Generally, the guests of each program don’t necessarily invite one, many of whom are a man and a woman. Men don’t have to be handsome, but women must be beautiful. Generally, male guests know more about football, and women are all anthomaniac fans. When they see that male guests have a deep understanding of football, female guests will pay homage to them. "Wow, you are amazing! I know this! "

Then that little vanity came up. To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two Talk about the ball
It’s normal for this program to be very tempting after a show, wearing exposed beautiful women and shaking their heads in front of the fans’ cameras. After all, what programs now rely on these pornographic things to attract people’s attention.
After these babies finish the hot dance, Huang Laoxie and Li Dayan will appear.
First, I shouted a few slogans, then rambled and finally invited guests.
"This time we invited guests to be amazing!" Huang Laoxie Xiandao
"Well, he can be said to be the national football player, and now he is so young that he can be called the national football flag!" Li Dayan chimed in
"At the end of this European season, his own club, Villarreal Football Club of Spain, won the Spanish King’s Cup trophy and the Europa League trophy together, which can be said to have created the peak of Chinese players’ travel to Europe, and all this was completed in just one season!"
"Then everyone should know who it is. Please welcome Sun Yao!"
The fans also screamed and welcomed Sun Yao to overtake. It should be said that Sun Yao participated in an exclusive interview with CCTV before his second appearance in China, but there were not so many fans at that time.
Other interviews are ordinary interviews with no fans present.
Sun Yao is also very interested in the fans’ interaction "Hello everyone! Good teacher Huang and good teacher Li! " It’s very vulgar. What can I say if I don’t say such a thing for nothing?
"Hello, first meeting in Sun Yao. Ai has achieved such great success in Europe. It’s really exciting for me to meet you now. After waiting for so many years, we finally have such excellent players in our own country! Presumably, fans who have been paying attention to national football for so many years should feel uncomfortable about this! " Huang Laoxie naturally compliments Sun Yao. Is Sun Yao the protagonist today?
"Actually, we can’t come here. Let’s talk about the upcoming 21 ST World Cup in South Africa!" Li Dayan also said that Dayan is no longer a reporter at this time. He once exposed the shady situation of Chinese football and made him a celebrity in the journalist circle.
Now he has turned into a semi-scholar, who is also slightly different. His eyes are really big.
"Of course, how can we invite a handsome guest? Handsome people naturally need beautiful women to match our famous beautiful hostess Liu Yan!" Huang Laoxie inspiring atmosphere again way
There was another burst of jubilation. At this time, the Liu Yan was not well-known and Sun Yao had never heard of it, but she had a faint posture of the country’s milk god, wearing a sexy waiter, and came to see Sun Yao and greeted him in a friendly way.
"Handsome is my type!" Such direct remarks also made Sun Yao speechless for a while and said, "Thank you for being sexy!"
"We are old acquaintances with Liu Yan, so we won’t introduce them too much. Everyone is sitting on the sofa and having some cocktails. Let’s talk about the upcoming World Cup!" Huang Laoxie Road
Then a group of people sat together on the sofa in front of the camera. Sun Yao and Liu Yan sat on the big sofa, with two hosts on one side and small sofas on both sides.
There is also a special bartender on site to mix drinks.
It also makes Sun Yao feel good to record a program and this treatment is really comfortable. No wonder a group of people are so crowded that they want to be a star and easily record a program and then get the announcement.
And there are wine and beautiful women waiting for you. This is waiting for enjoyment.
Liu Yan is also a naturally invited mature woman. Because the host naturally invited mature, it is necessary to chat with Sun Yao soon, especially those * * are very eye-catching.
Everyone is also discussing.
On the World Cup, there are two professional hosts who are engaged in football, a professional player who plays for a strong European team and a female anchor who knows nothing to attract attention.
In this way, the combination will actually talk happily!
Sun Yao isn’t the kind of person who will never stop talking if he is familiar with it.
"Which team is optimistic about the World Cup in Sun Yao?" Huang Laoxie asked.
"If you are optimistic, it’s still Brazil and Spain. Both teams have their own advantages, but there is a law of death in the heat, so I feel like the Netherlands and Germany are also very vanishing!" Sun Yao looks very professional way
"Just as I thought, we really think alike!" Huang Laoxie followed suit.
"What about Argentina?" Big Eye asks Big Eye is a fan of Argentina’s national team. "Argentina should be the team with the most sense of topic now. The ball king Diego Maradona is the coach team, and the winner of the Golden Globe Award at this stage is also said to be very close to Diego Maradona Messi, which should almost be the most eye-catching team!"
"Argentina gives people a top-heavy feeling that they are not stable enough. If they play well, maybe no one is afraid. If they don’t play well, they feel that no one can fight well!" Sun Yao frowning way
"Hey, Argentina has no chance!" Huang Laoxie took the words "It’s the same as I thought!"
Sun Yaonai glanced at his heart andao. I didn’t say it was hopeless. Is this going to be hacked for me?
"Miss Huang should be an Italian fan, right? Is this World Cup promising for Italy?" Sun Yao asked.
"First of all, I want to clarify that everyone may hesitate for six years, so everything is wrong. I am an Italian fan, but I am not! I am a Brazilian fan. "Huang Laoxie had a meal." Of course I like Italy. After all, I have explained Serie A for so many years, but in the end, I am a Brazilian fan! "
"For the prospect of Italy, I think it should be no problem for the group to qualify, but if the group gets the first place in the group after qualifying, it is likely to meet Spain! This may be a bit dangerous! " Huang Laoxie also ordered an Italian prospect.
Talking about this topic, Liu Yan, the goddess of milk, couldn’t get a word in, and then she took care of her and talked about a mentally retarded problem, such as the handsome guy on the football field
"Beckham is super handsome!" She can cut in on this topic.
"It’s a pity that Beckham was injured during his loan to Milan in this World Cup, so he will go out with the team and of course he will stay in the coach’s seat as an assistant!" Li Dayan also said that many people are sorry for Beckham’s absence. After all, this is also a topic figure.
"Beckham’s former idol-level stars are like Robert Baggio mcmanaman, two completely different idols," Sun Yao added.
"Did Sun Yaoqian like handsome stars besides these?" Huang Laoxie asked, "How many do you recommend to Liu Yan?"
"A team rich in handsome guys must first have an Italy, but this year I really feel a little less star-like. My teammate Giuseppe Rossi is not as handsome as me, but he can make do!" Then Sun Yao went to "Fernando Torres Kaka are very popular idol players"
"What did you like before?" Li Dayan also asked
"I loved Batty Crespo and Portugal, and Nuno Gomez was very handsome."