At the end of the song, he said in a low voice, "Frost, let me tell you that his face will face you. After the war, he will die with all his heart, but I can endure it."

Frost has lost its breath. Leaf frost can naturally be induced for a long time. Leaf frost sighed, "It’s all my fault that nine other disciples are alive now."
"Everyone has their own choice of Ye Shuang. Don’t be too sad. There will be many things waiting for you to deal with in the future." The song finally comforted Ye Shuang.
Ye Shuang nodded silently, put away his sadness, and began to help these masters in Tianshuang Hall lift the life and death operators. Most of these masters Ye Shuang knew each other. After all, he had been in Tianshuang Hall for many years, and these people struggled to fight after Ye Shuang’s return to China. Ye Shuang didn’t blame them again.
There will be a lot of things waiting for Ye Shuang to deal with in the world war I. Under such circumstances, Ye Shuang still called first, such as today’s meeting, high-level convective clouds, morning breeze and others all arrived.
It’s almost time to meet people. Ye Shuang first announced that "from today on, Mu Xiao is the master of the frost and the fist of the frost."
MuXiao look a pleased impassioned fuels, "will not live up to wang’s expectations"
Cloud and others looked at each other’s eyes and were silent. Now Ye Shuang is strong, and they have no objection to it. Besides, Mu Xiao has disappeared over the years, apparently following Ye Shuang and becoming his confidant. Now Mu Xiao’s skill of marrying clothes has reached a very high level, and few people in the Dragon’s Ten Palm Masters are fighting against the frost. It is more a symbol of the frost’s open main identity, which is not big for Mu Xiao.
Then Ye Shuang ordered again, "I wish you in red to take people to the top of the light in person. This time, you must never let the teachings retract into the secret passage again. You must wipe it out in one fell swoop."
"Cloud, you take people to destroy Lingjiu Palace."
"Morning breeze, you continue to go to the western regions and the Central Plains to stop the nine sects from returning to the Central Plains Road and delay their return speed as much as possible.
MuXiao, you will continue to hunt down the nine sects in the western regions with the master of Tian Shuang Tang Dark Hall. When things in the western regions are almost handled, I will personally take people to send troops to the Central Plains to complete Master’s last wish to unify the rivers and lakes. "
They listened to Ye Shuang’s command and said "Yes".
In half a month, the nine sects in the Jianghu were completely boiling, and the Heaven will revive Weijiao and Lingjiu Palace after Ye Shuang’s return. The Western Region has been destroyed for a while, and I don’t know how many people in the Jianghu died in the hands of Heaven.
The morning breeze blocked the entrance of the western regions to the Central Plains. In addition to escaping quickly, most of the Central Plains experts were blocked and had to detour to find their way back to the Central Plains in the vast mountains.
But the news has already returned to the central plains, and all the major factions and forces can’t sit still completely. There will be two more celestial masters Ye Shuang and Zhu Hong, who can fight against the old thief Ni, who is still a celestial master. All the major forces have gone to Zhongnanshan to inquire for the old thief Ni, hoping that she can come forward to preside over the overall situation and fight against the sky. It will be that their department has not seen the old thief Ni.
"Master, now all the sects are wandering in Zhongnanshan and want to see you. Do you avoid it?" Yao Ying looked anxious and puzzled, looking at the old thief, who was sitting quietly in the futon.
Old thief, it is quite calm to read a * * before he said, "Yao Ying is not a teacher who refuses to see it, but even if he sees it, it will not help."
"How can it help?" Yao Ying walked quickly to the front of the old thief Ni and said, "Master, when your family comes to Shaolin and Wudang, they all have to listen to you. You are in charge of the overall situation and call the heroes of heaven to fight against the sky."
"A total of resistance to heaven?" The old thief chuckled, "Before, someone should be able to stop the leaf frost."
"Master, can’t your swordsmanship stop Ye Shuang?" Yao shadow look a hard to believe way
The old thief shook his head, which made Yao Ying’s face a little bloody again.
"The teacher was injured by the fifteen swords that killed him, and his vitality passed away. The teacher Shou Yuan was not much injured, and he has not been able to recover yet." The old thief Ni Wei narrated, "The Tianshan wartime teacher also watched Ye Shuang in the distance, not only winning the skill, but also not inferior to the teacher. Even if he joined the teacher, there was not much chance of winning. There was also a demon girl with a monty piano who could play the magic door."
"Don’t really have no choice? Will the sky unify the rivers and lakes? " Yao shadow some absence said
"No, there is another way." The old thief’s words gave Yao Ying a glimmer of hope. She hurriedly asked, "What is the way, Master?"
The old thief’s eyes caught people looking at Yao’s shadow and said, "This method still needs you to be a teacher, and most of the front has been completed."
Ye Shuang didn’t want to give the major forces of the Central Plains how long to arrange things in Tianshan Mountain, and then quickly cleared all kinds of hidden dangers in the western regions. He led the forces of the Heaven Society to formally enter the Central Plains again.
In addition to tantra, the forces in the western regions were almost swept away by the sky, and Ye Shuang once again went out of the western regions to March into the Central Plains. The first unlucky thing was that it was not long before the mountain was closed.
