"Don’t be so nervous, okay? I’m not trying to abuse Xiaobao. I want to change him." Zhang Ting patted his chest and looked at Han Hao.

"I’m sorry, but how do you want to change Xiao Bao? Xiao Bao is fine now. Why are you going to change him? " In Han Hao’s eyes, he felt that he was more sensible than a child.
"What’s good? Look at Xiao Bao. When he encounters a little setback, he becomes a picture that he doesn’t want to live. Is this good for him? He can’t stand setbacks at an early age and has grown up with more setbacks. Will he be like you?"
Han Hao opened his mouth, and he had to admit in his mind that this Zhang Ting statement was quite reasonable.
He’s really a little weak.
"Then how do you want to change Xiaobao?" Han Hao looked at her and asked
"It’s very simple. I want Xiaobao to have a well-off life. These children will follow me to Tingcun for a few days every few days to let them feel that they have not taken care of their lives."
"Is this all right? These children in your family are used to being waited on at home. Can they adapt if no one is waiting on them?" Han Hao’s heart ached at the thought that he had no one to wait on him and had to cook by himself.
"Will I be so weak in raising children in Zhang Ting?" Zhang Ting corners of the mouth satisfiedly bent.
Into Hao’s house
In the hall, a large group of children in the family gathered there to listen to Xiaobao’s story about what he had experienced this time.
"Those children really don’t have parents? Then how do they live? " A well-off surprised sound came from the hall.
"They did it themselves." Zhang Ting went inside and told the children present in the hall with a smile.
"Elder sister" several sounds descended once on Zhang Ting’s side.
Followed by several small bodies descended on Zhang Tingshen.
"Just now, Xiao Bao said something nice?" Zhang Ting took Xiao Bao and jumped into the hall to sit and look at them.
"Listen to the elder sister xiao bao said just now is it true? Did you and Xiaobao really go to that place? Are those children really fatherless? " Xiaokang excitedly asked Zhang Ting several questions.
"Yes, what Xiaobao said is true. There are so many children there who have no father or mother. Some of them are younger than you."
"They are really good," Xiaokang said with a smile.
He thought of the time when he lived with his sister.
At that time, he was only four or five years old. If he hadn’t had his sister around to take care of him, he thought he would not have died in this world long ago.
"I’ll help you ask your husband for a few days off in a few days, and I’ll take you to that village for a few days." Zhang Ting looked at them and said.
"Yeah, I just wanted to go there after hearing Xiao Bao finish." Hao Gui patted his hand and looked forward to this place in Tingcun.
"I want to go too."
"I want to go, too." At that moment, the children in the hall expressed their desire to go one by one.
At this time, Han Hao, who came in behind Zhang Ting, listened to these children’s words in the hall and threw a sympathetic look at these children.
These children are really sold and still counting money for others.
After a few days
Finally, several children have always wanted to go to the local court village.
Zhang Ting took a few days of daily life, rice, vegetables and some cakes, and a group of children drove the carriage to Tingcun.
As soon as I arrived at the entrance of Tingcun Village, a group of children gathered around again.
"Owner" Zhong Dabao greeted Zhang Ting with a smile beside the carriage.
"Brother Dabao" Xiaobao was forced to stay out of the carriage when he heard the sound of Dabao.
Zhong Dabao saw Xiaobao grin "Master Xiaobao"
"Are you talking about Zhong Dabao in Xiaobao’s mouth?" Hao Gui heard the voice outside lift the car curtain and stared at Zhong Dabao next to the carriage with a face of examination expression.
Xiaobao has not heard the name Zhong Dabao in his ear these days.
Dabao looked at this and suddenly jumped out.
See somebody else wearing a big treasure will know that this must also be the owner here.
"Master, I am Zhong Dabao." Zhong Dabao saluted Hao Guihang respectfully.
"I heard that you can catch rabbits?" Hao Gui looked at Zhong Dabao and continued to ask
"A little," Zhong Dabao replied modestly.
Hao Gui hummed, "Let’s compare who can catch rabbits these days."
Zhang Ting watched and saw these two guys because of the rabbit thing, and Zhang Ting rushed out to interrupt their conversation.
"Dabao asked some people to come and help me move things to the village." Zhang Ting touched the little guy’s head and said.
Zhong Dabao was happy to answer "Good owner Dabao will call someone".
Throw this sentence Zhong Dabao turned and ran into the village.
"Niang" just then a girl’s voice floated into Zhang Ting’s ear.
A girl in a floral dress ran from the children to Zhang Ting’s feet.
Zhang Ting looked down and soon saw that this girl was not the girl who held her leg and called Niang two days ago.
Chapter 77 Experience life!
Let Xiaokang hold his jumping eyes wide open and shout "I, my mother, my mother" at the girl holding Zhang Ting’s leg.
The girl saw a younger brother yelling at herself and not yelling at Zhang Ting, revealing a pair of curious eyes and staring at the little jump.
Zhang Ting glanced at the big and small, shook his head, smiled and walked to the well-off side. His fingers lightly jumped on his forehead. "What’s the hurry? It’s really an impatient child."
Jump vault, open your arms and hug Zhang Ting.
"Elder sister, hurry up and hold and jump. He is so strong that I can’t hold him anymore." Xiaokang’s forehead is sweating with holding and jumping.
Zhang Ting looked at stretched out his hand and jumped over.
I was held up by my mother and immediately threw a proud look at the girl holding Zhang Ting’s leg.
I also shouted "My mother" at the girl.
The girl stared at Zhang Ting with a pitiful expression on her little face.
A pair of poor eyes are full of tears that may fall at any time.
"Don’t cry, come and I’ll lead you." Zhang Ting lovingly watched the girl stretch out her hand.
Zhang Ting has always wanted a daughter since she saw this guy was naughty after giving birth to Jumping.
It’s a pity that she’s not pregnant yet.
Zhang Ting is naturally distressed to see this lovely girl show such a pitiful expression at herself now.
The girl glanced at Zhang Tingshen’s hand and wiped her eyes. She reached over and held Zhang Ting’s hand tightly.
"Owner" at this moment, a happy child voice floated into Zhang Ting’s ear.
Following this sound, Zhang Ting quickly recognized the boy. Isn’t it his own hand holding the little girl and kissing his brother?
"Your name is Xiao Cheng!" Zhang Ting smiled and confirmed with the little guy in front of him.