""Professor Gu can’t smile with a stiff face.

In front of the future mother-in-law, Professor Gu is a little numb.
Chapter four hundred and forty-six Xu second brother engagement
Regardless of whether there is justice or not, Comrade Zhao Xiulan is now a mother-in-law, and the more she looks at her son-in-law, the more happy she is. Xu Taotao’s position in her mother is obviously threatened.
They will not be able to figure out their engagement for a while, but Xu Erge and Niu Qingcao formally engaged each other according to the two families’ early twelfth lunar month.
Brother Xu didn’t set a good example for his younger brothers and sisters, which made Zhao Xiulan and Xu Daguang very depressed. Fortunately, the two of them finally stood up.
But the couple are bitter, and they are worried about the fact that the eldest son didn’t find their daughter-in-law. Xu Er’s engagement was made the night before, and the couple directly told the eldest son.
"Your brother’s engagement is a big day, and your elder brother must come out and do it if he can’t talk. Anyway, you are not allowed to be lazy!"
Brother Xu, how dare you provoke the old couple by being a man with his neck between his legs during this period?
He said seriously, "This is for parents, you can rest assured that when the time comes, you two will rest and I will do everything."
Two bites ""
Xu Daguang and Zhao Xiulan gave Da Er something to do, and the second main purpose was to get angry that he refused to find someone to punish him deliberately.
Brother Pian Xu is a sincere person. He always has a good attitude when he knows that his parents are angry and gives them a chance to vent their anger.
Is to make Xu Daguang two no no previous gas didn’t vent and was held back.
Brother Xu is quite embarrassed to bother his eldest brother. He patted his chest and promised, "Brother, please help me this time. When you marry your eldest sister-in-law, I will definitely help you."
Brother Xu now has a headache when he hears the word "marry a daughter-in-law". He didn’t say anything in front of his parents, so he warned Brother Xu later that he was fine and didn’t pull him.
Make Xu Erge and Xu Taotao whisper, "There is something wrong with our family. Big sister hates to marry and can’t wait to get married at once. What is this? Let him marry a daughter-in-law as if he wants to kill him. I wonder if I can see that the grass is blind and the eldest brother is not like me. Can he marry a daughter-in-law? Shouldn’t he burn high incense? What is so repulsive?"
Xu Taotao doesn’t know this question. In fact, in her opinion, eldest brother, second brother and elder sister are no longer among the ugly people in her’ micro-whole skin cream’
Xu Taotao thinks her second brother need not be so self-deprecating.
Yu Dage fear of marriage, no one really knows what he thinks.
However, Xu Taotao thinks that "this is the eldest brother’s own business. If he wants to get married, he will get married. I don’t think parents should force eldest brother to marry. I don’t really reject marrying a daughter-in-law. It’s probably because parents are too bored and he hasn’t met the right one."
What? Xu Taotao doesn’t approve anyway.
It is natural to meet the right person and get married. Before that, it was not advisable to force the cow to drink water.
Brother Xu thought about it and felt that his little sister was right. This is the eldest brother’s own business. If he is a younger brother, he will be the eldest brother at most. If he is really alone in the future, he will support the eldest brother.
"Alas, if I don’t treat me better after I’ve suffered too much from my eldest brother, I won’t end with him!"
Xu Taotao gave him a strange look. I don’t know what my second brother is thinking. It’s just puzzling.
Finally, it’s the official engagement day of the twelfth lunar month.
Chapter four hundred and forty-seven Take a bite
Professor Gu regretted it after biting it, regretted it and was embarrassed.
He will be thirty years old in the next year, but I didn’t expect to do such a childish thing one day.
The ancients said that from love to worry, from love to fear, he has always been mature and steady, but sometimes he stumbles.
Of course, this kind of instability, Professor Gu’s white face to small objects, is probably an uncontrollable event in this life.
He coughed to hide his emotion.
Angry at the little object, he said with a straight face, "I’m just a small punishment. Do you dare again?"
Xu Taotao was so angry that he lifted his feet and kicked him. "Who attracts bees and butterflies?" Can you talk! Dare to bite my hand out! "
Resentment Comrade Jamlom grinned today and must teach the object a lesson.
Professor Gu readily stretched out his arm and gave a sigh.
He said, "bite, bite at will. Every bite mark is a medal of your love for me."
Xu Taotao opened his mouth and stopped going.
Her expression is complicated. "You are getting more and more shameless."
Is this glib professor Gu the same professor Gu who used to have sharp ears when she teased?
It turns out that Professor Gu will still have red ears.
However, if the ears are pointed and red, it is time to say obscene words. Professor Gu does not fall at all. "I can give up the most important thing, that is, I want to be a peach, you love me more."
This statement is firm, and Xu Taotao is moved.
She touched Professor Gu’s face and said with emotion, "I didn’t expect that you would say such a thing one day. You are a sorghum flower. Don’t say such a thing that goes against your personal design."
Professor Gu, who is cold and abstinent, is really not suitable for this kind of dog licking speech.
"People set up?" Professor Gu is confused.
Old and old?
Professor Gu took a deep breath and his face was a little dark.
Xu Taotao gently grabbed his hand and looked at him tenderly and then bowed his head and bit!
I was bitten by Professor Gu suddenly! ! !”
Resentment Comrade Jamlom raised his head and smiled brightly. "Now let’s write it off. Let’s go. My mother will find it later."
Professor Gu left?
He looked down and saw the teeth marks of the small object clearly, which showed that the bite was very powerful just now!