Speaking of true religion, it was unlucky to close the mountain for ten years. It wasn’t long before this Tianshan War, true religion also sent Yu Zhi to represent it, but it crashed into the sky and went out of the western regions. But Ye Shuang didn’t intend to let true religion go this time. He personally arrived at Zhongnanshan.
True religion is the older generation. True religion is strong in Ye Shuang, and it has no room for manoeuvre and has to surrender to heaven.
"Tell me to mobilize all the people to search Zhongnanshan, and I must find the place where Di Tifeng Cihang Jingzhai is."
Ye Shuang issued this order to all the forces near Tianhui and Zhenjiao, the whole Zhongnanshan Mountain. We must find out where Cihang Jingzhai is and get rid of the cancer in this Jianghu.
Ye Shuang made the whole Zhongnanshan chicken fly and a dog jump all over the figure. They searched all the suspicious places in Zhongnanshan almost by dragnet. For example, there are many experts today, and there are no places that can’t be explored. Even if there are laws around Cihang Jingzhai, they can always find some clues.
On the fifth day of Ye Shuang’s mountain search, a little unexpected news came to Ci Hang Jing Zhai, an old thief, who asked to see him with Yao Ying, and what he brought them was floating clouds.
On the same day, many masters will come out with Ye Shuang just to see Yao Ying holding the old thief, walking all the way here, while the cloud is protecting them.
"Poor Ni met Ye Wang" and the old thief Ni took the initiative to salute Ye Shuang.
Ye Shuang frowned, because he could see at a glance that the old thief’s skill was lost and his breath was extremely weak. Instead, he held her Yao Ying’s momentum up, and he could not control his breath. Ye Shuang just thought about it and he could be white. The old thief must have given Yao Ying his lifelong skill.
Ye Shuang frowned and didn’t speak. The old thief himself went on to say, "I’m poor, and I’m dying to see Ye Wang. It’s something I want."
"Oh, I don’t know?" Ye Shuang noncommittally said
"Lord Ye’s tendency to unify the Jianghu is unstoppable, and I know clearly in my heart that I hope Lord Ye will create fewer evils and leave more hope in the Jianghu."
Seeing that Ye Shuang’s face was impatient, the old thief stopped talking and said, "There are few people in Cihang Jingzhai, and Wang Ye is not poor even if he has found Di Tifeng. The only inconvenience is that there are many misunderstandings between my disciple Yao Ying’s Cihang Jingzhai and Wang Ye. Now I want to betrothed Yao Ying to Liu Yuntang, and I hope Wang Ye will agree."
The old thief’s words suddenly made Ye Shuang stunned. Yao Ying always bowed his head and held the old thief sadly. On the contrary, before the old thief’s voice fell, he said to Ye Shuang, "Ye Shuang, you must promise me that you haven’t asked for anything in these years. Now that my predecessors are dying, they will threaten me again, and Yao Ying will be married to me. Isn’t this a good result?"
Looking at a face of eager clouds, Ye Shuang’s heart is hard to say that clouds don’t make sense. The old thief Ni has been careless. Although Ye Shuang also knows that Yao Ying is married to clouds, this belongs to "breaking into the enemy’s department", but having her own seat in Yao Ying can’t turn out any chaos. Besides, in front of so many people, where can I put the clouds? Frost is dead. Ye Shuang doesn’t want to have a crack with Liu Yun and Chen Feng any more.
Thought of here, Ye Shuang nodded, "Okay, I agreed."
"Thank you, Ye Wang." The old thief smiled and nodded, then his body shook in front of Ye Shuang and he died of suicide.
"Master" Yao Ying immediately cried and shouted.
Ye Shuang, who watched the old thief die with his own eyes, was relieved to take people away and then withdrew the command to search Zhongnanshan.
When the old thief Ni died and Yao Ying married Liu Yun, almost all the major sects lost their confidence in fighting against the Heaven Society.
At this time, Ye Shuang is to let the sky be divided into three ways, just as the male master did at the beginning. The cloud brings people to the north to attack Huashan Wuyue Sword Sect. The morning wind brings Shenfeng Hall into Shu, and Mu Xiao takes Tianshuangtang to Jiangnan. I wish the red suit is to collect the magic door. The two six factions will completely unify the magic door.
Ye Shuang sat near Chang ‘an and soon received the news that Huashan sent Mei Aohan and Emei sent Jiang Yudu to inquire for him.
"Ye Shuang, I hope you can see that in the past, Huashan sent a horse to Huashan sent a horse to follow in the future." Mei Aohan had to bow his head and plead with Ye Shuang.
"Lord Ye, I sent the Emei Sect to betray the Heaven Society because those traitors had to go back to Emei." Jiang Yu also had to accompany a smiling face to Ye Shuang. "But don’t worry that all those traitors have been killed now, and I will send the Emei Sect to the Heaven Society in the future."
For the two men, Ye Shuang knows the situation better than others, and Ye Shuang understands their practices very well.
After half a ring, Ye Shuang sighed lightly when the two of them had to eradicate the two sects. "You worry too much. Although I want to fulfill my master’s last wish to unify the rivers and lakes, I don’t want to destroy all sects."