gas in his body, flying out of the nine-fold earthquake!
The furious orc king stood up straight from the ground like a zombie!
"Hey … finally evolved? !” Be shocked out of the nine heavy not surprised instead of happy, excited looking at the changing wild orc king in the field!
At this time, I saw the furious orc king in the field centered on the middle chest, and a golden awn spread all over the body at the speed visible to the naked eye. It was only a few seconds of kung fu, not only the whole body of the furious orc king, but even the giant mace in his hand was covered by the golden awn and turned into a golden mace!
Jiuzhong saw a "critical eye" thrown in the past, and got its brand-new information. He fought like an orc king, a hero BOSS monster, with a level of 55, doubled his defense, doubled his attack, doubled his speed and doubled his blood!
Although the furious orc king has transformed, his face, which was ruined by Jiuchong, has not recovered, and it is still terrible and bleeding profusely!
"roar! !” The orc king burst out with a terrible roar, turned to nine heavy, and the next moment, he rushed at nine heavy like an arrow, and instantly reached the crowd, smashing his stick!
Crazy war orc king made this series of actions to attack Jiuchong, and Jiuchong only made one action. Just as the crazy war orc king raised his mace, he took a step in front of him and flashed into his arms, which inevitably escaped the thunder of the wild orc king!
"… rose dragon 18 even! ! !” Nine heavy deep voice sounded, and he saw a red dragon burst under the king of the wild war orcs, which abruptly blasted its huge body off the ground like a mountain, followed by a new red dragon explosion, which blasted it further off the ground. Then he saw one red dragon after another bursting continuously, hitting the red dragon fist for 17 consecutive times, and dazzling the wild war orc king to a height of 10 meters!
The last blow, the Red Dragon Boxing, landed a heavy blow on the jaw of the King of the Wild Orcs, beating the King of the Wild Orcs head up and continuing to fly high!
At the end of the combo, Jiuchong was quick of eye and load. He took the opportunity to hold one foot of the orc king in order to gain the power to rise. His arms suddenly struggled, and he quickly rose, leaped above the head of the orc king, and bent his knees against its crown! Crazy war orc king’s rising trend was abruptly stopped, paused in mid-air, and the next moment, the free fall fell straight towards the ground!
At the moment of the fall of the orc king, Jiuzhong grabbed its ears with both hands, gained the speed of falling, rode in front of its face, punched out, and continued to destroy the big face of the orc king, hitting the ground from mid-air
At the last moment when he was about to fall to the ground, his fists came out together, and once again he actually hit the face of the king of wild war orcs. Then he only heard a loud bang, and the head of the king of wild war orcs fell into the arms of the earth and sank into the ground!
The smoke cleared away, and after a few symbolic convulsions, the orc king died!
Before his death, Wang Lin, an orc, played the last remaining heat and contributed a pile of coins and a golden mace two meters long to Jiuzhong!
Nine heavy stood up from the furious orc king, said a sentence, "cool ~! !” Then I quickly swept away the money on the ground, and finally I picked up the golden mace. When I clicked on the properties, I saw, "Dragon Tooth: equipped with holy spirit, heavy mace with both hands, durable 800/800, attack 850~1050, damage bonus 15%, 50% probability of double attack, wound tearing, bloodthirsty, 20% reduction of target defense."
"Oh, not bad, it turned out to be the holy spirit …!" Nine words still unfinished, suddenly interrupted by a gnashing voice!
"Mama of, boy, you cheated me so miserably! !”
Jiuzhong looked inside and smiled. "Hey, it’s you!" "
Chapter sixty-four unstoppable
"Yes, it’s me!" Surrounded by twenty thousand league members, Heavenly King Childe slowly approached Jiuchong with his sword, staring at Jiuchong with resentment, wishing to tear Jiusheng alive with his eyes. "Dare to offend me is your greatest misfortune, and I will make you pay a price that you absolutely can’t afford! Now, you will die here, and then, I will hunt you down in full suit, so that you will regret entering this game! !”
"Oh, the tone is not small!" Jiuzhong came forward with the great wizard to meet the heavenly king’s son. When he passed by the phoenix dance, he whispered, "Call someone quickly!" Then he stood in front of the heavenly king’s son, and the dragon tooth shouldered it, looking at the heavenly king’s son with great interest and saying, "With you? Can you do it? !”
With his sword in his hand, the heavenly king’s son gestured to Jiuchong to look at the people behind him, cocked his mouth arrogantly and said, "What do you say ~?" !”
"You want me to say …!" Nine heavy suddenly flashed to the side and shouted to the great wizard behind him, "Little Zunzi, start work! !”
"The mountain god … fit! !” Under the command of Xiaoyu, Dawu Zun quickly merged with the soul of the mountain god, followed by a mass destruction trick, "Taishan coping! !”
Above the head of the Heavenly King mercenary group, a small mountain peak appeared out of thin air, with unparalleled power, whistling and falling down towards them!
"Mama of, your boy play Yin! !” The heavenly king’s son scolded 1, and quickly ran away, and the members behind him immediately scattered and fled!
The coverage of "Taishan coping" is really large, and the people on the side can say that the players standing in the middle are too late to escape anyway, and there are four or five hundred people collectively crushed into patties!
"… landslides! !” Using the small mountain peak summoned by "Taishan coping", Dawu Zun followed suit with his next big move, but he heard a loud explosion, and the whole small mountain peak burst and shattered, and the players of Tianwang mercenary group who had just escaped from the jaws of death were affected again!
The players of the Heavenly King’s mercenary group saw my mother and fled again. Even so, three or four hundred people were sent back to their hometown by the rain of broken bodies!
As soon as the "landslide" was over, the third big move, "Ground fissure!"! !” A piece of ground in front of Dawu Zun suddenly cracked inch by inch, listing countless cracks and spreading rapidly to the distance!
Just to catch my breath, the Heavenly King mercenary group looked back. My God, I only hate my parents for giving birth to fewer legs, so I entered and ran away again! Even so, there are still thousands of players who can’t run away, fall into the cracks and never come up again!